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I'm right with ya ItyBty!!!
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Hello all...just thought I'd head on in here. cd45 today - if I make it to Friday I will be at cd47 (eek!) which sounds wonderful and scary all at the same time. Had a little bit of spotting, but nothing much really. No impending signs of af as far as I can tell. I'm trying not to search for "signs" of pg b/c sometimes I find it's more a case of my mind wanting it to be true rather than an actual fact... Had a bfn on Monday, but am wondering if it was due to the test not being very sensitive or it being too early. We shall see!
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Pampered mom, SaraJen, Secretlytrying... : good luck ! Let the bfps roll in !

Lilyflower and ItyBty, good luck with your Ovulations, may they be the last ones you have for awhile

mommy in chaos, I just went to see a new dr for my annual exam a couple weeks ago, he recommended that I take pro-gest because of my pms, cramping, and heavy bleeding. Plus it can help you sustain a pregnancy. He also said that many overweight women have a tendancy towards luteul phase defect, or low progesterone, because they tend to have a lot of estrogen and it dominates. He said even if we weren't ttc he would recommend pro-gest for the pms... one of those can't hurt could help things. It is a natural progesterone cream, the dosage is low compared to prescription progesterone (20mg per 1/4 tsp 2x-day can up dosage to to 1/2 tsp 2x day)

It is spendy though, $24 for a tube that might last two cycles, probably not even that long.
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Oceanmommy - your chart looks good to me!

Lilyflower - I'm glad I'm not the only mad-ovulator here. I'm trying to channel my insanity into chart stalking and reading up on babies and baby stuff. At this rate by the time I have a little one of my own, I'll be a veritable encyclopedia of baby knowledge.
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My husband got prescribed an antibiotic today for a tooth problem. Anyone know if this may affect us TTC? He said he could wait a couple of days to start taking it, but my OPK is negative today so I think I may be waiting until Friday for O. I don't want anything to mess this up, but don't want him to get a bad tooth either.
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Question for all you wonderful ladies. I have no symptoms of pregnancy, no idea if I o'd this cycle and no idea where I am in my cycle other than to say it's cd43. To this point, nothing has been longer than 46 days. So do I wait until af shows or test if I get past cd46 and I still have nothing? My chart isn't telling me anything hopeful but I don't know how much I can get from it since we moved in the middle of the chart. Any and all comments are highly appreciated at this point!
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Hi all,

I wants to let you know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers, even though I don't come to the board always.

Praying postive thoughts for everyone.

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lilyflower, the antibiotic should be fine, if I'm not mistaken. I know that some docs prescribe an antibiotic to there male-factor patients who have high white blood cell counts. My dh was prescribed an antibiotic after his vasectomy reversal and we got pregnant the next cycle. I wish I had more anecdotes for you but I wouldn't worry.

I had a dream last night that I was taking a pee test with GUSTO! I was not being meticulous about it at all! (I'm always gross lately, eh?) In my dream, as soon as the pee hit the stick it turned into a big...fat...positive. Fun dream, but sad during the wake-up and realizing how much I do want this, deep down inside. I'm hoping it's a good omen and maybe my body's way of telling me that it's busy giving a zygote a cushy place to settle in. I did have a tarot card reading that told me to pay attention to my dreams. So I am!
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Racecar - Oh that reminds me - my dream the other night was that I POAS'd and it was positive. It didn't look like a regular test though, it was like, a foot long, and had about 7 lines, and each line said something different. But the bottom line what that I was fine, and that I was pregnant.

I've had like 6 mugs of decaf green tea today, along with a big glass of grapefruit juice. I feel kinda like I pee'd myself. (Hope that's not TMI!) It's CD17, which is just about O-day. I told DH to drink up the Coke, cause he's gonna need his energy over the next 3 days or so. :

(We need a smilie for BD-ing!)
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Hi everyone,
I think I am ready to join. I used to be somewhat active on the ttc list, and have been getting more depressed as time has gone by. :
My partner (who is a female to male trans-guy) and I have been ttc since March. Last month/earlier this month was our second month using a vaginal ultrasound & ovidrel to help us time our inseminations, and the ultrasound showed it to be an anovulatory cycle. The doctor suggested we start on clomid, and I couldn't argue. This is not how I imagined ttc to be -- as I expect none of you at this point did either -- and my body's hormones are doing really weird things to me no, as I adjust into/wait for the new cycle to start, adn then start on the clomid tha I picked up today.
I'm not sure how much I'll post (or read for that matter), as I know it just made me get more obsessed in previous months. At the same time, I really appreciate the amazing support the ttc threads offer everyone.
I recognize some of you from before & hope we all have our dream children enter our lives soon!

ps: where in Iowa are you possibly moving to, racecar? I could be moving to Iowa City for my PhD next year (or the year after). PM me!
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I just wanted to say I had a dream last night too that all of you were in a big hospital room giving birth or about to give birth and I was outside in the hallway crying with happiness about the new babies.
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Well I had my acupuncture appointment yesterday. Considerably less uplifting than I'd hoped as you ladies might guess if you noticed the thread I started last night: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=533393.

The acupuncture doctor took a look at my charts and was not surprised I'm not pregnant. She believes that my temps indicate that I'm having a weak O and lack of progesterone. She took my pulse and tells me that my third pulse is very faint also pointing towards a problem with my fertility. She puts some needles in, tells me to relax and leaves the room. Most of the needles I didn't really feel but the ones in my wrist - moving my arm/hand caused weird tingling like sensations. She comes back in and takes out the needles and starts telling me that she's going to have me take some herbs, that she wants me to not eat anything cold - even water needs to be room temperature - and that my kidneys are out of balance. I've skimmed through the book The Infertility Cure so a lot of this stuff didn't surprise me. Then she tells me that she doesn't want me TTC until my chart improves.

Her feeling is that if I do conceive it's very possible that I could miscarry because of the progesterone (reminder - my GYN doesn't think that my progesterone is a problem). I told her that I didn't know if I could do that and teared up while telling her that I was eager to have a baby. I went on to tell her that due to factors going on in our lives, hubby and I might only have a few month to TTC before putting it on hold. Finally explained that I work in a building with two pregnant women and how tough that is on me. By that time, I was crying. She was very sympathetic. In the end, she told me that it is my decision and I need to keep her informed her so that she doesn't stimulate the points that can cause uterine contractions if I'm potentially pregnant.

Also this is not a cheap thing to do. Each visit costs $60 and the herbs she wants me to take are $37 (one bottle is only a 2 week supply and the other herb I need to pick up today). Traditional medical stuff is all covered by my insurance (testing and treatment up to assisted fertilization procedures).

Went home and cried to hubby. (It didn't help that I sat down and my pants ripped down the seam - I've gained some weight due to recent stress). Hubby said that if I want to skip this month that it's up to me. So right now I just feel :

Any advice, opinions, words of wisdom are welcome.
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I've missed a few days--a lot is going on.

Welcome MichelleW! I think I overlapped on the one thread with you, but I do so much lurking it's difficult to tell! How scarey to find out your cycle was anovulatory. I hope you'll share your clomid experience as I know some of us have just started it and some are thinking about starting soon (some like me).

allisonrose--I'm so sorry. How terrible to have to make that decision. I have been seeing an acupuncturist since April, and I can tell I've gotten much healthier and my charts look better. I have some of the same issues you have. (I can't stay away from the cold food though! Especially through the summer.) I'm on my second month of prescription progesterone suppositories--my doctor agreed to prescribe them and my acupuncturist thought it was a good idea given that we tried herbs and non-prescription P for several months. She never told me to stop ttc. I agree with the poster on your other thread that it is your decision. I think your acupuncturist just wants to be able to stimulate extra points that she wouldn't if you were ttc. Is that right? Again, I'm so sorry you are faced with that decision. I might ask her if you could supplement with non-prescription P after O and if she could help with luteal phase suppport. If you really want to keep ttc for the next 3 months, she should be able to still help you. In any case, if you get a bfp make sure to get a progesterone test asap so you can start supplementing if necessary.

lilyflower--Come on into the hospital room and birth with us! (What a weird dream! Next time maybe you could set us up for a huge livingroom birth somewhere! I went through a period where I was dreaming a lot about MDCers.)

ChristyM26--Wow. I'm not sure what to make of your chart either. I think I would test if you go past CD 46--you could think of it as simply getting more information to help you interpret your chart. You did have those ++ opks a while ago, but why twice? :

Good to learn the info about antibiotics, Racecar. My dp just took a course and I was worried about it too. But now maybe this is a good-chance cycle.

I'm early in the 2ww. Not much to report.
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This thread is acting buggy I think. I keep seeing it move to the top of the list with a post from Racecar at 6:50 something pm today (which hasn't happened yet). Then when I click on the thread, my post is the last post. Is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone else want to see what Racecar is up to?

Sometimes when I check the site this thread is way down on the list with my post as the last post.
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Allisonrose - I'm sorry your appointment wasn't more uplifting. I don't have any magic words for you but know that I'm wishing the best for you.

MichelleW - Welcome!

liliflower - I hope your dream means that at least one of is is going to win the BFP lotter this month!

ItyBty -

No change with me yet, 14DPO today and temps are still up there BUT (the big but) I do feel hints that is about to make an ugly appearance. I'm trying not to think about it (yeah right : ), the last 24 hours have been pretty up and down and I know the next 24 hours will likely be worse...hopefully not with a huge disappointment at the end.
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Welcome MichelleW. I'll add you to our list. Just to be sure, you're TTC #1 right? About how long have you been trying? I can put as little or as much info as you want. Just let me know. And hang in there. I go back and forth on thinking that this board is the the best thing in the world for me and then thinking it really just helps me obsess more. I'm trying to balance, but I always come back because there are just not that many people in my real life who want to hear about this or are supportive when they do.

SarahJen--I'm still thinking good thoughts for you. Do you have a test day in mind?

Allisonrose--s sweetie. I can't imagine being told to just stop trying for awhile. And I know that you had great hopes for the acupuncture and I was hoping you'd get support there too. Not discouragement. You have info coming from several places, including your heart. Do what you have to.

Nothing to report here, really. CD4 started the clomid again yesterday. My period was very short this month. Which means??? I have no clue. I've been so sad lately and trying to grill my OB/GYN husband about what could be wrong... and being frustrated that he is NO help at all. I have inquiries into acupuncturists and chiropractors. Trying to look into school for me, but being frustrated about all of it.
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Hi folks,
Your resident stalker here! It's so good to see that the tone of people's posts has largely become more positive. I was really feeling for you all when the mood was so depressed earlier. I was right there with you. Still there actually, but trying to brace myself for lots and lots more waiting.
SarahJen - 14dpo?!! I'd be jumping if I were you. Good luck!

I'm actually on here to see if you can switch me to cheerleader or something, HopesMom. We had our appointment with the fertility clinic yesterday, and there will be no babies out of this body any time soon. And likely never any babies genetically related to my dh. We're waiting for a consult with a urologist to see if he thinks correcting dh's very small varicocele would help with counts at all, so in 9 months, if he has the surgery, we'll know if his counts are high enough for an IUI, but it isn't very lilkely. At this point, we need IVF with ICSI, which we can neither afford (10,000$ a cycle plus travel) nor am I ethically prepared to go there. (totally a personal thing, and I entirely understand why people do it, maybe I'll get there someday. Desperation is a persuasive thing) Dh is reluctant to go donor sperm, but I really, really want to go that route. Either way, we need to wait on the varicocele thing before getting into donor sperm, so we're in for a long wait. It we were to get pregnant the first cycle after the varicocele correction, it will be about three years from the start of ttc to a baby. Insanity. I'm thinking that everyone should have fertility testing done around age 20, just so you know what you're up against. If we had known about our own issues, we would have been saving twice as hard and at that fertility clinic a year and a half ago. It's heart wrenching to feel that all this time has been "wasted" in terms of ttc.
Ok, so enough of my saga. I will be checking in on you guys, and celebrating your bfps, but we are no longer ttc. In as much as a person can "stop" ttc!
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Big s Katia. I am so very sorry to read this news and I imagine it is a challenge for you and your husband to digest it too. My heart aches for you and all your unknowns.

I'd love it if you want to stay on and be our cheerleader... but understand why that might be tough too.
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: katia : I'd say more, but Hopesmom took the words right outta my head, so instead you get another : and just know you're in my thoughts.

Allison rose - I can totaly empathize with your frustration. Being told to stop would just make me so.... irked. You do what your gut tells you to do.

SarahJen - 14DPO? And you have POAS yet? My God woman.. thats self-control.

A chart question from me... If I leave my temp from CD18 in, it tells me I O'd on CD16. BUT, on CD18 I thrashed about for a bit before my temp. Kitties were snarling at each other, phone rang... I tried my best to ignore all this, but was awake for a few minutes before I temped. If I take that temp out, it takes away my crosshairs. Now, I normally sit half awake for a minute before I remember to temp, but on CD18 I was awake a few more minutes than that. But it's not like I got up and did the cha-cha before temping... so do I discard that temp or not? I'm confused! :
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Katia . I'm sorry, that really stinks!

ItyBty: I think what ff is doing is waiting. If you take that temp out it doesn't have 3 days of elevated temps yet, hence why the crosshairs would go away. If you think that you o'd on cd16 then I'd leave it there. Otherwise it could come out.
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