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: <-- raw springtime butter
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hello! this is such a fascinating thread. my daughter has yellowish brown spots on her four front teeth. i think this could be due to night feeding and partly because she hates having her teeth brushed and only tolerates a very quick few swipes. also, perhaps because of severe health problems right before i got pregnant.

i want to remineralize her teeth and have a quick question. i have some ghee but it is made with soyabean oil and palm oil primarily and am wondering if this is the right kind of ghee, or will i need to find another kind? also i was wondering if cooking with it would kill the minerals.

oh and has anyone heard of redmond real salts? they are full of minerals and i'm wondering if those are the right kind of minerals.

also, which homeopathics would be the best to start with? there don't seem to be any cavities, just kind of dark yellow spots along the gums.

thanks very much!
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laugh, I would suggest finding out if the yellow spots are decay - pretty important to know IMO. I have to force my dd to have her teeth brushed twice a day. I wish I had started doing that before she got early childhood caries . True ghee is made of clarified butter only. Soyabean and palm oils don't have any dental benefits that I know of. What you want is high vitamin butter oil:
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Hi. Would anyone be willing to help me outhere? I'm very interested in this thread but also very confused. I understand that I'm supposed to be taking the following each day: Cod liver oil, x-factor butter, raw dairy, bone broth. How about Vitamin C and a multivitamin? Can any of these be purchased at Whole foods or Trader Joes?
If not, where can I find them? What would be the dosage for adults and children? Thanks in advance.
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ksenia, thank you!
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i am amazed! i've been feeding my daughter tonnes of seaweed (thankfully she loves it!) and sofar i've noticed the brown spots reduced by about 50%! anyone else having success?
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I understand that I'm supposed to be taking the following each day: Cod liver oil, x-factor butter, raw dairy, bone broth. How about Vitamin C and a multivitamin? Can any of these be purchased at Whole foods or Trader Joes?
If not, where can I find them? What would be the dosage for adults and children? Thanks in advance.
In case no one more knowledgeable chimes in....

We use cinnamon tingle flavored cod liver oil from Green Pastures. There are many places online to buy it, so check around for prices (sometimes there are discounts for buying multiple bottles, but that can get pricey, and there are differences in price for just 1 or 2 bottles). It has a bit of fish flavor (gotta be honest) but I sell it as "cinnamon oil!" in a happy tone, and the kids suggested that I sprinkle cinnamon on top, and it turns into a big production and they are enthusiastic. A bit of marketing was needed.

The x-factor butter oil is only available online, but not from as many places, I don't think. Not sure about price, we don't use it (we're not healing cavities, I've got other health things I'm working on for the kids). I've chosen to use Thorne's synthetic K2 (Price's x-factor turned out to be vitamin K2). It's synthetic and doesn't contain the co-factors that the butter oil does, but I'm ok with the trade-off for us because I think the flavor is easier to disguise and it is more economical. I got mine from amazon. One bottle lasts roughly 2 months when using 15 drops/day (1mg/drop). We're using less than that now, so the bottle is lasting longer.

I give the kids a multi because there are a lot of minerals that are needed for teeth (and other stuff) and I'm sure we've (my kids, I mean) got deficiencies that we're correcting. I think people have done this without a multi. I also give the kids vitC, but for other health stuff. I get mine from Bronson Pharmaceuticals online, item 50B (not a whole foods kind, someday I will look into that and maybe make a switch but for now I've been happy with this).

Have you been to the westonaprice.org website? It has cod liver oil dosing for regular maintenance (healthy kids), so maybe starting at that level while beginning to incorporate the other stuff, and then go up. There are a few people who have healed cavities and gave specific dosages, but it was a while ago (not sure if they're around anymore) but this is a good thread to check, closer to the beginning.

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by laugh View Post
i am amazed! i've been feeding my daughter tonnes of seaweed (thankfully she loves it!) and sofar i've noticed the brown spots reduced by about 50%! anyone else having success?
Which kind of seaweed??
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i know! i was skeptical but the brownness has become just a faint yellowness and i see definite improvement after only a couple of weeks (and she's had the spots for many months)! i can't remember which kind of seaweed it was, unfortunately. but next time i see it at the store, i will get back to you on that!
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My problem with the high vitamin Cod liver oil is that it only comes in cinnamon and citrus flavors, and ds is allergic to both of those things. And the plain flavor tastes like a refrigerator, not nice at all (I don't mind fishy, I just don't like stale tasting).

DS loves some kinds of seaweed -- let us know what kind you got!
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Pookietooth, there's also a mint flavor, also from Green Pastures. Not sure if mint's ok, but I thought I'd mention it.

I'm interested in the seaweed too, and the fact that your child is so willing to eat it. I've been assuming that it's too strong-tasting so I have never really pursued seaweeds. And cool that it's doing good stuff!
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yeah, we use the mint. I think it's pretty nice!

My kids are seaweed fanatics too. That was one of their first foods and they adore it. IT's great because it's so portable.
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So firefaery, where do you get your seaweed?
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Often just the store (Whole Foods) I order some online...like the kelp noodles! I also get some from David Wolfe, but only if I happen to be placing an order for something else. Whole Foods here has a great selection.
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Originally Posted by momhugs View Post
How about Vitamin C and a multivitamin?
Vitamin C is important for dental health:

The Invisible Toothbrush

Just don't get the chewables because they are bad for teeth .

My children and most children I know adore nori seaweed because of the saltiness and papery texture. It's an easy snack that is widely available where Japanese foods are sold.
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I honestly just don't understand all this I feel like such a horrible mother when it comes to my ds teeth. The two front teeth are just horrible and he's going in for caps in December. I do the best I can. I was raised eating really bad im the only one in my entire family that raises their children like I do. Im a young mother and I don't have anyone to go to on advice. My Mom didn't even know you needed to brush baby teeth. Im just totally lost on vitamins, minerals CLO..... This all seems like great advice but I don't get it...

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Am I too late? My son has an abcesse tooth in the front that they want to pull, needs crowns...there is white lining on molars between tooth and gums, and 12 cavitites! He has always had awful teeth, but I had no idea it was this bad! He is 4. The dentist wants to do GA in the hospital rather than put him through 5 times of coming to the dentist and having to sit still and be fully conscious.

I don't know about changing diet right now because he already has the abcess and we have lots of food issues...celiac, no corn syrup, dairy is iffy. I've done WP in the past, but not too much with him, I didn't feel too well on it. Anyway...any suggestions for me at this point?
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I got a dreaded phone call from the dentist last night my son has one cavity in the back right molar. I feel like such an awful mom I have tried so so hard to protect my children from cavities. After reading the article I feel so so overwhelmed and don't even know where to begin, what to believe etc.

We are also vegetarians how do you go about this if you do not eat meat???? What do you eat?? I feel so confused sad and upset.

I am very scared about raw milk 3 people in my area have had salmonella poisoning from it and my own father almost died because of a parasite in the raw milk he drank. We also drink Silk soymilk.

How to I begin ?? What should I start with ?? I don't feel comfortable with letting the cavity rot out either that just seems wrong.though maybe I do not understand this whole concept.

This whole thing has me so very upset I really need some guidance please.
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Bumping for HELP!!! Each of my children's teeth have been worse than the previous.

The first got cavities constantly from age 2-4. Then we started eating all whole grains.
The second got "baby bottle mouth" from about age 18mo.
The third at about age 20mo started having serious tooth wearing away. I thought it was a chip until I saw it was getting worse. Within a few months, most of a few of his front teeth all but disappeared.
#2 & #3 stopped getting cavities the very day I switched to raw milk and no more dry cereal & crackers. I was confidant the fourth would be spared.
The fourth at age 20 started getting "bbm" and now, just a month later, all four front top teeth are massively worn, one so much it is loose and nearly broken in half. Four molars have big cavities - all big enough for me to see easily. He eats sugar only once a month or so, never juice, never white or processed grains. Full WAP diet.

It seems obvious to me now - my own maternal stores were too depleted to pass on good ones to them. Obviously I have to start bulking up on nutrient-dense food for the next one. But I have to help #4 now.

So we've been doing CLO, but not 3x/day. I'm starting Rami's protocol TODAY, but have a question - how to get MARROW into our diet? I get marrow bones when we order a whole cow for the freezer, but not nearly enough to eat it regularly.

How do you prepare seaweed?
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