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Cat- Broken Hip Surgery

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Just got back from the vet and my 1yo cat has a broken hip. Its actually broken right before the ball.....the top of the femur. He said they could do surgery and put in pins....or they could do this other technique where they shave the part ball off. He said there are more problems with the pins, arthirits etc when the cat gets older..and I would have to take her to the city bc they dont do it at their hospital bc its a delicate surgery. He said he has more luck with the second kind of surgery.

Just wondering if anyone has had this kind of surgery on their cats and what the outcome was.....

My dh is furious with me right now bc he never wanted either cat and the surgery is going to be very expensive.
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I assume he's talking about an excision, basically the ball is removed and a false joint forms. With a cat, this works well and like your vet said, you have a greater chance of issues from the pins as well as a longer more sensitive recovery.
Excision is done on dysplastic dogs with great success provided the dog isn't over 50 lbs (many surgeons will do it to 65 lbs, but these are the dogs where we see significant problems)
When the false joint forms, because it's mostly cartilage, arthritis issues are reduced, as opposed to a pin where 1/10th of a centimetre of misplacement can cause significant irritation.

How did she break her hip??
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Call me mercenary, but if you're worried about money I'd amputate the leg. Cats have a great recovery rate from rear-leg amputations and they have long, normal lifespans with no issues. One of my childhood barn cats lost a leg at age 1; she went on to have many kittens, was the best mouser of the bunch, and lived to be 15 (for an outside cat, that's a near miracle).

If you do choose the excision, I can offer hope--my parents had a dog (Lab) who shattered her pelvis and both femurs in a horrific car hit at age 2 (yes, shame on them for letting her out, but they learned their lesson). The orthopedists were able to put together the left femur and most of the pelvis, but the right femur was too badly mangled and the socket couldn't be reconstructed. The dog lived to age 9 and ran like the wind and enjoyed a tremendous quality of life with a leg that had zero ball and zero socket. When she was finally put down, it was because the old nerve damage to the pelvis had combined with normal elderly-ness and she became constantly incontinent--there was still very little arthritis and she was still happy and healthy otherwise.
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He's an indoor/outdoor cat.......and I came home and he was limping, not putting any weight on his leg whatsoever. So....I dont know how it happened. I imagine if he had gotten hit by a car, there would have been more injuries. My neighbor is home all day and didnt hear anything. Ive watched him climb trees in the back yard......and its very humerous bc he's not that adept at climbing. Once we saw him hanging on a tree limb, his long body just hanging there.......until he let go. It looked like the posters you see of cats...... So he could have just fell wrong. Also, he and my girl cat fight all the time. She cant stand him and he wants to play/torture her.

I never thought about amputation. Ill talk it over with my dh. I feel kinda bad, now that I know about the surgery. We cant really afford it, but feel its just something we need to do of course. Now that I think of it, I dont think I could do it to him.
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In a young cat I can't see there being much of a cost difference between the excision and an amputation, if anything, having been involved in both surgeries I'd guess the amputation would cost more, there is more involved and more things to be cleaned up.
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dh talked about it this morning. Neither of us could live with amputation, knowing it wasnt necessary. Thanks Shannon for pointing out that there wouldnt be much of a price difference.

Does anyone buy pet insurance? Im considering it.....maybe just for this cat alone bc we have spent hundreds on him. He had an IBS issue as a kitty, and that was a huge expense doing labs to rule out everything else.

Also Shannon.....the vet wanted to keep him on observation for 2days. Do you think one would be sufficient? Just trying to cut a little of the costs, plus, just wondering if its really necessary.
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The other question I had (I just remembered) is I need to buy Frontline or Advantage for my cats. Where is the cheapest place online or elsewhere?

Should I wait till after Strummers surgery to give him this? Im thinking I should bc of the stress already on his body. We have a stick-tight flea problem. But he'll be in the house for the next couple weeks anyway, but both my cats are due.
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