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Diagnosis yesterday: Autism/PDD

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Hello! a friend of mine just found out her daughter (age 3) has PDD. It had been suspected for some time now, but nothing was ever "diagnosed" until now. I printed out the mothering article for her that discusses treatments. SHe lives in Pennsylvania. What now? Where does she begin? SHe is depressed, overwhelmed, and scared? ANy help on this would be appreciated. I am meeting with her for lunch tomorrow. TIA!
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where in pa does your friend live?

my best friend marcy's daughter hannah has autism, she lives in pa & would love to talk to your friend. she is a font of information re: autism, & would love to help however she can.

pm me if you like & i will give you her phone number. her daughter is almost six & very special.

the best advice I can give to your friend is to follow her instincts & not the doctors. drs. are so "textbook," they can't know your child like you.

marcy & i would love to get together with your friend!

love, jenny
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i tried to pm you,

but your mailbox was full. let me know when it's empty so i can send marcy's # to ya!
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Sorry-mailbox now has some room!

Sorry for the inconvenience! I didn't realize my PM box was that full. Thanks again for sending the info. I will give it to my friend Cindi at lunch today.
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First, give her time to grieve

I think grieving comes first. She'll have plenty to "do" later.

Next, she needs to become familiar and read everything she can about her daughter's condition.

I have a six-year old son with PDD. Known for almost four years. Still grieving.
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I would encourage her to find some support, online if she's online
www.bbbautism is my favorite, as well as IRL There are Autism groups all over the place now.
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