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I'm off to a slow start, but today I threw away 2 opened packages of really old food from my freezer and 2 nasty old pieces of tupperware. I gave 5 educational toys in very good condition to my DS's kindergarten teacher.

I'm scheduling a pickup of old clothes for next week, and I wrote a letter offering to donate 2 boxes of academic books to my old department at the university. I posted a list of almost 30 pieces of maternity clothes for sale (cheap!) on the Trading Post. So it will start to add up soon.

TOTAL: 9 items
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I'm up to 8 so far, with the 9th pending (freecycle)

I just gave away a bag of clothes that my son had outgrown- they weren't in good enough condition for the consignment shop and I listed them on freecycle, with a detailed description and got 8 e-mails in less than two hours! : I was just happy to have them gone

I have sooo much more to do!
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I have 35 items so far.

Not counting the stuff I will put out tonight by the garbage pickup...

also have some doll house furniture to donate to the preschool.
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I'm up to 60! Does that seem like a lot? I cleaned out the master bath and tossed hair products, lotions, etc. And my old curling iron that I haven't used in probably 10 years. Most of it is in the give away pile. This is fun!
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Got rid of a non-working fan and a bag of junk paper from the counter...

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If we count each piece of paper I threw away from the files I went through yesterday, I'm up to probably 1000 I had a TON of old paperwork that never needed to be kept in the first place.

But, I'll join in fresh We're moving sometime this fall/winter and I want to be able to get a 24' truck instead of the normal 26'.
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Such a great idea thanks for the inspiration
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I'm up to 47. I cleaned out the 2 drawers in the coffe table and the cabinet under the TV. Alot of my stuff was old VHS tapes... we don't even have a VCR anymore!
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I'm in... I may not get the 500 but it will get rid of some clutter! I am so tired of clutter in the house...

I have a few big items that I am getting rid of...

A double platform bed and a double mattress that I am giving away

Listed on Kijiji
An excersaucer and a bulky highchair that I don't want for babe#3

I am going to start looking for more things...

Sept 29th: I just made 2 Garbage bags full of sheets, kids clothes, kids shoes and some of my old clothing going through the guest room closet.
So just in an about an hour I got rid of at least 100 items... (OK... I will probably easier than I thought to get to the 500 item goal)
Sept 30th: went through my dresser and closet and got rid of some old clothes...
Oct 1st: Just did the bathroom... got rid of at Least 200 items (I stopped counting at one point) elastics, hairclips, makeup and nail polish from my teen years, expired stuff, old soaps and oils etc... and... I have no more socks that slide down or have holes anymore!no more bras that are worn to a thread or don't fit and no more underwear that I am completely ashamed of!
Oct 3rd: I was bad mama little while back and bagged up kids clothes that didn't fit anymore and stuck the bags in their closet... I just went through it, sorted and seperated by age and placed in some big rubbermaid containers that I bought a few days ago and 43 pieces of kids clothes are bagged next to the door and ready to leave... Now I have to tackle the bags of clothes that are in the shed... (will wait until DH gets home to go get them)
Oct 7th: Almost finished in the kitchen.. 47 pieces of tupperware and other misc plastics, all the cutlery that I hate and that bend (bought a new set to replace them, so 53 pieces tossed-40 pieces bought=13) 23 items in my kitchen tool drawer that I never use or were broken and 26 items from the fridge... some that were from before our move more than 2 years ago...
Oct 14: did the play room today... about 150 things are going to the local thrift store (probably a lot more than that actually)... about 100 items (not part of my total) are going to be stored in our shed for a while until the new babe is old enough to play with them... All the baby toys and books have been put together and moved to a big rubbermaid container and all going in the bottom of my closet. And the play room is finally clean and clutter free... alll the toys that are there are toys that they play with and everything has its place... best of all... all the little toys that can be sread everywhere (like hotwheels) are now up out of reach so they can't be spilled everywhere for no reason...
Oct 15th: The Freezer... scary.... I threw out a LOT of food which I hate doing but most of it was from WAY before I started my weekly menus and buying just what I need for the week + an item or two if it is on special which is then put into the next weeks menu most of the time.
Anyways... 2 Garbage bags full of discoloured and frosted, scary meats and veggies are gone... Even though it is much more I will count it as about 50 items (I did the fridge Freezer and the big upright 18 cu ft that hadn't been cleaned out in more than two years ) I also made a list of everything that went back in the freezer and all the meals that I have made in the last few weeks for when the babe is born...
OCT 26th our old Fridge, a rocking chair, 6 play mats, toilet seat cover and a few more toys...
Running Total : 734!!!!
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OK, I got rid of a bunch of stuff last weekend when we did the first pass on basement cleaning, in addition to 5 bags of trash i got rid of (to a homeless shelter) a box of cloth diapers and accesories, 3 boxes of childrens clothing, a box of children's toys and books, a car seat, a changing table pad, and today I am giving away 2 boxes of household goods, a bag of women's clothing, and more toys, books and winter gear. All in all I wouldn't be surprised if I already made 500!! But, let's leave some inspiration for the rest of the month and call it

250 total......
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17 pieces of clothing from my drawers which I never intend on wearing

Gotta start somewhere
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I'd like to join. I feel like I am being suffocated by our JUNK! We are five people in a tiny 2-bedroom apartment with no garage or storage. Everywhere you look, there is STUFF. I can't even stand the thought of going home these days because I'll have to look at it. Now, I just have to decide WHERE to start because I've never decluttered. Everything that enters the apartment just ..... stays. I'm hoping I will learn from and be inspired by all the ladies here!!!!
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I'm in! Finally ready to get rid of the clothes and toys that DD has outgrown. Slowly accepting that she will be our last. Time to lighten up. DH and I are both pack rats.
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Waiting on a local mama to stop by to trade 7 jammies, 1 dress, & 9 onesies for a bunch of new usborne books for X-mas presents ! Does trading count as decluttering! I am only getting 5 books for my 17 pieces of clothes so I sguess I'm down twelve today 67 the other day. So 89 gone! woohoo!
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I'm in.
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oh gosh I'm only up to one:

old phone
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Originally Posted by Marlow's mom View Post
oh gosh I'm only up to one:

old phone
But you're still ahead. October hasn't even started yet!
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I tossed 2 more items from my kitchen, and threw away 12 pieces of very ancient underwear and hosiery. I won't count the socks I threw into the rag pile.

Running Total: 25 items
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bag of bags recycled
old coffee cans recycled
90 things from the bathroom (you know all those old shampoos and creams that have a tiny amount left in them that I save because I *may* use them one day.
another shirt
bag of baby clothes (don't know how much is in there so will count as 1)

total 115
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Got rid of a diaper, a carrier, and a hat..

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