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Baby ate a magnet!

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Oh no--it is so hard isn't it--especially with two. We had our share of stuff.
Here is the thing. Magnents are dangerous. It isn't the magnent itself but if you get two pieces they can connect and cause a blockage. Actually, one of our therapists clients was seriously hurt that way. And it would take a while to know. Since it is possible that it was bit into two or something I really think I would go to the dr. I would be scared not too.
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That's why those magnetic toys were recalled, someones child ate two & well, it wasn't good.

OP, I think if your baby just ate one piece, it's probably okay, I would be VERY careful about magnets in the future & check the poops until you find the magnet piece. Fun, huh?
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I ate a magnet when I was child. It was one of the letter magnets, the letter "T". Anyway, I was just fine. They did do several scans and I had to drink some really nasty stuff and all that jazz. I only swallowed one and I think they were concerned since I ate the whole magnet and it's size and shape. It wouldn't hurt to take your little one in, but it maybe ok once you get it checked out.

My mom ended up having to go through all of my poo until she found it several days later so keep a look out for it, but I would probably take your little one in to get it checked out.
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