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55 + 2 pairs of pants listed on freecycle + one rug listed on freecycle=


Slowly but surely..
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92 items (not counting the give-away's i sorted out and have yet to count from dd's room and the guest bath)

PLUS another 3 give-away's to my mom tonight woo!

brings me to 95
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some DVDs, books, and puzzle sent to a friend, a bag of clothes & 6 books freeccled...


This is harder than I thought!
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I think I went WAY past that already!!!

I put 7 lawn bags full of the kids clothes to a consingment shop....I just got a check in the mail!

So right there if you count each item I'm probably at 300-400.

I also got rid of a La-Z-Boy chair, a dresser, and our couch and tv stand are next!

I also filled up TWO dumpsters with just 'stuff'

I am feeling REALLY good about it!
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Well, I'm starting late and don't have much to toss (I'm in a 650sq ft apt + a storage unit - mostly baby/kid stuff saving for next one).

Someone said this counts, so:

8 t-shirts recycled into cloth TP and dish rags

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Cleaned out the closet for the new nursery...
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From 1 1/2 rooms, I am 175/500. It is probably a little more, but I'd rather undercount than overcount.

You guys are so inspiring!
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I am now up to:
That includes some of DH's ugliest old clothes, old books, scrap paper galore and some cookbooks we never use.

I've decided to tackle 1 area/piece of furniture at a time. Today was the microwave/phone corner. Have to take babysteps, otherwise it's too overwhelming to start.
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what a great thread. dh and I cleaned off the desk, 40 items tossed or rehomed. Its so nice to see desktop again.
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I have officially gotten rid of a girl guide t-shirt, girl guide leader binder, 6 glass canning jars, 18 rings and lids. This makes my total about 30 items. I have more to go just don't have the energy right now.
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And listing more things on ebay today...
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WOHOOOOOOOO almost 1/2 there!!!
I have so much more to do... you mama's are inspiring me to keep going though, before this babe decided to come
I wish I had help though
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I took 28 books back to the library and I only checked one out. That's amazing for me - usually we have the max checked out. Threw away an old beach mat.

73/500 - Don't know if I'm going to make 500
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110 DVD cases
20 VHS tapes

Gonna get that second 500 soon!
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I'll play...here we go...

I got rid of 4 bags of baby clothes, our baby swing, and some other junk to the thrift store earlier this week.

I'll post more as I get rid of it...
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In cleaning my bedroom last night, I packed up three garbage bags of clothes to donate and two bags of garbage - lots of mismatched socks and frayed undies, as well as random junk. I also went through the hand-me-down bin we got from my nephew and sorted out DS's clothes, keeping a very adequate wardrobe for the next few sizes and packing up the rest to donate. That added a huge box and a bag of clothes to donate.
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Well- today I tore through my house looking for dd's glasses. Didn't find them : so I guess I add just 1 thing today Lost Glasses. sigh.


Next weekend our neighborhood is doing a block sale so I hope to sell a bunch of stuff that'd be too difficult to do on ebay...
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I have a piece of paper on the fridge that I have been checking hashes off on as I get rid of stuff. I should add those up!

I also decluttered my scrapbooking stuff since I have a crop tonight.
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53 items waiting to be picked up (freecycle): irritating battery operated toys, puzzles, excess stuffed animals, excess homeschooling materials, books, etc.

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2 books, a sofa, and a recliner. (wish those last 2 counted for more!!!)

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