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So far all I've had is fatigue, and that really only started yesterday afternoon/today. I slept like a ROCK last night. I have also noticed stinging feelings while nursing, and a general feeling sort of like engorgment in my breasts. I didn't have breast tenderness last time. Nursing is definately unpleasant, and I noticed I don't have much milk. Already!

I had some intense cramps earlier today that had me running to the bathroom every 5 min checking for blood. I guess I forgot about that part!
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Fatigue kinda sneaks up on me. I was putting DD down for a nap and I almost fell asleep with her! For me most of the time I am nausea, and I my sense of smell is sensitive, which I normally never smell anything!
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So far: sore breasts and very sensitive nipples that are darker than usual, my waist feels fuller (bloated), and I am having occasional cramping and twinges--some that feel like menstrual cramps, some like rhythmic pulling or pinching. I have been sleeping horribly for the past week and generally have unusually low energy. A little queasiness now and then, and I gag every morning when brushing my tongue. These signs are all very reassuring to me. I am checking my breasts for tenderness and my TP for any spotting constantly. Maybe I should list neurotic behavior as well.
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Does anyone else have a sore lower back? I don't remember that with either of my boys but today my back hurts so much. I don't know if it's a bad sign, a normal sign, or an unrelated sign...
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wow irises- i could have written that exact response! including the neurotic behavior
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yes, ally, i have a terrible sore lower back! i did with my other pregnancies, too, but i don't remember feeling it this early. simple exercise like long walks or swimming is the only thing that seems to help.

i have sensitive breasts, like please don't bump or smash them or i'll scream! and i have this underlying sort of nausea like i can tell if i don't eat well it will creep up and take over!!! and i am super tired in the afternoons, like around 2- i thought i was going to fall asleep driving the other day!
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Is anyone else having digestive issues yet?? I remember that later on, not yet!
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Originally Posted by irises View Post
I am checking my breasts for tenderness and my TP for any spotting constantly. Maybe I should list neurotic behavior as well.
Me too :

The other day I was checking the TP for spotting and my finger poked through and I freaked out for a second - I thought I was seeing pink on the TP. I also didn't have much nausea yesterday so that made me sad, I was convinced my signs of pregnancy were going away and my hormone levels were dropping. : AND I'm still charting to make sure my temp stays up each morning. I really can't wait until the baby starts moving so I can have constant reminders that he/she is ok.
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Add me to the list for neurotic behavior. :

My breasts still hurt, my temps are still up, and I'm tired, yet I bought another EPT to retest in the morning. :

I know I'll feel better after getting some result from my Monday afternoon appointment with my midwife.
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My lower back achiness started about a week ago. I was also super tired, all the time. My boobs started to hurt also about a week ago. I also had AF-like cramping for a few days before I tested positive. I started feeling very thirsty too.

Now at 5 weeks my boobs are less sore, my back is less achey, and I'm not so tired. No nausea yet, but I'm still really thirsty and a bit constipated. I'm hoping this is normal. This is my first pregnancy and so I'm on the lookout for every little thing. I have to wait 3 more weeks before I get an u/s so I'm hoping that will put some of my fears to rest.

Hugs to all of you who aren't feeling great!
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I am a bit tired but then that could be becasue i never go to bed early enough, i chat here and other forum way too late into the night.

i have no nausea this time and am just waiting for it to hit. I had all day sickness 24/7 for just about my whole pregnancy last time so really not looking forward to it but it was reassuring in the beginning IYKWIM
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Nausea, boobs, crying over nothing and everything, don't know if I belong here but these are all true!!!
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I'm glad to hear all of you mentioning cramps - after my loss (which was my first pg,) the cramps have me really freaked out, even though I think they're totally normal and there's no spotting or anything.

I love you guys!

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the last few days i have felt pretty queasy in the morning and at night. no actual throwing up but definite waves of Yuck.

i'm also super tired but haven't been sleeping well at all. i seem to wake up at 4am and not be able to fall asleep again until it's almost time to get up at 6 not fun.

other than that, feeling good. eating well and keeping on the move. i'm in my last year of school right now so between 3 classes, 21 hours of field work and family - there's not to much time to think about being pg (pretty much only during MDC time, which has become one of the highlights of my day: ).

plus i welcome the 'sypmtoms' as a sign that things are happening - which is all good with me

feel good and get some rest mamis

btw - when do you think i can start asking dp for my daily pregnancy foot massages?
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I think I mentioned in another thread that my eyes are much drier when I wear my contacts, I'm not totally sure this is pregnancy related but it just kicked in recently.

And (I remember this from the first time) my Super Sense of Smell is starting to rear its head again. Tonight I was at class and I could tell that somebody was smoking a cigarette outdoors, two stories down and at the other end of the building!!!

Once that smell starts making me heave I'll really be in business...
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Nursing DD is starting to get uncomfortable, and I have had nausea in the early evening since a few days after conception (ugh!)! I also get REALLY HUNGRY REALLY QUICKLY and feel a bit bloated around my middle already... oh yes, and TIRED!

As for the good things... I feel SO MUCH more relaxed this time around, it's WONDERFUL. I don't feel like I'm fretting over every cramp or weird smell, etc. etc. Likely because I just don't have time to with a toddler!
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Is anyone seriously bloated??? I'm getting a little concerned about the size of my belly right now... Not that it was completly flat to begin with but I have noticable bloat right now! I am of average/thin size for height/weight so when my grandma started noticing how big I am she got me all freaked out it could be twins!!!! they dont run in the family so I'm not to worried but I wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing this and if so does it go away before the real "showing" begins??? With my first I didnt start having a belly until 3 or so months so is it just bigger with number two??? Hummmm strange!
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Originally Posted by Laurorama73 View Post
Is anyone else having digestive issues yet?? I remember that later on, not yet!

Yes... weirdness... I started feeling nauseous within a few days of conception! Very gassy too. It's like my body said, "Hey, I've done this before... let's get the party started". HAHA.
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Originally Posted by firemommaof1 View Post
Is anyone seriously bloated??? I'm getting a little concerned about the size of my belly right now... Hummmm strange!
So weird, me too. I haven't weighed myself, so I don't know for sure, but I do feel really bloated in my belly, and can't suck it in, if you know what I mean?! I am petite, and on the average/small side for weight/height ratio too... so it's kind of disturbingly obvious, at least to me. I feel like I'm pushing out my pregnant belly already, but I swear I'm not!!

I also thought about twins(!)... don't run in my family either, but this cycle I really thought I ovulated twice (within three days) could it be possible that both eggs were fertilized & implanted? I don't know enough about the science...
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I have quite a list....some of which I would have never expected so early!! I'll be 5 weeks tomorrow -
- nausea if I let myself get hungry
- cramps all over periodically...sometimes around the sides, sometimes on top, sometimes down low. Today they even felt a little BH-like!! I know it's WAY too early for those, but it just felt tight at times
- chest zits....which I just noticed this morning!
- I stand for my PT job (bank teller), and at the end of my shift, my hips are really achy and I HAVE to sit
- SOOOOO tired.
- back pain at times
- very thirsty - I'm drinking about 3x the water I used to (granted I drank little water before.....)
- LOTS more potty action.....both kinds. :
- it's pretty much impossible to suck in my tummy anymore. Sometimes it hurts if I try....basically I try and nothing happens. I'm in maternity pants already.....
- really spacy/forgetful/etc. Pg has set in for sure!
- more hb than before, but it's not really bad
- serious aversion to sugar. I had a KK this morning, and I severly regretted it a few minutes later. No more donuts for me for a while!
- a little edgy/impatient when I'm tired. This isn't really new....just more pronounced.

That's all I can think of for now!
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