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My HSG today!!! (m/c ment)

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It wasn't too bad. Which was good, because I forgot to take Advil in advance. It was done by my own dr and they didn't have stirrups, which made it more comfortable for me. They were super nice, asking me whether i was ok, and whether it hurt, etc.

They put a lot of 'stuff' in down there, and then injected the contrast fluid. While they did that, we could look on the screen and saw intermittent pictures of my insides. The radiologist had asked whether it would be ok to use intermittent instead of continuous, because that would give less radiation, so that's good.

The uterine cavity did fill up, but there were two 'globs' of white. The tubes didnt' really fill till the end of the test, and then only with a trickle, but she said she wasn't worried about that, since I obviously am getting pregnant. I am not sure whether I am not worried about it either, or whether I should obsess about it.

The globs are either fibroids or polyps, which could very well be the things interfering with my pregnancies! So that's good news in a way, and the best news is that it is fixable!

She now wants to do an hysteroscopy, where she can see what they are and even take them out! She could do a laparoscopy at the same time, looking at my tubes, but we will have to go over the pros and cons of that on my pre-op appt for the hysteroscopy. She didn't really seem to be much in favor of adding that, I am wondering if there is something there which would interfere with my pregnancies too and otherwise would take more time to resolve. It makes sense to take care of it, or at least check it out at the same time we are doing the hysteroscopy. I guess I need to research that more.

The hysteroscopy would be spinal anasthesia, which I don't like, but I guess will deal with.

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Hi Karen,

Thanks for sharing your experience. I'll be having mine later this month to check for fibroids and possible uterine septum. I'm glad to hear they found something fixable - that's very encouraging!

Good luck with everything, and I'd love to hear how things go from here too.

take care,
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It's so good to know they will be able to find out what's wrong, and fix it!
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