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pregnancy signs and "symptoms"

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I hate calling them "symptoms" because we are not Ill. Pregnancy is not a disease. You all know what I mean

What are you feeling?

My boobs are bigger and I get really tired at night but thats it so far.
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My chest has been really tender, although that seems to be going away. I'm also exhausted, and I'm hungry more often than normal, especially in the evenings before I go to bed.
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My chest is starting to get a little sore, but it hasn't gotten as sore with pregnancies #2, 3 and 4. Maybe because I've been nursing for almost 9 1/2 years straight!

I am definitely having to start to take care not to get constipated/gassy. I added liquid cholorphyll and cod liver oil to my diet and we're doing beter with this.

Yesterday I started to feel "off" and knew I needed to eat something. Not like I was going to throw up exactly, but definitely "woozy" and like I could get sick if I didn't do something about it. That surprised me because I am only 4 1/2 weeks. But I am welcoming the nausea as a sign that things are going well!

Oh, and I measured my waist (my pregnancy journal has a place for periodic waist and weight measurements). I've gained a little over a 1/2 inch - but no extra weight. That's enough to make my clothes tight!
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My chest is still pretty sore and swollen (yay for finally getting boobs again!). I still get cramps here and there, but I started drinking a lot more water and the cramps don't come as often. I'm getting nauseaus more often, but that makes me really happy because I know it's a good sign. My appetite is pretty non-existent. Once I start eating something the nausea comes and I can't eat anymore. When I was pregnant with DS I ate ALL THE TIME, maybe that is why I gained 53 lbs I'm hoping to stay under 50 this time.
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Well,my boobs are really sore and am starting to get a little nausea. But I think the worst so far is the horrible mood swings. I've been having some insomnia lately, so that definitely hasn't helped with the emotional aspect. I just feel so irritable and frustrated all the time. I'm a pretty sensitive person to begin with, but this is ridiculous. Anyone else feeling this way? Anyway hoping it will get better.
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I started out with swollen boobs that were a little bit tender. They are still swollen but don't really feel that tender anymore. Instead I am now nauseaus. No puking yet but sure feel like. Also I am just noticing I'm starting to feel very swollen all over. I'm kind of concerned about this. Is that normal. My hands feel VERY swollen and I'm starting to feel it in my face and feet as well. I am wondering if I'm retaining water. I'm trying to drink extra water today to try and flush it out.
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I'm just exhausted--falling asleep way earlier than I used to at night. That's about it, but I'm only 4 weeks today...
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Sharp pain in my lower abdomen when I sneeze. OUCH:
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I have had periodic waves of nausea. Last time it kicked in right around 5.5 weeks so maybe full blown MS is just around the corner (although I hope not...it sucked last time). But the biggest is the bone tired exhaustion that hits in the late afternoon. I had to go lie down and take a nap yesterday and i DON'T nap.
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Nausea (it's up a notch today), crampy/pully feelings, fatigue, hungry all the time, breasts are sore (but not near as sore as with DS, but I'm still nursing him, and my breasts have been on the job for 2 years+ now, so maybe that's why they're not too sore.)
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I forgot to add exhaustion. Every day around noon time I just crash. Some days I cannot even stay awake so I nap with DS. Right now I'm at work and it's taking a lot of effort to keep my eyes open. I can't wait to get home and just lay down!
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I am doing great I feel it might be a little early since I'm only 4-5weeks but I feel really good. Maybe a little bloated but I've been eatting really salty food. My boobs are finally not so sore and that is a good thing and they look a little bigger. Hope everything stays so easy!
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i've definitely had the sore bbs going on but today i also noticed that i'm super sensitive to smells. this lady on the subway was wearing perfume and i had to get up and move and then later i walked by a popcorn place and the smell of the "butter" made me a little queasy. there's no way to avoid smells (good and bad) in nyc - so i guess this is just the beginning...
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I have really just been tired and hungry. Occasional tummy issues, but mainly just tired.
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Exhaustion...I wish napping was allowed where I work. For my DS, I worked at a preschool and I would actually nap when the kids were -it was perfect!
I also have sore bb's, craving for milk (driving to work yesterday, I turned around and came home to get a glass!) and thats about it.
I also gained 50 pounds last pregnancy and I don't want to do that with this one. So far I am not eating that much more than usual. Just trying to keep making good choices.
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The last couple days, I've been feeling a quick sharp stabby pain in my cervix. It only happens once or twice a day but for the life of me I can't remember if that's normal. And the peeing. Ooooh, the peeing. 2000000 times a day. Luckily I'm too dang exhausted to wake up in the middle of the night so at least I only pee every hour in the day. :

And I have no appetite. I am not nauseous, and I feel hungry, but then after 2 or 3 bites, I'm full.
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I'm tired. And tired. And tired.

And also I want orange juice!

Whoever said they wanted a glass of milk - that turned my stomach. No real nausea yet, but it's very early yet. . . .

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Ok I spoke to soon! Thismorning I woke up with major bloat!!! Oh my I couldnt suck in my tummy for the life of me but after I went to the gym things seemed to get better! Maybe I needed to burn out all the gas
Anyone else suffering from major bloat????
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I feel really good so far...

my breasts have been more sore this time than I remember before. I am not extraordinarily hungry or tired usually, but have had intense moments of both. Mostly I am just feeling stupid! The other day I gave two different people my mother's phone number (in a different state!) as mine, and then I couldn't find the cheese and my husband later found I had put it in the freezer...hmmm. Well, no wonder- when I lie down, I can actually feel all the blood pumping down low in my belly. Probably much of it is bypassing my brain entirely!

My nausea usually comes around 7-8 weeks and goes away by about 15 weeks, though eating is hard for me throughout my pregnancy and I don't gain weight well. This time I am already seeing an acupuncturist who works specifically with women. She has me on an herbal formula to help with nausea and digestion, so I'm hoping it will work!
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i can only hope that gas is the reason for my puffy belly - otherwise i'm in big trouble.
nectarines have been really good lately...
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