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Poll Results: do you co-sleep or crib sleep

  • 79% (263)
    co-sleep in bed
  • 8% (28)
    co-sleep in attached "crib"
  • 1% (6)
    baby sleeps in crib in my room
  • 5% (19)
    baby sleeps in crib in his/her own room
  • 4% (16)
    other (please share!)
332 Total Votes  
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Both kids sleep with us/me. Dh works third shift so it's three in a Queen-size bed most nights, sometimes all four of us.

We did buy a twin size bed for dd to transition to, but we're going to take it at her pace. Sometimes she would sleep on the floor on the weekends when dh was home and it got too crowded for her so I think it's what *she* wants. She is welcome to come to our bed when needed though.

Last night was her first night in her bed and she slept until 5:45am when she came to bed with ds and I. She slept for an hour and was up at 7am.

The family bed has worked quite well for us despite the fact that I swore I'd never do it when I was pg. Back then I fell for the 'dangerous' crap they say about co-sleeping. :
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Elizabeth has been with us from the beginning. When she was about three months old we got a king-size because hubby's butt was hangin' off the edge and I couldn't comfortably roll over. Now we're great!

Elizabuddy usually nurses to slep in the glider and then I put her in a crib in my room. When she stirs I bring her to bed and we all sleep like angels.
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we currently co-sleep in our bed. soon, we will probably have him start the night off in his crib, and then come into our bed when he first wakes up to eat.
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nope andrew sleeps in his own crib otherwise he will get to use to sleeping with us and we want to prevent a habit. Unless he is sick or thunderstorm that night but no he sleeps in his crib
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Becuae I had bought into the "You will suffocate your baby if you put them in your bed" when I was preg our dd slept in a crib in our room until she was 10mo. She always did very well, it never upset her but I bet in the beginning it was very lonley for her. I took her crib down at 10mo parlty because she was trying to escape and partly because I wanted her to sleep with me. She has slept with me ever sense. Daddy go the boot from the bed b/c dd kept pinning him against the wall and he could not sleep.

I love waking up next to her, this morning she woek up on the other side of the bed and came over to me, pulled up the covers and squished up as close to me as she could. What fun.
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