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I am done... but still going strong. Have about 600 things now on my list. Thinking for November I want to try for 5 things away a day. I'm addicted
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Originally Posted by mama2babybeans View Post
Ok.. three more things listed on freecycle and one BIG one on CraigsList plus more misc. going to Goodwill.
New total: 55
The CraigsList item sold.. yay!
I also listed a bag of outgrown baby clothes, so that was another ten items, plus a bottle of Dreft stain remover that just didn't do the trick for us.

New total: 66
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: Thank you thank you
I like to thank.....
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Tossed another 10 or so items
Returned 3 items
Sold 2 items
(2 items are pending so I won't count them yet)
23 items packed up and ready to ship for swaps

Oh, and when I was at the mall returning things I didn't buy anything and was grossed out by the whole experience- so much crap for sale. I guess right now I see everything as "future clutter".

New total 157
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Originally Posted by 2GR8KIDS View Post
Oh, and when I was at the mall returning things I didn't buy anything and was grossed out by the whole experience- so much crap for sale. I guess right now I see everything as "future clutter".

New total 157

I have been starting to feel like this, too.. (It's taken me a while to get there )
There have been a few times lately where I will pick something up and them pause and think to myself, "Where will this be in six months?" and then more often than not, I realize that it will be clutter that we are kicking around.. and the item won't be really appreciated after all :
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OK, 25 items from the kitchen at the begining of the month (which actually did make it to the drop off place!). Now: 30 items of baby clothing which brings the total to 55. Hmm, not doing so great, must get motivated!
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I am in! It's a really late start...haha, so i'm not sure if i can make it...i already got rid of about 200 items in the past 2 days though! I'm well on my way
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Tossed/recycled: 10 items
Donated: 120 items (mostly books!)
Sold: 23 items

I can't believe I sorted through all of my books. That was really emotional for me. I still have 5 boxes of papers and mementos that I'm dreading going through, and it seems like papers are multiplying all over the house every time I turn around. I also have to donate some furniture this week, maybe I'll try to schedule a pickup before the end of the month. I still have my nesting instinct, but my pregnancy-related exhaustion is overtaking the urge to purge! I sooooo want to reach 400 by the end of this week!

Running Total: 365/500
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I'm joining!

This is late in the game, but I figure it's better to start now that to just wait until the November challenge.

I did really well in September and had VietNam Vets come and pick up 5 times that month. But since then I've really slacked off. I just scheduled a pickup for the 30th, and I have a pile of stuff all ready for Thursday's trash day.

I knew it was time to get back on the wagon when I found a "treasure" in my basement this weekend...

A dead bird.

There is no way it could have come in a window down there, so it's a real mystery as to how it got in. But the even bigger mystery is how long it's been there. :
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Originally Posted by sunflowers View Post
A successful yardsale and great luck with ebay! I'm guessing how much got sold, freecycled, ebayed, and trashed but conservatively I'll guess about 250 items! It took me 2 weeks to sort, gather, then purge these items but what a difference!!! I even got my teenaged son to go throuh his stuff so he could make a few $ at the yard sale- He loved it once he saw he could make money while getting rid of some of his useless junk!

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I'm having a problem. I think it's form of procrastination manifested in this situation, but I thought I'd throw it out here:

Is anyone having a hard time trying to find the *perfect* time to declutter? It never seems to be the *right* time at my house. I want to get it done while ds is at school and dd is napping, but other things take my attention. Like exercise, the internet, chores...

I find that I am being a bit of a baby about decluttering the kids' stuff. I don't want to do it when ds is around because I don't have the patience to explain to him why we are getting rid of things we don't use/need anymore. He is 4.5 and is very negative and argumentative right now. If I tell him the sky is blue, he will say that it's purple. If I tell him we are giving this old toy that he hasn't played with in 2 years to someone who has no toys, then he will sit and play with it for 2 hours! (Exaggeration, but ykwim!)

Sigh. I MUST get to 500. I will get to 500, so help me.
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I've lost count. I was trying to write down everything and then I'd forget and you know where that goes...

I would guess I'm around 150/200. That's with being out of town two weekends in a row, so I'm not too disappointed. Today, I got rid of:

2 large old lightbulbs (left by the previous owner)
An air mattress (It one of those triple layer really nice ones, but it blew up.)
DH got rid of 6 shirts (on top of the major closet purge he did a couple weeks ago)

We are moving to a different state next week, so I think we're shifting from decluttering mode to preparing to move mode. I'm definitely in for a November challenge, though! Even though we declutter before we unpack, we always unpack at our new house and ask ourselves, "Why in the world do we need this???"
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Getting rid of a lot today!!

I did a bit purge and while I covered a lot of area, there are getting to be fewer and fewer "things" to get rid of. It's hard to remember that being decluttered doesn't mean that you have *nothing*, yk? It just means you should try to have only one of something if you have multiples, or to only have things that you love, need, or that make you money. At least that's my opinion.

Goodbye forever to:
-bottle of amonia
-bottle of pine sol
-can of endust
-bottle of clorox anywhere spray
-bottle of soft scrub (can you tell I've made the switch to natural cleansers?)
-old travel/bathroom kit
-container of "emergency candles" (has been in said kit for 3 years)
-bottle of baby oil
-set of old keys
-various travel samples (also 3 years old!)
-manicure items (3) I never do my nails!!
-bag for said items

Taking to a mama swap today:
-bottle of cradle cap remedy
-tube of cocoa butter
-baggy of cute hair clips/barettes from when I had short hair (4 years ago!!)
-various beauty samples
-pillar candle
-candle stand
-unused tube of facial mask
-pair of cords
-pair of baby jeans
-toddler shirt
-Dora memory game (we have the original as well, might as wel skip the advertising, no?)
-Arthur puzzle (even though I like Arthur, still don't need the reminder to watch him on TV!)
-pack of diaper disposing bags
-annoying baby toy
-another anoying baby toy
-4 baby blankets
-car seat blanket thing
-jar candle
-2 books
-straw hat
-bunch of toys (10?)
-4 t-shirts
-1 sweatshirt
-bunch of socks (count as 1)


Brings my tally to 90/500. This is harder than I thought!
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-expired bottle of mouthwash
-car safety mirror
-pair of kids shoes

I could stand to purge more clothes, towels, linens etc. It's so hard because I know we will have more kids and I can't imagine getting rid of kid clothes unless they are ruined or worn out, yk?

Also, my husband is a freak about keeping all sorts of blankets and towels. We have a stack of blankets and towels that we have never used since we've been together, but he says you never know when you'll need them.

Anyway, I hope to squeak by with my 500, but I've got to run to MOPS now with stuff I do have gone.

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went thru the baby clothes. Now I am up to 359. A few days left to bring in the home stretch!!
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A few items out today. I'm guessing here - I forgot to count!

6 assorted crappy items from "Dh's room"
1 20 year old scooter (I tried donating this. They wouldn't take it. )
1 kitchen junk drawer's worth of odds and ends


Thanks to the PP who mentioned webuyyourbooks.com! It seems like most of what we have is books and absolutely no place to put any of them. Sadly though, nearly every ISBN I put in comes back as not currently being bought. Drat!

Now all I need is something like webuyyourvinylrecords.com
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I didn't keep an exact count over the past week but conservatively I think I made it to 200. Today, I've sold 20 pieces of Little People animals, etc. to another mom in the area, and tossed 8 wire hangers, 1 old magazine, and 3 pieces of decrepit sports equipment. New total: 232.
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Decluttered desk today! Am donating/trashing:

-HUGE pile of notebook paper/graph paper
-New pack of notebook paper (going to return to store)
-New 3 ring binder (same as above)
-old business crads
-broken tape measure
-box of labels

-big box of stickers! Ds will be so pleased
-light switch cover made for me by my brother
-craft supplies

9 things gone forever! Today is a rainy cold day, so expect much more from me throughout the day.
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Tomorrow is supposed to be a rainy, yucky day.. I love those kinds of days- I'm always so productive!
Only 4 more days left of the month!!:
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