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a year and a half off the pill, periods still not normal

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I have been on ortho tri-cyclen for 1 year and 11 months. no major side effects, felt normal while taking them.
i took the last active pill on October 31, 2001. Had a period just like i would normally in the forth week of the pills. Then - nothing until the end of May 2002 (I drank RRL tea and took blessed thistle for a month and a half before i had the period. not sure how much it was affected by the herbs). Then nothing until the end October 2002. I have had 1 more period since then for Valentine's day 2003. That's it. Nothing since then. 3 periods since i quit the pills a year and a half ago. i cannot believe that!!! the catch is that we're not trying to conceve right now (but want to within a year or so), so my doc just tells me to come back when we've been trying for a year and it has not worked. but my condition worries me very much as well as i am not sure what our chances of conceiving in this situation are anyway.
In the past 6 months i've done 3 random blood tests and all the hormones levels as well as thyroid levels came within the normal range.
i am so frustrated for not being able to find the answers and extremely worried about the situation.
what is wrong with my body? how do i get it worked out? what do i need to do???
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my best guess is that i am not ovulayting, but how do i know for sure?
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Have you tried charting? I'm not really familiar with the ins-and-outs, but I do know it will give you more insight into what is happening (or not happening). _Taking Charge of Your Fertility_ is mentioned a lot here, can you search on that? You might need to find a different doctor if the one you are seeing isn't pleasing to you, but I would still recommend taking things into your own hands just to get more information.
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You could also use some cheapie OPK's to see if you're ovulating.

I hope you are!!

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You probably just need to give your body some more time to adjust after being on bcps. It took me well over a year before my cycles were anywhere near regular after taking the pill - and still I would have cycles anywhere from 5 to 7 or even 8 weeks long for the next several years.
I agree, you should probably go get a second opinion. Get a copy of your labwork and research on your own about hormone levels ("normal" really doesn't mean a thing, it's the relationship between hormone levels, and where you are in your cycle, that really counts, according to my doc). Go see a reproductive endocrinologist (RE) - a regular gyn is probably not the most knowledgeable about such things.
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I'd highly recommend charting. I just picked up the Taking Charge of Your Fertility book from the library. Really like the information there in general.

I also noticed on the website (www.tcoyf.com) that they have a section on sample charts for those that are just off the pill. If you go to the community tab and then down to the cycle gallery, you can find the "just off the pill" charts. Could give you some reassurance.

Good luck!

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thank you thank you thank you!
actually, i have some wonderful new: i started my period today!!! having cramps, but i don't mind them as much - i'm so glad my period is here! so this makes it less then 2 months this time and about 3.5 months last time. I'm really hoping my body is starting to get back to its normal self.
what i am really glad about is that i went off the pills way before we're gonna ttc. i can only imagine the devastation i'd be experiencing if i went off the pill with the plan to ttc in a couple of months.
stafl, how long have you been on bcp? it's so hard for me to believe that i took them for less then 2 years, and it's already been a year and a half since i quit and my body is still having that after-effects.
I've been looking at "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" for quite some time now and i think i'm gonna buy it, start charting, hope my periods will be more and more regular and there will be no need in seeing RE.

p.s. thanks for also letting me vent!
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V_V~ congrats on the arrival of af. Just wondering, were your cycles 'normal' before you were on the pill. According to my np, that is the indicator of how they will be after. I hope that this is the cycle where it all becomes like clockwork for you.
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