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Wanted to add:

One of my dear girlfriends told me this IRT decluttering items. Throw it out/recycle it unless you love it, need it, or it makes you money. This has helped me so much that I wanted to share.
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Just tossed 26 useless, occasionally disgusting, items from my cupboards & bathroom cabinets. I feel so happy!

I also packed a huge box for Thursday's charity pickup, and two bags to bring to the resale shop in the morning. I haven't even started sorting books and papers yet.

Running total: 51 items out of my house forever
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WOOT! I got my hubby to carry down 1 big box I filled up of stuff through out the house and 1/2 a bag of kids clothes that are too big but too beat up to really offer to a friend or someone. I'm gonna count the box as individual things since I had to put it all IN the box.
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Wow! Everyone is doing so great, we've all got off to a really good start.

I convinced DSO to help me clean off the kitchen table last night, and we got rid of and packed away a lof ot junk. AND we have a table to eat off of again. Yay!

Only 440 things left to go!
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You ladies have inspired me to start decluttering. I am disorganized and now that I am preggo again it will only get worse. My DH works overseas so he is no help. I have clothes lined up from the closet and more to go. I will tally how much and post later but I am definitely in the challenge. Keep me inspired ladies!
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Okay, I have some things to take to the children's resale shop tomorrow, some items to toss, a bag of dipes to return to a friend, and some other random things.

I will get a specific count in the a.m. I was just still so excited about this thread that I had to come back and post on it.
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My DH just held up an inch long disk for the Dig camera. Said it was clutter and tossed it. What a guy! I hope that is not his whole contribution.
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I so want to be in. I think we are going to be moving again in the next month or so...I will see what I can find tonight
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I'm in too, I'm gonna go work on it right now.
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Thanks to the person who broke it down to 15.4 things a day. I wanted to do that, but was too lazy.

I got rid of 8 bags of kids' clothes today (gosh, I should have counted the individual items!) - stuff that was too small or hand-me-downs that I didn't like. (As a side note, I also was then able to organize the rest of the clothes -- so now I have a box of 3T winter and summer stuff).

PLUS 21 bags of frozen breast milk. It killed me to do it, but it was now 2 years old, and I can't donate it because I was on medication when it was pumped. Plus an ancient quiche (older than dd!) and a dried up jar of paint.

So, today's count 31 + 8 from yesterday = 39. I'm on track!
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Okay, I don't know if this counts but... We got our quarterly bonuses last weekend and I paid off and closed one credit card and 1 small personal loan. Yay! These definitely contribute to the "clutter" in my life so I am going to count it.

Only 438 items left to boot out of my life for good!
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68 items gone this weekend (including 4 pairs of DH's holey underware!!!) . I tackled our clothes and the linen closet this weekend. Next is the craft pile. It use to be the craft cornor but you can't see the conor anymore. I'm up to 115.
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I wish I'd seen this thread a few days ago, I just decluttered the toy room and storage room.... I couldn't even begin to estimate how much stuff went out... I'd actually guess I hit the goal yesterday .
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ok-so far about 8 items--but I am cleaning out two closets tomorrow-I am studying for a test today.
I have diapers to auction on ebay-how do I count these-obviously not by diaper or I would be halfway there! :LOL
I am thinking as counting them as 3 items. one for each auction. we'll see how short I come up at the end of the month.
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Got 20 now...not many but I only started about 15 minutes ago
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OK, I got rid of 6 toys at the consignment store, the bag of dipes to be returned to my friend is in the car, a bag of sposies and a bag of randomness for goodwill (a scarf, some stuffed animals, etc...), I'm typing up all my recipes that are on bits of paper and have thrown out a lot of paper clutter that way, and that's it for now. ETA: 3 of ds' old toothbrushes. So far I'm 13/500.

I wish I had started counting back in Sept. when I got rid of a *lot* through decluttering! oh well. This is more of a challenge. The stuff I got rid of in Sept. was the obvious stuff. Now it's finding the stuff that's hiding-stuff that's disguised as useful or that I am irrationally attached to.

Moon Gypsey--the CC thing *totally* counts! WTG!!
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I'm typing up all my recipes that are on bits of paper and have thrown out a lot of paper clutter that way, and that's it for now.

What a good idea.. I soooooo need to do this... and toss the recipes that aren't keepers.. thanks for the motivating idea!
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Wow - 500? But I really need to do it - our house would look so much better with 500 items gone! And it's only Oct. 2nd.
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I got rid of one dress, one suit coat, and two lawn chairs yesterday. That makes my count up to 4!!!! I have stuff ready to go for today too.
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I'm in!!! I don't know if I can keep an accurate count of the items I purge but I can dedicate at least 30 minutes over the course of every day. If I do 5 mins here and 10 minutes there I've already lost 2 days of October so I'm logging off to purge my "junk" drawer! Thanks!
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