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Due Date Calculations

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After reading another thread I am noticing some different calculations. So, tell me...how did you get your due date?

My LMP was July 10. I ovulated July 30. My cycles are usually about 30+ days so I counted back two weeks from the date I ovulated (to be the adjusted date of my LMP) and added 7 days, then subtracted 3 months (standard wheel calculations). I got April 24th. This is the same way I calculated my sons due date, and he was actually born that day! Not that I'm expecting that this time, but I know it'll be pretty close.
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I'm impressed. :-) I don't think I could have gotten that far.
I have a due date calculator (mw apprentice) So I just looked on that- but I typically ovulate on day 14, so I would say it was pretty accurate. I used to have 30+ day cycles, so the mw added an extra week to the EDD with ds #1- but then my son was born a week early. So we didn't add a week anymore w/ other kids.
If I use my due date wheel with your dates- according to your ovulation and going back 2 weeks for LMP (July 16) it shows EDD at April 22
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I used a dd calculator and input the date of conception.

What frustrates me is that my doctor insists on using a typical 28-day cycle in estimating my dd. I know that my cycles were closer to 32 days (due probably to bf on demand). Furthermore, DH was out of town during the dr's estimated time of conception. I've tried to explain this to him, but he insists in giving me a dd based on conception that could only have been immaculate! Ugh -- why can't dr's trust what women say about their own bodies???:

So according to the dr., I am due April 14. I know it is closer to April 18. At least I won't worry if baby comes "late." Silly doctor.
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Well, for me I can't really remember. I know my cycles are typicaly regular but I am not sure if they are 28 or 30 days. I think I had my lmp on July 21 but it may have been the 20th. I can't remember exactly. I know I had EWCM on 8/1 -8/3 dh and I concieved on the 4th. However, all the predictors say I ovulated on the 3rd and that I am due around the 27th. I say the 28th because it seems like things maybe a day off. I am going to guess I have 30 days cycles instead of 28 and that would put me right on target. I keep getting confused over the whole thing :
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I think I have the most scientific method:

1)Go to Google.com.

2)Google "due date calculators"

3)Go to every single hit and fill it out.

I track my cycles well and have a typical 27-28 day cycle. I know when I ovulated, so my EDD of 4/9-4/10 is pretty accurate.

I still get a kick out of following the steps above, like I just found out I'm pregnant.
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I didn't know when I ovulated because we weren't suppose to be trying yet so my dates are by u/s. I have longer cycles and with Claire they were averaging 35 days. I was using OPK's so I knew when I ovulated and we based the edc from that.
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I used the above google method. My OB uses a hand-held little wheel doohickey.

I did tell him my cycles are shorter than 28 days. I didn't tell him how short (um, 20 days for the past year) because he didn't ask. He based my due date off of a traditional 28 day cycle. That's fine with me, even if I have multiple ovulations per cycle and a shorter cycle. First babies bake longer in my family, anyway, and I want to avoid induction. He doesn't seem schedule-crazy, so I'm not too worried.
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Hi Monkey Princess!
Birth usually happens 266 days after conception. Since you know you ovulated on July 30 - you can assume you conceived with 48 hours of that day (most likely 24 hours). So count 266 days from your date of ovulation/conception. The standard wheel calculation probably won't work as accurately for you since you ovulated on day 20 of your cycle. Those wheel calculations assume ovulation on day 14.

Hope that helps!

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Originally Posted by jocelyndale View Post
My OB uses a hand-held little wheel doohickey.
Yeah- that's what I have.
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i used an online one too, my lmp was july 23, and dh and i did the dead on august 4th at 1 am LOL (my birthday was the 3rd so it was my bday present lol)
i knew i had cervical mucus that day so i looked up when i woud be ovulting i have had a 26 day cycle since stoping bc, and it said ovulation the 4th! so i knew i was pregant that day lol

online gave me the due date of april 27th, midwife gave me due date of april 30th, i am still going on my dates but will let her keep the 30th as it because that give me 2 xtra days if i go late!

now with my son i gave my self a date of feb 1st, and midwifes gave me a date of feb 3rd, i don't rmember what my cycle lenght was but i knew i concived on mothers day of that year lol..
any way he wasn't born till the 8th and his gestetional age( i think thats what it is lol) was exactly 41 weeks so that make me right about due date of the 1st making him a week late.
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Let's see I took my LMP July 17th added 7 days and 9 months to get April 24th- just like MonkeyPrincess! I know the baby was conceived on the 30th at's the only day of bd'ing. I usually ovulate on day 13 or so with a 27 day cycle
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I have a little wheel calculator my mom gave me (she's a midwife) and according to it I'm due April 3rd. My LMP was June 27th. When I went in to a clinic for a preg test the RN's spinny wheel said April 2nd. Maybe one has Feb 29th and the other doesn't Anyways I originally thought my due date would be April 8th because I *thought* (but not sure!) I ovulated a few days later than the 14 day mark but I figure I'll just go with the standard calculations for now, it's just an estimate anyways and my cycles vary between 24 days and 40 so that wasn't the best indicator.
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Welp, I haven't had a period for eons, and I am still nursing so I had no idea when I conceived. I had an u/s that gave me a date of 4/21. Fine with me, I think it was early enough to be accurate. My midwife is also my preceptor, and I know I usually have my babies with a week of my due date.
I honestly am not hung up on a date anyway, so I just say the end of April or beginning of May.
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I'd been trying to get pregnant for a long time and kept track of everything for about nine months, and then last June, it seemed depressing, so I just stopped. And then I became pregnant during August. My periods are incredibly irregular - every two to five weeks- so I had no idea how to calculate a due date. I used a couple of different books to calculate it as best I could, and then my OB had me go for an ultrasound to measure the yok sak and crown-to-rump. Both measurements matched my estimated dates exactly so we know for sure now.
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