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Here's some more!

-old jar of glue
-old markers that don't work
-expired phonebook
-old tape dispenser
-coloring book
-3 cans playdough
-3 hangers
-doll accessories (minus the bottles )
-another coloring book
-4 paint brushes
-brand new craft kit (regift for my nephew this year! Shhhh!)
-plastic tea pitcher
-magnetic puzzle
-2 computer games
-26 various kitchen utensils
-old jar of cinnamon
-old jar of cinn/sugar mix
-old jar of pepper mix
-plastic bag with onion skins in it
-pie plate (have 2 already!)
-tupperware to be returned to MIL
-expired flour
-old cereal bars

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I have been doing declutters through the whole house on a daily basis now, the obvious extranneous stuff is gone. I still have things I don't use but can't seem to justify getting rid of.

For example, I have a few corningware crocks that are similar to the ones I had growing up. My parents used to put leftovers in them with saran wrap on top. My dh and I put leftovers in tupperware. I would like to use the corningware, but dh takes the leftovers to work and the tupperware is better for him as far as convenience and limited spillage.

I've moved the corningware from a deep, dark, cavernous cabinet up to where our daily uses plates and tupperware are in hopes that we will use them. What is a good time frame to have in which I should use or toss?

I'm soooo excited because I am chucking a horrible old old comforter (like, 18 years old!) as well as some disgusting pillows. I have to wait until Monday though. Dh would never miss them but if he sees me take them away, he throws the biggest hissy fit. They don't even get used anymore!

Another question--how much craft-y stuff for the kids do you keep? I've got markers, paint, paper, construction paper, glue, scissors, play dough, and some coloring books. I got rid of a lot of coloring books, old markers that didn't work and other duplicates. I also have some stuff like a huge box of stickers. I could see ds really enjoying them, but will I actually remember to give them to him as rewards or to let him play with them?

This project has opened my eyes to the fact that I have tons of good intentions irt playing with/interacting with my son, but you know what they say about good intentions....

It seems like I am always collecting fun crafts for us to do together or neat things for him to get creative with but during the course of the day, I never actually get around to doing the project with him or lugging out the paints and supplies for him to get nice and messy and creative. This makes me feel sad, guilty, and embarassed.

I know I am waaaay off topic at this point, but any suggestions on any of this would be appreciated.
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I'm forcing myself to use up all of our kids' craft supplies before I buy anything new. Like you, I pick stuff up with good intentions but don't get around to doing all the projects, but this "rule" has prompted me to spend more time doing art projects with the kids. I've also given myself a defined space in which to keep arts and crafts supplies, so that it doesn't get out of hand.
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Originally Posted by mama2babybeans View Post
The CraigsList item sold.. yay!
I also listed a bag of outgrown baby clothes, so that was another ten items, plus a bottle of Dreft stain remover that just didn't do the trick for us.

New total: 66
-two broken flashlights- tossed
-lots of twist ties (I always just tie the bag) -tossed
-toys to Goodwill
-old bra missing the underwire- tossed
-stained clothes (beyond repair) - tossed
-old text book- Goodwill
-9 items of clothing to yard sale box (scheduled for next weekend)

New total: 100! :
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Mission Accomplished!!!

WOW!!! : I can't believe I did it!

Here's my final update. My last count was at 365 items decluttered in October.

Tossed/recycled items: 73
Donated items: 68 :
Sold items: 3


I didn't think I would get this far. : All of you mamas are an inspiration! Now I need to go take a nap.
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Fay, that's awesome!!
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My old total was 131.

Add to that:
magnetic playset on freecycle
rechargeable battereis - freecycle
kids pool cover-up - freecycle
framed teacher print - freecycle
Mom's brag book - freecycle
recycled 2 old workbooks
threw away old useless underwire bra, broken toy car, and old pair of capris
cut up old soft but stained t-shirt for cleaning rags

new total 142/500

I'm not going to make it by the end of October so I'm going to join the Novemeber thread and keep going until I reach 500.
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As of Sat I was at 330. But I need to add in the bag I am leaving for freecycle of Maggie's lastest outgrown clothes. The mama is coming this week to get it.
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