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cd1 here and I'm not sad...just...indiferent? It just feels so normal as in this is what always happens so why would this cycle be different - if that makes any sense! Anyway...with another 46 day cycle I think this is my new "norm". On to the next...
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And then...for the first time ever in our thread I got the first post on the page!! Sign of things to come?
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New Here

Hi All,

I'm new here and kinda felt like chatting. Also wondering where to post? Just a brief history...I've had 4 and TTC #5 with no luck so far. Any suggestions as to where I should post?
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I'll tell my story

: My DH and I have 3 wonderful children DD Lauren 7, DD Hailey 5, and DS Kaleb 3. March 11, 2006 I gave birth to Kamryn Avery DD 7lbs 3ozs 19inc @ 1:57pm. She was still born. We always knew we wanted 5 children, so she was # 4. We obviously had to grieve her loss. I'm still finding myself crying at some point in time almost daily, but I know that I'm not getting younger and we so badly want another child. So we have been trying now for 6 months to get pregnant. 6 long months it seems. Right now, I'm feeling extremely weird. I have 30 day cycles, I started having cramps on cd12 and we BD on cd 11, 13, and 15 (he's not home everyday...I LOVE MY FIREFIGHTER) I also had off and on ewcm and watery cm. Since 1dpo til now 6dpo I have sore/tender feeling in tummy off and on, more ewcm and watery cm off and on (all 6 days since). My nips are sore, I have to pee like no ones business, and I'm starving. Still with sore feeling in my tummy. Any suggestions??? Oh, I will start Clomid on the 20th if it didn't work this time...

Baby dust to all of you as well!!!:
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Welcome Tenk!

As for me, my time here was short, and at some time I will be back. My DP & I talked last night, and decided we will take a few months off. I am too stressed, and it affects my body in relation to ttc , as well as my thesis-writing capabilities. He suggests we wait now til I am done my MA thesis, and I don't think I can argue it. While I am sad at the idea of stopping ttc, my body also feels relieved. I know it is best.

Yes, we are ttc-ing our #1. We also can say we are really putting this aside, cause there's no room for 'ooopses'.

My fingers are crossed that you will all be successful by the time I make my return! :
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Thank you, and I bet wait will be just what you need. I'm sure it's not what you want to hear, but sometimes the "Not trying" is what does the trick. I do wish you the best at school as well.
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Thread Starter 
I added you, Tenk, and removed you, MichelleW. Good luck to both of you!
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Are these PG signs or AF signs???

Since O date I have had on and off cramps, sore tummy very tender to touch, sore nips, very dizzy off and on, frequent trips to the bath room 2-3 times a night, ewcm and watery cm off and on, and I'm starving it seems...we've been trying for 6 months now so I don't really know what it feels like anymore I guess...any ideas???:
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I am so sorry katia and pamperedmom for the news.

Katia, there must be a reason for this. I hope you can work through any feelings you are going through and hopefully soon the reason will be more clear.

Pamperedmom, we just try and try again.
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katia and MichelleW - I'm sorry your TTC journeys have taken a different turn, good luck to both of you.

pamered_mom - I'm sorry, hang in there...

Tenk - welcome, I'm sorry for your loss. I don't have any magic words for you, are you charting your temps and symptoms at all?

Hopesmom - thanks for thinking of me, I was thinking of you yesterday and hoping you were feeling a bit better.

15 DPO TODAY!!! yikes . I bought a test on the way home today and it's calling me but I'm going to make myself wait until the morning and hopefully...well you know the rest. This is the longest I've gone post O but I'm just so afraid of the disappointment and heartbreak that comes with a BFN and then AF showing up right behind to stomp on me.

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: : : :
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Hi Ladies

Just checking on you.

pamered mom: Sorry for AF. You got a flip on a page. GL been the 1st post on a page.

Tenk: Welcome here, I'm so sorry for your losss. : this new cycle will be the one for you.GL

SarahJen: GLl when you test. : : :

ME: 110DPO today. Going to test on Octo. 11th if no AF from Oct. 8 - 10th. : for LP extension. Because 11 LP is constant for me. Wish me luck.

: for everyone and wishing you all goodluck in your TTC journey.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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SarahJen - I can totally relate! It's like you look forward to the time you'll be able to test so much, then you get terrified when you actually start to do it, because the single line is all too familiar. I hate that.

I guess this is another TTC list I can be added to. We haven't been using BC since March 06. I had a MC at 5 weeks in May and have had no luck since. I'm starting to wonder if there's a problem. My cycles have been pretty regular (28-31 days), so I just don't see how our timing could be off over and over again! Could my body be taking that long to recover from the MC?
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I think I'm in shock. Thank you so much for your thoughts and support this week, it worked!
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Oh SarahJen : - Yay Yay yay!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy!!!! Congratulations!

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S: A: R : A: H: J: E: N

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Hi ladies,

: CONGRATS.!!!! Sarah jen :

Happy and Healthy 9 months and beyond

Have a wonderful Saturday.

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Congrats SarahJen !!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Oceanmommy....I've been chart snooping. Hope you are feeling well today.
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SarahJen - CONGRATS!!
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