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Originally Posted by folkypoet View Post
But you're still ahead. October hasn't even started yet!
oh yeah, I feel better now!
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I'm in as long as I can count what I get rid of tommarrow towards October's stuff!

There's things that I just won't be needing now for a long long while and they need to find better homes.


I'll keep my tally here: 263
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count me in
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I never realized how much it helps to count stuff! It makes it seem like so much MORE
As of now 145
that was mostly children's clothes
my clothes
and odd and ends
I'm happy!!!!!!!
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I am sooooo totally in. Seriously, I've got to get control of our home. With raising seven kids, we've got soooooo much clutter and junk. We've had one yard sale in 12 years, and haven't really gotten rid of much other than baby and toddler stuff since then. So, you can imagine.
My dh has really reached his limit with me and the kids and the way the house looks and I have also.
I have Fall break from classes & clinicals (in nursing school) in Oct, so the timing is perfect.

I suffer greatly from having such good intentions and plans and then not following through and/or only halfway completing whatever it is I was supposed to be doing.....

I need LOTS of motivation, I am the procrastinator queen, for sure.
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I am IN!
Do I get to count every item of clothing in my big brothers bag? I'm off to a good start if I can I'll keep a total going here, but only after it actually leaves the house.

Okay I got rid of a bunch of recycling finally, but I dont want to count every item so I will give myself 10 points. I took lots of pictures to sell things on craigslist, just waiting for the pics to be emailed to me

total: 10
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Glad to see so many on board! Looks like we are off to a good start and its not even Oct yet!

I am at 51 so 449 more to go but if I find more, great.

I started in the bathroom. Went thru the med cabinet and under the sink and drawers. Threw out old makeup etc and old meds. Plus some shampoo we didnt like so it sat for months. Then went thru my dresser and got a bag going for clothing. I also went thru my nursing stuff and I am posting them on the tp for sale.

I have a huge pile to shred- I will count that as one when I do it!

I need to go thru the baby toys and take out what we wont use and pass that on.

Also we might put a bid on a house a few blocks away from us so this is a great time to declutter.
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So I am a dork- broke it down 15.6 things a day....
I got rid of 33 today--- lovin' this inspiration.
And.. taking it a step further if new stuff comes in I get rid of another thing- like got a new pan got rid of the equivalent one in my collection (it was non-stick trying to stay away from teflon) but don't get to count it
Looking forward to getting rid of more stuff tomorrow...
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Ooh, I am totally in! I have TONS of stuff that is still stored from the hurricane evac. :
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Checking in to add 10 magazines to donate to library and 12 junk magazines to trash so added to my previous total of 42 items that makes my

GRAND TOTAL: 64 items
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6 socks that have holes in them and/or have mates that have been missing for well over a year.

1 truck whose wheels broke off
1 plastic easter egg half

starting small...

Tally = 8
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I was going to take pictures of my cluttered areas (all 934, 228 of them ) and post them, asking "How do I fix this". I think you just saved me a lot of work! I am down man!

Now someone just hold me to it
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Oh I am SO in. I just know I'll get carried away counting my items.

Honestly, I could probably do most of it just in clothes. Part of the problem is that we received sooooo many hand-me-downs for dd from friends, and some from people I don't even know! : There was so much of it that we never even used because it was way too pink and frilly or had characters all over it, so it's just been sitting around this whole time. I've started sorting them and bagging them already. Maybe I could make my own rule that clothes don't count, so I can get motivated to work on the crazy amounts of other crap I have.
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Oh, wow! A lot of you mamas are already going strong! I haven't started yet. I guess today is the day. (I haven't actually gone to bed yet so it will have to start later, I think.)

Does DH fixing the pipe fitting that broke this evening count for one?

I have actually been clearing out a lot of crap in September but I hadn't been countiing it. Of course, my parents are coming to visit next weekend from out of state, so I guess that will be a huge push of motivation for this week!
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I'll give it a try! I don't know if I can get rid of 500 things, but I'll try. So far, I've let go of 82 things. That included clothes, dishes, magazines, books and a stuffed teddy bear. Some stuff was passed onto my sisters, some recycled. I see a difference already!
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This has been such a good challenge already-I will feel much better when the movers come and everything is decluttered and organized! While I'm not sure if I have 500 items, I'll be happy to get half of that!

So far, we've decluttered 66 items. This included: old desk chair (I'm using a folding chair instead until we find a new one), books, magazines, clothes, wine glasses, picture frames, figurines, etc.

All of these items will go to charity. (I am not a garage sale person-I'd rather just get it out!) I'm not including all the TRASH we threw out-our very large trash can is FULL for pick up tomorrow. I went through the refrigerator and threw out expired stuff or stuff we bought to try and hate. I felt wasteful, but it's a good reminder to be diligent about using what we have.

My husband-who hates decluttering-even joined in. His closet REALLY needed decluttering, so I took everything out of it and threw it on the bed. I left all the hanging clothes in the closet and organized them in two sections: uniforms (he's military) and civilian clothes. It took him only a minute to sort the hanging stuff-it was pretty much decluttered anyways. The stuff on the bed he did in about ten minutes. Everything that was charity went on the floor, everything that he didn't use but will someday (certain uniforms mostly) got put in a Rubbermaid, everything to keep stayed on the bed. He left and I finished folding and putting things away. It worked GREAT!

This week, I'd like to work on the bathrooms, my clothes, and the kitchen. We'll see what I can come up with! Keep the threads coming-it's great inspiration!
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Subbing... I am gonna combine this challenge with the decluttering my wardrobe task and make it easy! (Do socks count as one or two items?)
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my DH will LOVE MDC after this!! I can't believe I was lucky enough to catch it on the first day-so I am not behind of I go to get started.
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I dropped off 5 trash bags full of stuff at the thrift store yesterday, mostly coats and toys. I have a beautifully clean and organized closet but my living room is a pit since there are piles of stuff that no longer belong in the closet. The closet is nice and big, with a light and a stool, so I can just go in there and avoid the mess .
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So glad I found this today as I am OCD about starting things one the first of the month, the first day of the week, the first thing in thr morning, etc.


I was doing great with decluttering and organizing but have gotten off track the past few weeks. Back on the wagon and looking forward to supporting and being supported here.
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