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Thats just it - I don't normally get the really obvious eggwhite stuff, and since I thought I'd already O'd on CD16 (Which is about normal - CD16--18 is about right) I stopped checking.

I have been sick since Saturday though, nasty cold. I haven't been running a fever, but could it affect my resting temp?
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That is just a bummer ItyBty, it's that kind of stuff that can really drive you crazy. Do you take your temp at the same time every morning?

I just wanted to ask - FF Advanced puts my ovulation on the 6th and Research method and FAM method both put it on the 7th. What do you guys think? Should I keep it on Research? Everyone says FF lies right? I just think I should probably stay at 7th so I think I am 5 DPO instead of 6. But just looking at my chart, what do the temps look like to you? (if you wouldn't mind???)
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anonymousk - I understand how you're feeling. This journey is so tough. Just keep reminding yourself: "you will be a mom someday".

oceanmommy - Good luck with the HSG. The expense does suck. The 5 month payment plan sounds good.

ItyBity - Wow tough call on your O date!

lilyflower - I don't know about your O date either. It almost looks like you could make an argument for the 9th. :

HopesMom - I look forward to hearing about your acupuncture appointment!

I had another acupuncture appointment on Monday. It went well and my acupuncturist noticed an improvement in my third pulse. The doctor has another infertility patient about my age with similar charts so she gave me her number so I'm going to call and see if she wants to get together. It'll be kinda nice to talk to someone IRL dealing with this journey.
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Hi Ladies, I just wanted to check in for the day. Again, thank you so much for being so welcoming and warm!!!
Hopesmom[/B] Thank you for the info about Clomid, is there a reason that you are the only one on the site that is on it? I would think after trying for this long everyone would be on it. I just hope I'm not psyco while on it.

Good luck... to everyone in your TWW, I think mine is going to come to an abrupt end. I think I'm oh well who am I kidding, I don't even know if/when I O'd this month. I've always been so good at knowing when to BD and now we do at CD 12, 14, 16 and it's just not working. Now AF is supposed to show up on Tuesday the 17th and I feel like that she's coming. To top it all off, I had my first migraine headache on Tues, that was miserable, and now I have the worst stuffed up nose ever, no coughing, no sore throat, just stuffy nose...oh I bet since we moved to NC that I now have allergies that I never knew of before. See I'm being so optimistic today as well...ok sorry ladies, have a great day and GL to everyone in their TWW...Oh Hopesmom, I hope this is it for you as well!!!:
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Oceanmommy - I hope an HSG is what you need! I'm thinking good thoughts for you. Maybe you won't need it!

Tenk - you moved to NC? Where?

Thanks to everyone for all the comments -- I'm still spotting though... I dunno if that's a good thing or not. :
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Lily - same time give or take 20 minutes. It depends on how hungry my mammas boy kitty is on any given morning.

I've been fighting off a nasty cold since Saturday, so we haven't been BD-ing, so I'm hoping the temp spike is due to my being sick. If I O'd on CD22, we didn't BD anywhere near that, so that puts me out for this month. : Dammit. :

I think I'm gonna wait and take my temps for another week, see what my temp does, and I might discard todays. I did wake up at 5:30 all sweaty and over-heated, so I'm wondering if that would affect things? (I didn't temp until 9 today)
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ItyBty your chart is a tough one to interpret... hey, maybe it's going triphasic ?

Lilyflower I had a similar situation last cycle, I felt like I O'd in the middle of the night, which day does that belong on ? Who knows for sure, just remember the ambiguity of it all when you want to test at the end of the 2ww.

Funnygrace, Racecar, Fola and everyone else who is at the end of your 2ww : Good Luck ! Let the BFPs keep rolling in ! :

Thank you everyone for your support on the HSG thing. I feel a little less crazy in my own head now, knowing that others might feel similarly. Tricia you asked what what my partner thought... well, I know he thought it was expensive to begin with but that it was important to me so I should do it. I haven't told him yet that it actually costs more than I originally thought. He would be content to wait and let pregnancy happen when it happens, even if that takes years, I am not feeling that patient. Other than the facts that he does really want another child and that he wants me to be happy, he isn't too interested in all the infertility stuff. I am the "expert" on that, and he generally trusts my decisions. How scary is that ?
Seriously though, I don't buy a lot of shoes, or drive a fancy car. X-rays of my reproductive organs, that will be like my fancy car.

Although Tricia and Allisonrose got me thinking, how much acupuncture could I get for $600.. that's something I've always wanted to experience.
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Originally Posted by HopesMom View Post
Just popping in to see how everyone is doing. We went from early Fall to Winter here in MN. It is still in the 20s at 9:30 this am. That doesn't include windchill. So, I think we are staying home this morning.
Your in MN? Me too! Howdy neighbor!! :

We had to head out to Target today to pick ds up a hat and some mittens b/c the ones he has from last year don't fit him. It wasn't so bad braving the elements.
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Is this ridiculous or what - I know I don't have time for this, but I sat and entered all my data in Ovusoft program (when I should be working) and they said ovulated on the 7th also! Yay, makes me feel somewhat better about our timing. I really was hoping not the 9th, because that would make our timing not as good. Anyway, that was a silly time-wasting thing to do but it did make me feel better!
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We are in Clatyon NC. We live there b/c my DH is in the Air Force, and I work for Lenovo in RTP. So Clayton is about 40 mins for each of us. He will be out in 2 years or sooner if he gets a job here. We're not completely fond of the military and especially the docs there. You must be here in NC, where are you? We were in CO for the last few years, and after Kamryn passed away, we put in for a Humanitarian Transfer and they let us pick the base here. My parents are in Winston-Salem area, so that's 2 hours instead of 24 hours to visit.
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Tenk - I live in Kannapolis (the home of the Earnhardts, if you know NASCAR), which is about an hour south of Winston-Salem. It must be nice to have your parents near by. Mine live in Massachusetts. But my DH is here, so I am too. It's nice to meet somebody who lives here though!

I have no idea what to think of my chart today, since my temp plummetted (AGAIN!) and I have the spotting. So I guess it's af, who'll show up when she feels like it, I suppose... Does implantation spotting last more than a day? Plus FF yanked the crosshairs again, stating that there was no visible pattern anymore (since my temp dropped below the coverline twice). I have no idea what to think. My chart is lousy. If this is the end, I wish it would just hurry up and get here and get it over with.
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Oceanmommy- Go to the library and get The Infertility Cure. Author is Randine Lewis. Even if you do get the HSG...I found it very reassuring.

pampered_mom- you are in MN? Wow. Where?

Allisonrose- glad to read that you are already seeing improvements!
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Hopesmom - Southeastern corner - not too far from WI. All I have to say is brrrrrrrrr.
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Well - If I change the method of detection from advances to FAM - it gives me back my O-day of CD16. Which method should I use?
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I'm no pro at these charts as you can see by my recent posts, but I'd use FAM or did you try research? I feel the Advanced one is taking too many things into consideration that I am not actually very good at detecting.
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Hi Ladies,

I hope you are all doing good.

Thank you all for your supports and good wishes.

Well, I tested yesterday but a dent shown at the Test line. Yesternight I started spottting, and today reared its ugly face.

Wishing everyone goodluck

You will all be in my prayers and thoughts.

and Blessings to everyone.
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Oh! sorry Folaboye.
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I'm so sorry Folaboye! Take care of yourself.
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Originally Posted by lilyflower View Post
I'm no pro at these charts as you can see by my recent posts, but I'd use FAM or did you try research? I feel the Advanced one is taking too many things into consideration that I am not actually very good at detecting.
I set it for FAM - and it gave me back my CD16 O-date. I'd muchly prefer that, since we gio lots around that time, but both wound up sick after, so CD22 O-date is awful, since we've both been sick as dogs since right before then.

: for Folaboye - Look at it this way, you can have a glass 'o wine now.
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