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Heres an idea..

Dress up in normal clothes, attach a paper bag to your belly with "Taking my child Trick-or-Treating" written on it... something like that

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If I had been due later than August and showing, I was going to dress up like Lara Croft-- black shorts, black tank top, black boots, french braid, fake gun strapped to my thigh-- and be Lara Croft, Womb Raider. But i've been Lara Croft, Tomb Raider several times before, so i've already got the costume.

Or you could always wear a flannel shirt, work jeans, work boots, and be a laborer.

So many good ideas here!
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One of my friends suggested Tarzan, Jane, and Boy except I'd be expecting boy rather than finding him in the jungle!
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subbing...I'm definitely showing and need a great idea.
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i went as saturn when i was (hugely) pregnant with dd--it was pretty fun. i dressed all in black, stuck foil circles all over me, wrapped my belly in stripey orange fabric and hung rings made from wire and wrapped in cheesecloth from my shoulders with fishing line. it worked!

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Originally Posted by Orangey View Post
These are great ideas!

Danielle~ You could always go as a pregnant woman in labor, hospital gown, socks, etc. Or you could go as caution tape. Black outfit with yellow lines diagonally across and a saying something like "caution: could go into labor any minute"

LOVE IT! Hilarious - thanks for the idea!
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This was me last year as a Pregnant Mama Cat

Note the baby bottle nipples on my belly. Ahhh. Good times.
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Oh, great, I killed the thread by showing off my nipples! :
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I loved that costume, Spark! :
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What about a nun? It was my costume when I was 6 months pregnant!!!
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Originally Posted by 2much2luv View Post
I loved that costume, Spark! :
YOU ARE PREGNANT!!!! Oh wooooooohoooo!!! That's SO exciting!!! Wow!!! Congrats!!! Yay!!! I'm so happy for you! Gotta love those even numbers... unless you're expecting twins!!!
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Bun In The Oven

I'm 6 momths pregnant & after racking our brains for weeks for costume ideas my husband & I stumbled upon a Bun In The Oven costume. It's shaped like a little oven with an oven door that opens & has a piece of foam inside that looks like a bun. It's nice & roomy & fits well over my growing belly. Plus my husband found a matching costume that reads The Bun Maker. It's an apron & an oversized chefs hat.
You could easily makes both of these outfits at home using a cardboard box for the oven & an apron you have lying around for the other costume.
We can't believe we didn't think of it sooner, with us always talking about our little bun in the oven.
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Last Halloween, I was preggo at the same time as Britney Spears, so I dressed up as her. I got one of DHs wifebeaters, wrote "I heart K Fed" on it, wore a long peasant skirt, put my hair up all messy, and smudged makeup under my eyes. It was a big hit!
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I think a classic one is to go as the guy with the beer belly. Put on a cap and wear a dirty t-shirt that shows your belly. You might be able to find Halloween coupons for it online somewhere.
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Ooooh I was really hoping a thread like this would pop up. I'm a waitress and I love to dress up for Halloween. Some of the locals actually make it a point to come in on Halloween just to see what I'm wearing! Taking Notes: :

Wow! Love the Mama Cat! Hilarious!
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Dude. These are all funny but kinder egg made snort. That's awesome! I would love to do that one but we don't have them around here so I don't think anyone would get it. I'm eagerly watching this thread though. I did just read that when Heidi Klum was super pregnant one Halloween, she went as an apple and Seal dressed as Eve--I thought that was cute.
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If you can pull it off, do a couple's costume where you go as Joe and Bonnie from Family Guy.
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