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3d/4d Ultrasounds?

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I just wanted to know what everybody thinks of these.
Please no guilt for mothers who have or will have one. I just want to know who will have one, who wont and for what reasons.
I am trying to decide whether or not to have one. I had one with my son 2 years ago. I had 2 little girls at the time and REALLY wanted a boy so I caved and paid the $$ to have one done. We were so excited to see the little boy in there. THe pictures were amazing and we got a keepsake DVD. He looked just like that when he was born!
I am not sure i want to do it again, with all the talk of u/s damage going around.....ya know?
So what do you guys think?
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There was an u/s discussion a couple weeks ago:

For me- I have decided that we would do u/s 3 times-- once already to find a hb because I was so wanting to make sure the babe was ok (previous m/c's). Then one at 12 week appt. and one at 16 week appt. Then I have to buy a fetascope because my DR. doesn't have one and we will just be using it until birth, then some slight intermittent doppler use.
I am having the baby at home, but mw isn't in this state (will be flying in before due date), so was thinking of doing my own prenatals, when my dr. friend asked if she could. So I agreed and let her know what I wanted/wanted to avoid.
I would prefer not to have the next 2 u/s- I would rather wait at this point until we could get the hb w/ fetascope. But Drs. prefer hearing the hb at every appt.
I have decided though that I prefer u/s over doppler use. And-- I own a doppler! :-) oh well!
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But those are just regular u/s right? Not the 3d/4d ones you do as a novelty?
I have the regular u/s at 20 weeks and that s it. But my concern is with the ones you pay for that show tha baby in detail.
I have a medical necessity for the regular ones so i will not refuse those, but I am torn over getting the novelty ones......
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I am taking a pass on those. I'm already having u/s for my nuchal translucency and level II (plus the heartbeat one I already had). I feel that is plenty. With DS I only had one and with DD I had the ones listed above.
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They are not available here. I must say if they were, I"d be tempted....
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It is VERY Tempting. The detail is unbelievable. But I am not sure. I dont want to do any harm.
But to see your baby in that kind of detail is just amazing.
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Originally Posted by wanderinggypsy View Post
They are not available here. I must say if they were, I"d be tempted....
Unfortunately, we have 3 places that do them within a 25 kms radius of our practice.
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hmmmmmmmm, I think it would take away from that magical moment when you first see your baby. That was such a reward after a long labor that I wouldn't want to ruin it. However I am not doing ultrasound at all this time because I really feel the need to, how do I put it, respect my baby's privacy in the womb? I know it sounds odd, but I just have no desire to see the baby. I just feel a much deeper emotional connection to the baby and don't want to do anything to possibly sever it.
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I don't think that's odd-- my DH said the exact same thing, of respecting the privacy (well, I think he said "that's private!" which he'll often do in a funny voice, but the same point anyway!) and I agree. Oh, and he also thinks they are totally "spooky." I am getting regular ultrasounds b/c I m/c just this summer and I need reassurance I have a growing baby in there. DH now teases me b/c I was all about avoiding u/s but now I'm wondering if I get another at the 12 wk appt.... but it was a conscious decision so that I could fully relax and treat myself right (I can tell a difference in how I care for myself from the first few weeks when I was all angry and wondering if I was being jerked around by pregancy!)
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I will NOT be doing a 3D/4D ultrasound. I will do ONE regular U/S at 20 wks if the mw thinks there is a concern and that we should check in on things, but other than that I will not even have a regular U/S. I already have a DSS with a hearing loss and a variety of other problems and his mother had U/S every chance she could. DH is against them and I agree with him. Besides, I'm still just the tiniest bit weirded out by the fact that there is some little alien parasite growing inside me I don't think I need to SEE it in there!! I'm sure I'll get over that!
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Haha, I even wrote the alien parasite feeling into the book I wrote last year. DH keeps doing the Alien stomach-busting joke on me... It's actually not as wierd as I thought it would be, ahead of time....
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I won't be. We got one when I was pregnant with dd, before I knew any better, and I feel guilty about it now. It was a 30 minute thing and we got a video of it. I thought it was really cool at the time, but I wouldn't do it again, knowing what what I do about ultrasounds now.
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When I was pregnant the first time I had a 3d/4d u/s at 18weeks because that was all the office had. It was neat. I dont think I would do that just for the keepsake part. I'm thought they warned you against getting them since there was no medical need.
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We won't be doing any keepsake ultrasound as per the FDA's warning against non-medically indicated ultrasound. Especially those done as keepsakes, which are done at high frequencies and longer duration.
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I had two 4d Ultrasounds in my last pregnancy. One I paid for as a keepsake and do not regret it one bit. I will do it again this pregnancy as well because it was the coolest most incredible thing ever.

I can't link to the photos here but I will be happy to pm them if you ask.

I will share though some more detail here. I had the first one around 27 weeks. It was done on a GE Voluson. You could see everything, including my placenta, the cord and all three veins. You could see it all. The baby slept through most of it. It was done in real time and we could see her sucking, smiling, and punching the placenta at times. We had a 30 minute appointment. You would be amazed at the detail.

The second one I had was about 32 weeks along. There was a new ultrasound tech and she was training on the machine. Because of my uterine anomaly they wanted to check out the position of the baby because I had a lot of pelvic pain and pain about where my septum is. I told the lady I had had a 4D and she asked if I minded if she "practiced" on me. I told her "Sure".

This one was about 15-20min long. The baby was bigger and weighed about 4lbs. (fairly acurate based on her birth weight) Baby was head down and we could see she had HAIR, lots of it too. It was harder to get full pictures of body parts because things get cramped in there. LOL We did get some really great face shots of the baby and they look exactly like her. It was amazing how much detail and likeness to her there was to the day she was born. In fact one of those pictures is framed in the nursery and some people think its a sepia picture of when she was born! We could see she had dimples too. You could see the dimples in her hands. She also smiled a lot!!! You could also see her private parts clearly. There was no doubt she was a girl! One of the cool things is that they can color code the umbilical cord and you can see how it lays around the baby.

It was something really special for me to experience. I really can't express how wonderful it was. My only regret is that I did not bring my older children. We will this time. We did get a DVD of real time video of the baby with my 27 week 4D US because I paid for it, but not with the latter one. So my kids did see that.
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I didn't. I got the regular one at the Dr.s office, and once we knew it was a boy, never had one again. I thought about it, but decided that the $150+ would be better spent elsewhere.
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If I had to find a practitioner for it, pay for it, etc than I wouldn't. But a friend of ours teaches sonography and uses me as a "teaching aid" during classes. So I get free, in depth U/S with nice descriptions of everything she sees. I haven't been to her yet this time around, because short of any medical need I plan on only one u/s but it will be 3d, or 4d I am not sure what she has.

When I was preg with ds I went to her (she didn't have the 3d technology yet) and it was the neatest u/s ever. Going to a friend who is teaching 2 people about what they see is a really awesome way to do it. I learned a whole heck of alot that day!
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I will definitely be following my medical professional's US schedule. If there is some sort of anomaly with my baby, I want to know about it beforehand so that I can emotionally and mentally prepare myself. Plus, I had a pregnancy with placenta previa, so I want to make sure that it doesn't happen again.

Is it bad that I'm really excited about the 4d one they will be scheduling? I haven't done that with my other kids.
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I will have the 18 week u/s if my mw's feel it's medically indicated.
But that's it.
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