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Poll Results: do you co-sleep or crib sleep

  • 79% (263)
    co-sleep in bed
  • 8% (28)
    co-sleep in attached "crib"
  • 1% (6)
    baby sleeps in crib in my room
  • 5% (19)
    baby sleeps in crib in his/her own room
  • 4% (16)
    other (please share!)
332 Total Votes  
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one big bed
We lay like this 3yo me 9modd hubby
Everyone laughs when they see our setup-one big futon with a twin pushed up next to it:
Wouldn't do it any other way!!
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We use one big bed, too- a twin and a queen side by side ont the floor. Dd spends many nights in her own room now, but slept with us until 3 1/2. Ds is still co-sleeping.
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We have a California King size bed (looove it!! ) There is 3 of us sleeping on it each night, hubby, baby Lukas, 18 months and me Shanti, 5 years, sleeps in her room, but sometimes I make her a sleeping bag on the floor of our room. When dh is out fighting fires, the kids sleep with me.

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I voted other. We also have a queen next to a twin mattress on the floor. Our 2 year old starts out the night in her crib in our room. Our 4 month old sleeps with us all night. 2 year old usually comes to bed with us around 3 a.m.
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dh, dd (17 months) and I sleep in the same bed. We love it!!

our doggies sleep in the room with us

I don't even mind waking up however many times a night.. and then falling back asleep to the sound of everyone breathing
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I picked 'sleeps crib in own room' cuz thats primarily what she does, its next to our room (the bathroom links them) when dh gets up in the morning, if I dont have to too, then she is moved to our full size bed (she wont fit till he gets out, maybe one of US could move to the crib and me and her get a few more hours together....I do love to cuddle up with her....but she looks even CUTER behind those bars, my lil incarcerate.

:sinister :sinister :sinister :sinister
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We have a queen and twin bed that is our "big bed" and we usually all end up there. But our 3 year old has his own twin bed and he starts out there (with mom or dad) most nights. We are expecting baby #2 and we will start with babe in bed with us or in our room and see what she prefers and how we all sleep best.
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My daughter would only sleep in the carseat or on our chests for the first month, too!

We co-sleep in bed now. It works well for us.
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I would love to cosleep but alas, she won't have it. So, she sleeps next to my bed in a cradle and my four year old ds still cosleeps with me. Dh works 3rd shift so it is easier for me.
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We co-sleep in the same bed, with varying amounts of sleep each night. We are trying to transition ds (11 mo) into napping on a twin mattress on the floor next to our bed so that we can safely leave the room when he is sleeping.
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My 2 1/2 yr old shares our bed, my 5 month old sleeps along side it in her hammock.
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We co-sleep with her in our bed. But tonight we are going to side car our crib b/c it's getting a little squished. She'll still be close by, I wouldn't want her too far away.
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Originally posted by Chi-Chi Mama

I don't even mind waking up however many times a night.. and then falling back asleep to the sound of everyone breathing [/B]

I know what you mean, Chi-Chi mama--I love that, too.
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i voted co-sleep in attached "crib," even though it's pretty divided between that one and the first one. we do both, although admittedly i feel better when it's cold having him sleep in the co-sleeper, because i'm afraid i'll cover him up too much. when summer comes, i think he'll be in bed with me more as we have no AC and i won't have any blankets.
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We all sleep in the same bed. We do have a cosleeper pushed up against our bed but ds has only slept in it a few times. Somehow he knows the difference between our bed and the cosleeper!
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Goo has her own bed in her own room. She knows that it is the sleep place, she has always slept well there.

Happy arrangement for all!
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We did the co-sleeping thing up until about a month ago. None of the three of us were getting any sleep at night so dh put Lily in her crib in her room. She slept all night and so did we. Not a bit of crying or anything.

Co-sleeping was perfect for all of us in the very beginning. Part of AP is paying attention to your babies cues. If no one - including the baby - is getting a good nights sleep, I feel there is absolutely no problem with letting the child sleep in their own room.

I'm not at all opposed to letting Lily back in our room if its where she wants to be, but as long as everyone's happy she's fine in her own room.
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We cosleep with the baby...he's never slept in a crib. My older two slept with us until they were about 2 1/2 and 1, respectively. Then they slept together and still do. I love it, my husband does not.
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DS has never slept in a crib, even for naps. He's been in our bed since birth. We even co-slept in the hospital.
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dd was in our bed until about a week ago. Then dh set the crib up as a sidecar. It was just getting too squished in the bed and dh was spending alot of time upstairs on the futon.

dd used to side nurse and I could doze off with her nursing, but lately I've had to sit up to nurse so it's just as easy to put dd back in her crib right beside me. I wake up hearing her squirm before she starts to cry, just like I did when she was actually in the bed.
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