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How much does your temperature go up when you O?

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Hi, I am new to charting and have another question :

I am on cd 19 and have been charting on fertility friend - they said I O'd on cd 15 when my temp went up 0.2 deg. They have been between 36.2 and 36.6. Did I really O? In TCOYF all the temperatures seem to go up way more after O.

I am so confused :
If anyone has any input, please let me know
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My only complete cycle charting, my temp rose .4 degrees F - which is around .2 degrees C. My copy of TCOYF shows charts with small rises on page 301, in appendix A, with the heading "ambiguous thermal shifts".
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I don't have a complete chart yet....but I've seen the ones on FF have low rises and some on the tcoyf site.

Mine jumped an entire degree last night.....we'll see what happens...I'm close to o so I'm anxious to see what chart will look like complete!
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naotalba - thanks for the info, I will read that section

it's our family - I will keep my eyes open for low rise charts. I keep thinking it should be a dramatic rise which I don't have which makes me wonder if I O'd.

Wahhh, why can't I have a nice dramatic, easy to read chart
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I don't know if my chart is easy to read or not! It isn't complete cause I lost my bbt until last week....so I haven't been able to temp the entire month!

i've had watery/slick cm for about a week now, last night/this morning my temp jumped a degree and the ewcm showed up late this morning!

Dh and I had a little romp (half asleep) early this am....so I don't know what the chances are we conceived.....probably not but at least we didn't use a condom so it was more enjoyable!

If you don't mind...can I see your chart. I'm curious to see what mine looks like compared to others....I know they prob aren't the same but I'm finding the fascinating.....I can share mine if you want......but it isn't much to look at!
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I don't mind sharing it, I just have no idea how to post a link to it. I have seen other people do it though. any ideas on how??:

let me try
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That didn't work:

If you know how, let me know!
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Try going to your chart and copy pasting the address that shows up and see what happens...that should work.
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Hmmm, that is the address in the little address line thing...

let me try this
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I did it, I did it!!

I hope I did, does it work for you??

Mine might be different because I use Celsius, have no idea farenhuit conversion, also realized today that I am supposed to put in two numbers after the decimals : so I am not sure how accurate it is, being sometimes I might have read 36.89 and I put just 36.8. Sorry I am rambling now!
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Oh and I was sick with a cold in the middle which might have accounted for some of the higher temps!

Okay, this is my last post, promise!!
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it's a nice looking chart!

there is this option to make it into a calendar and not a graph. I did that, and it said I've been fertile for the last week and a half I seriously doubt it. I haven't had a dry day this cycle at all and my cp hasn't changed either.....so I think that has thrown stuff off.

I disregarded todays temp cause I was out of bed before I remembered to take it and I took it a lot earlier than I have been.
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Thank you

I always wonder how accurate mine are though, because of the 3 hours interupted sleep rule I haven't had that in almost 5 years! (my son is almost 5 )

Sounds like you are having a very fertile month
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