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Hospital Birth -- How Long Were You There?

Poll Results: How long did you stay at the hospital after delivery?

Poll expired: Nov 26, 2006  
  • 0% (1)
    0 - 2 hours
  • 0% (1)
    3 - 4 hours
  • 1% (2)
    5 - 6 hours
  • 1% (2)
    7 - 8 hours
  • 95% (128)
    more than 8 hours
134 Total Votes  
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If you had a vaginal delivery at a hospital, with no complications, how long were you there after delivery? I'm curious and don't really know what to expect.
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i would change your poll to under 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours, more than 48 hours. I think it is extremely rare for families to leave the hospital in under 48 hours. I know it happens and this is probably the place to find these manas but in our society as a whole, very rare. That said I left 24 hours after birth and had to go through extra checks for "early discharge". You would be free to leave whenever after uncomplicated vaginal delivery but I'd bet if it was under 12 hours it would be "against medical advice".
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More than 8 hours was my vote... I gave birth at 4:02pm and was discharged at 9:30 am the next morning. I was going to stay only the mandatory three hours and leave, but I had a small hemmorage so they made me stay overnight and hooked me up to an IV.
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Thanks for the suggestion, Sarah! Is there a way to change the options?
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Originally Posted by PixelDust View Post
Thanks for the suggestion, Sarah! Is there a way to change the options?
I'd just do a new one and edit the title of this thread. I don't think you can edit polls.

I was at the hospital for about 9 hours afterwards.
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With DS1, he was born Wednesday and we were released on thursday. With DS2, he was born on a Saturday, early AM, and we were released on Monday.
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We wanted to go home from the hospital about 8 hours after my dd was born but I wanted to talk to the hospital LC first since that was included in the price of the birth. The LC didn't come to my room until about 45 hours after the birth. We left at exactly 48 hours after the birth.
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12 hours, for me. I had an epi, too. Although I was ready to go by about 3 hours after she was born, but we had to wait for the doctor to come back in and let us leave- he had 2 more deliveries.
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I was planning to sign out early but found that I *wanted* to stay. I was having BF difficulties and there was an LC right there in the hospital, I was exhausted from the delivery, I really enjoyed having the nurses right there to help me. I felt totally different than how I thought I would feel. I felt clueless and overwhelmed and not ready to go home and have it be just me DH and my mom. But, I would have been OK to go home. And they would have signed me out. I just felt better staying 48 hours.

Next time I don't think I will need to stay that long if I end up having a hospital birth (and I am hoping that I will have a homebirth so it won't even be an issue!!).
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you're welcome pixeldust. i don't know anything about polls though, sorry! but if people keep posting replies you'll still get the info you are looking for. good luck and congrats on your pregnancy!
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Let's see, dd was born at 10:20pm, we left around 8pm the next night. I was supposed to go early in day but the pedi forgot to sign dd's discharge papers, it was hours, and hours before he came back to sign them. I choose to receive Rho-gram and the hopsital was out of stock, and we had to wait until the shipment came up. It was just one thing after another, but I refused to stay another night like they wanted.
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48 hours for me. I kind of liked staying. We had transported after homebirth and I had all kinds of new body parts down there
I also enjoyed being taken care of. It was nice for food to just come to me. While my husband is wonderful, I just don't think food would have "come to me" at home
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My daughter was born on Monday at around 4pm. I was discharged on Wednesday at around 3pm (at least thats what I think, it's all a bit fuzzy.) Normal birth and the only problems we had were anemia (in both of us because they never tested me for it during pregnancy.)

ETA: I hated it but it seems my hospital isn't as nice as some others. They kicked my dh out at 10pm Monday and he wasn't allowed to come back until 8am Tuesday. I also had a roommate who's husband yelled at their two year old in Spanish (he was cussing!) and made his wife you had just had a c-section chase after him while he sat on his bum. Also, they kept telling me to put my baby in the plastic box which was annoying!
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48 hrs #1 , 12 hrs #2
simple unmedicated births
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3 days with the first
1.5 days then 3 days in Nicu with second
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#1 hospital birth, born at 320pm we went home at 5pm next day...so 26 hours after birth...

#2 FSBC born 8am home by supper...6pm....10 hours...

#3 FSBC born 925 pm....home at 5am......8 hours

Loved the going home fast!

good luck with your birth!
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#1 I was stuck there for 3 days for no reason.
#2 I demanded to be released after 12 hours but it was about 16 hours that I actually got to leave.
#3 was born at home.
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About 24 hours.
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24 hours after scheduled c-section, full term twins, no complications, mitigating circumstances dictated early discharge, but it worked out fabulous

48 hours after ERCS, full term singleton, GBS+ with ruptured membranes prior to delivery, thus the longer stay for newborn observation

I'm hoping for another 24 hour stay with current pg, which will also be an ERCS, assuming of course that recovery goes as well as the first two, but if mom and/or baby needs to stay longer for whatever reason, I'm fine with that too
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About 36 hours. Codi was born at 6:11am on Thursday and we were released about noon the next day. If I'd known I could have checked out early, I would have gone home w/hubby on Thursday night. I know I would have slept better!
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