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How much do doulas make?

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I am thinking of becoming a doula (no not for the money!) and I was just wondering. Well actually DH was wondering. Thanks for any help!
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Here in Indiana,we have a few ,they work out of High Point Rehab,a physical therapy place here in Newburgh.They charge $375.00 for a visit & the actual labor -no matter how long.
I wish they were around 3 years ago.
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I interviewed 3 doulas in NJ, 2 of them charged $500 for 2 prenatal visits and the birth and 1 charged $800 for 3-5 prenatal visits and the birth.
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Hi! I am actually considering doing doula trianign myslef..I'm currently a nrusign student and plan to continue on to my midwife but i think it would be neat to do along with thigns and I could relaly geta feel fro things..
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My doula cost $700, but she came over 3 times before the birth, practiced hypno-birthing with me (a wonderful plus!) and attended the birth. She also came over a few weeks later and gave me a written birthstory so I'd always have it.

Oh, and she took really great pictures of the birth.
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I am a doula~but work on a very part time basis. For me, I work on a sliding fee scale. Most couples I have worked with have either been massage clients of mine, family and friends~so I have known them all fairly well. I meet w/the couple/family prior to the birth and will sometimes meet w/them again to go over labor massage techniques. I will be w/them throughout the entire birth and post-partum. I will also take photos/video, if desired. So, I guess to answer your question, $100.00 on up.


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My doula now charges $400, for attending the birth. I think she also has an hourly rate for postpartum care.
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My doula charged $250. She was also my Bradley teacher so she saw me for 12 weeks during the classes. She also came by after the birth.
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Doula fee

I charge $600 per birth which includes two prenatal meetings that are about 2 hours each along with labor support and one postpartum meeting. I also include the initial newborn bodywork treatment as part of my services. I'm also available for phone or e-mail support outside of the two prenatal meetings as needed.

I collect $300 at the first prenatal meeting as a non-refundable deposit (it covers the prenatals and being on call and reserving me as the doula so I don't take on another client at the same time). I collect the balance of $300 at the postapartum meeting which is generally done 2-3 weeks after the birth.

I think it's very important for doulas to charge adequately so that the services are not under valued.

I attended the first few births for free or low cost ($100) to get the experience. I would advise any new doula to ask for a donation to cover expenses for the first few births versus doing it as a volunteer. I spent way too much time and missed a lot of other work and didn't make up for my losses. In hind sight, I would have charged at least $200 for those first few births instead of doing them for free. It's easy to say that now. I know first hand how difficult it is to ask for money in exchange for my services. I'm getting better at it and I feel it makes me value myself more by asking for what I am worth. I had some more experienced doulas talk to me about this so it helped to build my confidence in charging appropriately. I also need to charge enough so that I can have other qualified doulas as my back up doulas.

I'd like to attend at least one birth per year as a volunteer or on a sliding scale. I work out payment arrangments as needed. I also refer people to new doulas who are wanting births for experience and/or certification who may charge less than I am charge.
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when i start my budiness, I plan on working on a sliding fee scale.. . the lowest being, FREE.. i believe that every woman has a right to have a doula. my doual was a friend of mine who has her own practice... she was free, i would not of been able to afford one, and she was a big help!
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