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Sore boobs, hungry and tired. The nausea comes in waves and for a short time. That's about it. Oh, my hair looks awesome!!!!!!
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Loss of appetite over here. Which sucks when you are pregnant AND nursing.
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So, besides the sore boobs, excessive thirst and lower back achiness, add moodiness to the list! I started crying yesterday when my husband took too long getting out of the car (we went to a memorial service). He asked "what's wrong??" and I said "I'm pregnant! I don't know!"
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my m/s has kicked in bigtime. i can only eat a little bit at a time and even though i've only actually thrown up once, the nausea sticks around pretty much all day.

at first i was eating really well, lots of fruits and veggies but yesterday all i had was a little cereal, two eggs, three bites of turkey burger and some mashed potatoes. is that ok? still forcing down the prenatal vitamins so hopefully that makes up for some of it...

also pretty emotional - cried during a commercial for some home makeover show yesterday.

and tired tired tired, but that's nothing new .
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Originally Posted by AllyRae View Post
The last couple days, I've been feeling a quick sharp stabby pain in my cervix.

And I have no appetite. I am not nauseous, and I feel hungry, but then after 2 or 3 bites, I'm full.
This is me too! I had a sharp twinge on my cervix, on my way to the grocery store, so I picked up another test. As soon as I got home I tested, and got a BFP before I could wipe! And, like you, I seem to have little appetite. So unlike #1, where I was ravenous each and every minute of the day! I put on 50 lbs last time, and I still have 30 of it : so I definately don't want to over do it this time. I eat when I'm hungry, and thats it, not overeating - so far anyway!!
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Hunger, heartburn, blood sugar wonkiness (have to eat quite regularly or I crash), headaches, back pain/sciatic pain, round ligament pain. Moodiness hasn't been too bad yet.
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My ms has eased now that my appetite has increased--I feel fine, barring nasty smells, so long as I always have some food in my tummy. The cramps are also much less now, though I still get pulling feelings that are less intense than last week.

The sore bbs come in less frequent waves.

But I have had a lot of back and neck pains so far, and I'm only starting week 6! Can it be pregnancy pains related already? Oh boy...

I'm in better shape by quite a bit than I was before DS (3x/week exercise since March.) I haven't felt like exercising since about a week past conception, and I haven't been pushing myself thus far because I know I would blame myself if the worst happened. Maybe I will try to ramp up again, gently and slowly.

Worst thing: the chiropractor who was the only relief from my previous pregnancy's sciatica is no longer practicing in this area. Waaah!

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I worry that something is wrong because I have no nauseousness. Someone tell me that it is ok!! Please. I have sore boobs, I am constantly checking my nipples to make sure they are still sore and very sensitive to touch. It is a positive sign in my book! I have been wearing a sports bra at night (it is too small ) because my shirts hurt me. I went to the bra store last weekend with my mom, who doesnt know I am pregnant. They looked at the bra I was wearing and said I need to go up a cup size. Is this pregnancy related or are my boobs just growing? Now I am a 40 I. That is ridiculous. Who would have thought a person could have boobs that big! All I wanted was hot wing pizza today and my husband thought I was a nut because that is so not something I would like. Back aches, minor cramping. But no m/s. I wish I had m/s!!! I would feel better, like this is real.
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Originally Posted by matey View Post
I worry that something is wrong because I have no nauseousness.
I was nauseous last week something awful but not this week hardly at all. A bit gaggy but nothing like I was. Everything else is still there, bbs are sore and at least a cup size bigger with blue veins all over, and really REALLY tired but no more nausea.
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Boobs are fuller not sore.
Belly is getting bigger- hopefully just bloat and not fat.
tired all the time- which is good for me b/c it helps me sleep. Unfortunately I get up about 4-5 hours later.
The worst is what feels like Jeckyll and Hyde thing. I am usually a very easy c'est la vie type of person, but lately I feel like I've been getting ready to go to battle! What is that about? Very angry, very aggressive it's like my testosterone level was at maximum. I had to take today off from work today b/c my anger level was so high yesterday my blood pressure was intense for a good 24 hours. Thank God, I have since calmed down. Not good-for baby. So today I did a bit of crying and that helped. *crazy huh*
I don't have the nausea quite yet.
But last week (week 3) I could not stop eating and I was anxious (I thought it was PMS).
This week (week 4) Nothing looks appealing at all. The thought of peanuts and sweets nauseate me and I feel anger.

Someone recommended seeing a hypnotherapist to help take care of these feelings. I'd go back to my incredible psychotherapist, but it's like peanuts, the thought of speaking to her disgusts me.


Thank god I haven't turned against hubby.
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i'm new here!

Hi all!

I think I am due at the end of June, early July, but there is no July 2007 ddc yet. So, my pregnancy symptoms are: tender nipples to the touch, slight stabs of pain in my uterus, majorly frequent peeing, tiredness, and a yeast infection! ugh. anyone have any ideas about how to take care of this naturally? I tend to get them often and I usually treat with boric acid supositories and acidophilus. But my boric acid says to not take when pregnant. I am going to ask my mw on saturday for her ideas. She is coming to my house to take my blood, I dont even have to go into a flu and germ ridden clinic. Congrats to everyone!!!
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I'm at 10 days past ov, but my nipples are a bit sore, and today I have heartburn and am burping. (Yes, burping is a common sign for me...)
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For the past few days I have been straving!!!!!!! And the past couple of weeks waking in the morning feeling like I have not eated in days!!!!
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I feel tired...I have been taking a 2-3 hour nap every day lately in addition to putting in 8 hours a night.

The nausea comes and goes randomly. The day I tested positive DH and I went out for Mexican. I was starving, then after we got our food and after I ate maybe a fourth of my meal, I felt sooo sick I pushed the plate away and told DH to eat it. I couldn't even look at it.

I have the sore breast thing too. When does THAT go away? If I am lying in bed and I turn the wrong way it is excruciating!
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Originally Posted by LokiPuck View Post
I have the sore breast thing too. When does THAT go away? If I am lying in bed and I turn the wrong way it is excruciating!
Buy some cotton sleep bras and wear one to bed every night.

My bbs stayed more tender until DS was down to nursing only once per day (age 2?), though not excrutiating like in the early weeks of pregnancy.

I never stopped sleeping in a bra although DS only fully weaned in August. They say French women sleep in a bra always to avoid sagging breasts. Well, I already sag, but I do find it more comfortable, and it prevents that "roll over and hurt your boobs" problem right now.

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I am exhausted. Although my 2 yr. old is still an avid night nurser, so taht does cut into my night time sleeping.

And I feel the need to drink tons of water...or I start feeling dehydrated.
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