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I go away for the weekend, and look what happens!


I'm so excited for you both! I feel so hopeful when women on this thread get their BFPs. Let's keep it up!!

to those who are taking a break and a great big to Katia.

I'm 4dpo, timing was great (we BD'd 2xs on O day), but I don't have much hope. I'm thinking that if I'm not pg, I can take my calming drugs on the plane and drink lots of wine in Spain. That way, if AF shows, I'll have a lot to not be disappointed about.

I'll try to catch up on more personals tomorrow.
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Congrats Sarahjen & Secretly

I know I've been MIA for awhile now, I've been secretly hoping that if I stayed away from this page that I wouldn't obcess, I don't think there is anything that can prevent that towards the end of the 2ww... and once you get sucked in here you can't stay away. I've been lurking. Good luck to everyone and I can't wait for more BFPs!
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I don't have any solutions for you Joygee, but I hope you find yourself with a bun in the oven very soon. It's going to be great!
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Wow - 2 BFP! Congrats mommies!
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Mostly just : and trying to bump our thread up to the first page.

CD7 today. Made an appt for acupuncture for CD14. She wanted me within 3 days of O. Normally, that would be hard to guess, but with clomid, I expect to be fairly regular.
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Hello Ladies,

Just checking on you to know how y'all are doing.

13DPO today, my common LP is 11. I tested today with $Tree, It showed
a 'dent' at the Test line. I will test again on Oct. 11th a date given by FF if there is no tomorrow.

Sending and blessings to everyone.
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: folaboye!
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Yes! Good luck, Fola!
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: : Fola!!
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Congratulations to secretlytrying!

Thanks everyone for all the support!

: for folaboye
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Wowzers! I guess good things *do* come in threes! Fingers crossed for you Folaboye!

I'm just waiting for AF to show up so I can call and schedule my HSG. I'm really not sure I have blockages, I'm really starting to wonder if I'm even ovulating, I don't get any EGCm at all, and this is the 2nd month in a row without crosshairs. It's really really hard to be hopeful when you aren't sure what the heck is going on, but I'm trying like hell. We've had a whole slew of BFP's lately, and I'm *so* happy for our new mommas here.
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WOW!!! Congratulations to the two BFP's!!! That's so wonderful! I can't believe there were two in a row!

I just wanted to stop by and give you all an update. AF just left, and I'm not expecting to O any time soon. I'm extreeeeemly stressed out right now. We're moving 600 miles from our current home and DH is already there. So I'm left to pack a 3 bedroom house with the occasional friend who takes pitty on me and helps. If I have ever been stressed in my life, I couldn't tell you because compared to this everything I've ever been through feels like CAKE now! So I'm expecting an extremely late ovulation and a very long cycle.

I hope everyone is doing well, and I'll be : from afar till we get moved. : for more BFP's!!!!!!!
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Good luck folaboye!

And I hope AF arrives soon, Itybty. I don't usually wish that for people, but there it is.
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Please help!

I am so scared. I had a big temp jump today. I have sore boobs. I just feel... full. I'm just afraid that I might be, or that Im going crazy and can"t tell anymore and have conjured this all up because i want it so badly and that I'll end up going through the whole unconfirmed thing again, and have my heart broken all over again, and I just don't know if I can do it. I can't quite convince myself that there's nothing to be worried about, although I desperately wish that I could decide that I'm not and get on with my life already. Last cycle I just knew I wasn't and I wasn't and it was no big deal>

somehow in the process of typing this i have royally messed up my keyboard so i apologize for the crazy punctuation>

real life is calling _ be back later
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anonk. I peeked at your chart- 6DPO, right? I know its hard but you are going to have to try and relax for a few more days. Its just too early to test, so try and think...this could be good but it might mean nothing. In a few days you'll either be feeling much more this way or you won't. The 2ww is crazy making.
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Oooh Folaboye, :, , and all that good stuff!!! I really hope this is it for you!!!!

Joygee and Racecar not to fuel your obsession, but I always have sore boobs after O too, except this month. I'm 17dpo now and they are starting to get sore, but definitely not like usual. I'm actually finding that a bit concerning, but I'm trying to relax about it. I hope it means good news for both of you. :

Anonymousk : for you. I hope you can find a way to relax for the next week or so.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the congrats!! I'm really touched. As for how long we've been trying, I'm not entirely sure, it was sort of a gradual process from cheating on the pull-out method to full on "okay, I'm going to O soon let's bd again, sigh." And the only thing we did different this month was bd'ing extremely close to O like about an hour before. Though I don't really think that was what finally did it, I think it was just "our time" so to speak.

Potent and hopefully for all!!!
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On my chart I had to do a couple of adjustments because I woke early and then late. On the 7th, I woke at 5:00 with my usual time 6:00.

My question: When I put the 5:00 temp, it gives me a crosshair for ovulating on the 6th, but when I adjust the temperature for 6:00 awakening, it takes them away. I am not sure if I should adjust that temp from the 6th of Oct.

I only adjust them because my time awake is so weird so a few of the others are adjusted so now I feel I need to be consistent. I really think I ovulated on the 7th.

To adjust or not adjust.....????? Adjusting makes the 6th temp dip lower because it was 5:00. Can anyone help?
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Anon - I know, I should be the last person to say this, but try to not read into anything. You've still got about a week before you can test. Just try to keep focused on other things.
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Yea!!! Good for you!!!:
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Sorry, that was for everyone that got the BFP's in the last few days!!!
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