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Originally Posted by ASusan View Post
I am having a miscarriage and have been bleeding for a month. A couple of weeks ago, I had HAD it with disp. pads. I complained to DH that they were giving me a rash and that I was planning to order some cloth ones the next day. (can't find them in any store within 2 hours of here, but that's another post, I guess). I decided to use it as an opportunity to "introduce" the idea of cloth diapers (We don't yet have a child.)

"I can't imagine keeping an infant in plastic all day..." I said.

"That's fine," he replied, "my neice and nephew wore cloth (25 & 30 years ago), and they did just fine."

So, our kids will be in cloth dipes, no problems from him.

And, I'm in cloth dipes, too, at the moment. I haven't yet ordered any mama cloth...and I bought the only available cloth dipes at Walmart a few weeks ago and am using them as often as I can. I use them only at home...He actually folded them for me the other day! How sweet is that!

Dh thought cloth and the keeper were nifty when we started dating. He washes my pads for me with the rest of the laundry. Really, it's pretty much a non issue in my home.
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He'll get over it. My DH was a little weirded out at first, but he realized there were benefits for HIM after a while.

1) I don't chafe and get a rash like with sposie pads, which means I am more comfortable DTD during and right after. There is no waiting period for my girly bits to clear up. Which means more sex for DH.

2) My horrible period cramps completely disappeared after about 3 cycles with just cloth. Now he doesn't have to listen to me complain or massage my uterus for me (yes, it got that bad before).

3) We are saving money. I made all my pads with old t-shirts and fleece so they cost me almost nothing (cost of snaps and thread which is negligible).
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Originally Posted by Zilla View Post
I really think he had never heard of the idea of cloth pads before last night, so I guess I gave him a double whammy!
I can relate to this. When I first read about using cloth for TP, I thought that was pretty "far out there", I could never do that, etc. Fast forward....I love it! I haven't started using mama cloth yet because theres's still no need . But when AF comes back, I will be prepared!

Progression of acceptance:
1. Using cloth napkins and "paper towels"
2. We might use cloth diapers
3. Using cloth diapers, but buying disp. wipes
4. Using cloth wipes
5. Using cloth TP
6. (waiting to) use mama cloth
7. freecycled all disp products

I'm so glad I'm not buying things to throw away anymore, but I think it takes time to mentally adjust to it.
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Originally Posted by maylea_moon View Post
My husband teases me a little about it. He calls my cloth pads "your diapers". haha.
My hubby calls mine that also.

I am just grateful that my hubby has few "women issue" hang ups. He was the type of guy to ask if I need tampons back in the day and would pick them up for me.
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My hubby was okay with it from the start. He is all for anything that is good for my health---especially if it gets him a little more nooky!! I personally thought cloth pads were a disgusting, ridiculous idea at first---but NOW I am probably the queen of pads. Also, we now use cloth TP exclusively, and I really thought that idea was just over the top--and gross............so with time, even things that sound weird and gross lose that novelty..........
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I'm not sure my dh even knows what I use (I know he hasn't noticed the new Diva cup I got a couple months ago). I do the laundry, it never occurred to me to mention it to him when I switched . . . he's very much of the "if you don't talk about AF, I can pretend it doesn't exist" variety so I just do what I want, if he asks questions I'm happy to answer them but I know I didn't go out of my way to mention it to him when I switched to cloth. If I had he would have been grossed out by the subject in general & said "why are we talking about this?!?!?" But he'd have the same reaction if I told him I was switching from pads to tampons or from Stayfree to generic . . . he just doesn't want to hear about the subject in general LOL.
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Hmmm, maybe family cloth will be next for my household. We use cloth rags instead of paper towels, I switched to lunapads, we plan to cloth diaper and use cloth babywipes, I guess that is all that is left! I know my wonderful DH 2would never go for it, but like you have all said, I don't have to tell him!
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My love was more flipped out at the idea that I would spend a 1/4 of my life stuck to a nappy made of plastic and chemical goo. He completely 'gets' my divacup and cloth pads! I still get the teasing about it being a nappy though.
He was raised by two women so I guess it makes sense.

OT: I found out that his mother and sister not only used all cloth but NO toilet paper! They just step out into the garden (you have to walk through it to get to the loo) and rinse with the hose! That idea actually appeals to me much more than a "family cloth".
How does that work anyway, do you have a bunch of TP-square-sized cloths and then put them in a bucket and wash them, like cloth nappies? "Family cloth" makes me think of everyone using one cloth
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My DH did kind of flip out when I tried to use them after moving in with him. I won't repeat what he said... it was offensive, but IMO not as bad as "I will puke if I see them"

I switched to the divacup. It's more convenient for me anyway, but I do wish I'd kept my cloth pads for later when the flow is really weak.

I can see his point in objecting to them. Maybe there was a better way, but I was soaking them in a container in the bathroom, trying to time the wash so I could get all of them at the same time ...I do laundry about once a week. He's generally on the squeamish side. So I don't mind him minding, but I took issue with saying something offensive about it.

If there were no alternatives like the divacup, I would have stuck with cloth pads, but would have worked to find a way to deal with them that was easier for him.

Sounds like your DH needs his manners checked up *wry smile*

I didn't read the whole thread, but if I were in your position I would check out menstrual cups and non-toxic paper pads like they sell in health food stores. (Still inconvenient, but at least not poisonous.)
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Originally Posted by ASusan View Post
I am having a miscarriage and have been bleeding for a month. A couple of weeks ago, I had HAD it with disp. pads. I complained to DH that they were giving me a rash and that I was planning to order some cloth ones the next day. (can't find them in any store within 2 hours of here, but that's another post, I guess). I decided to use it as an opportunity to "introduce" the idea of cloth diapers (We don't yet have a child.)
Love and peace to you. Please be gentle with yourself.
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Hi Ladies,
I love this thread. It inspired me to get my divacup and I'm currently using it for my first cycle. Oh my gosh----it is so cool and I've adjusted to inserting and emptying it already. It's even less messy than tampons!!!

I would love to use cloth pads as a backup. Can you recommend a brand that you like?

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If my dh did that, I would rent one of those videos they show you in fifth grade about your period and make him watch it.

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Oh come on mommas, don't be so hard on my DH. He spent a lot of years living in a tent in the mountains while working as a cowboy and a hunting guide. He's a little out of tune when it comes to womanly things, but he is a wonderful and supportive husband. Anyway, my lunapads arrived today, should have been right on time for the start of my period, but my period came a week early and its already over. I'll have to wait until next month to try them out
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I am using a diaper doubler as a pad so far so good.. i got a few from an order i did on ebay and have not used them on ds and i thought why not they look like a pad hmmm ... anyhow i am convinced and am going to switch to cloth wipes at least for #1 ... my how cloth is addicting !!
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sorry for you mamas whose dh/dps have issues with cloth pads! i say make them get used to it.

my dh loves em...but he likes things simple like that.
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Exactly Amy -- cloth "rags" were the original maxi pad (well, possibly leaves were the actual original) and I doubt women could afford to just dispose of them -- they had to be washed. I do think it is worse to think of all those used tampons and pads from all the women who use them just piling up in landfills. uck!
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Originally Posted by mizdg View Post
I do think it is worse to think of all those used tampons and pads from all the women who use them just piling up in landfills. uck!
I agree. My dad runs a municipal waste water treatment plant. He says tampons come through looking like drowned rats. (Obviously, they get removed in the first stage of the treatment process.) I love my diva cup! I use cloth panti-liners along with it and for mid-cycle needs.
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Some helpful ideas on making it less of an ordeal for Dh/others using a shared bathroom:

We have our own master bathroom, and that is where I keep most of my 'supplies'. But you could do this in the 'main' or shared bathroom, and use the under sink area or just closed containers by the commode:

I bought an old cookie jar with a rubber stoppered sealing lid that I keep in our master bathroom on the floor right next to the commode. I fill it half full of water and a few drops of either Tea Tree oil or lavender oil during my period. I just drop the used cloth in it, and close it.

I also have another old cookie jar in the laundry room right next to the main floor powder room. (I prefer it off the floor since kids use the powder room bathroom alot.) I usually stock a zippered makeup bag for the 'day' and keep it under the powder room sink for when I'm downstairs and don't want to go upstairs to my own bathroom)

At end of cycle or a few days later if it's getting full. I drain out the water, toss in the washer and just wash them by themselves on a 'small' wash cycle. Dh/guests doesn't have to mess with it or 'see' them floating in sinks/bags, etc. Works great. Then I restock the freshly laundered ones in my 'storage' box upstairs, which holds all my stash, like:
pads of various sizes, keeper/diva, sea sponges and oils that I keep on the floor next to the master bathroom commode.

If you are thinking about using 'family cloth', you probably should invest in a 'mini shower' that you attach to the commode, to 'spray off' BEFORE you use the wipes (think hand held 'bidet'). Then you are really just putting water damp cloths in a holding place, until you can wash them. In a pinch, yea, you could use them right after a BM, but using a peri bottle to spritz off, or the 'mini shower' would work SO much better and probably get him to come around...

I use a layer of black microfleece as the topper of my 'homemade cloth' so you can't really even see anything, and they never stain. They look like diaper doublers, actually. That might be another idea, if he's squeemish to seeing blood.

I'm lucky to have a man whos motto is: A happy wife is a happy life...so I don't get flack for most of the 'crunchy' things I do/want to do...however when I brought up 'family cloth', he did ask nicely if I could /please/ leave the powder room stocked with some regular TP for him and 'guests' that might not understand...haha!

Oh, if you are using a cloth line to hang stuff to dry, you could always clip them together with a birdseye cloth diaper and they could 'rub' and soften each other in the wind..and it's less obvious if he's worried!

Heck, I have more 'girlfriends' and female family members freaked out about using cloth menstrual stuff, than any man I know!! So wierd to be so 'freaked out' by your own cycle and how to deal with it more naturally and not to mention more comfortably!!! I mean, what do they do when they get a cut or something and have to tend a wound!

Enjoy your cloth!
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Where can I GET cloth pads, just out of curiosity? I want to try this and cloth TP. DH will probably never do it and will keep using TP. I might use TP for #2 and cloth for #1 or something. Any cut-backs on the amount of waste I create would be great!
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There was a recent thread in 'sew, embroider' area with LOTS of links on how to make your own. Otherwise, seriously, just google the words, 'Cloth menstrual pads' and you should get a TON of links if you want to order some premade stuff.

Lots of WAHMs make them, that make/sell cloth diapers. Almost every cloth diaper site has a 'momma' area, with pads. MOE, that makes Fuzzi Bunz makes some, GladRags, Pandora Pads, Weemoon, Lunapads are all 'name brand' ones that I can think of off hand. There are TONS more..including sewing patterns (pretty pads brand) that you can buy and make from a pattern if you don't want to try making them from the sites that offer freebie patterns.

Other than ordering online or making your own, you /might/ get lucky and your local health food store might carry some of the 'name brand' ones...you used to be able to buy GladRags at Vitamin Cottage here in Colorado, but I've not seen them in a while....I think there was some flack a while back about the 'professional' companies raising cain over menstrual products that were not FDA approved ($$$$) and certified somehow, since they should be considered a 'medical device' (another way to make $$ and keep them off the market, since once you've tried them, you'll LOVE them and not go back to sposies!)...anyway...some WAHMs make them and call them 'diaper products' but for moms..haha.. So most of the 'professional' cloth companies have to charge alot more, since they are paying out the yin yang for 'licensed' products now... sigh

But hey, no body gonna come to your door and see what homemade stuff you using!!

If you can straight stitch or zigzag, you can make some pretty decent home stuff, and a serger just makes them all the easier! Heck, I'd rather tri fold a washcloth, than use a sposie!!

Here are some links for 'make your own' sites:

Towards the middle/bottom of the page is a pattern:


Here are some others:





Here is a good one from Hillbilly Housewife:


Here are some downloadable 'shapes' for diff pads:


This is a 'classic' site with pads:

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