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My religious Vaccine Waiver was rejected!

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The religious waiver form provided by the Hawaii department of health, immunization branch that I filled out was rejected! The pre-school gave me their own form which is much more complicated and requires me to:

name which immunizations have not been received

attach a letter from my religious leader detailing the mandated relgious tenet, doctrine or law that precludes the child from receiving immunizations

AND....OMG I can't believe this one:
A note from my pediatrician stating that he/she is aware of my decision to not vaccinate

ALSO they are refusing a waiver for the TB test too.

UGH......what do I do now?? This is a federally-funded program, is this legal?
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On what ground did they refuse?
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sounds illegal to me
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I don't have any answers for you, sorry. I just couldn't read this and not post something. That is rediculous. I can't believe it.
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They just said that in order to be waived from the vaccination requirement for religious reasons, that the attached form (with all the extra requirements) needed to be filled out (in other words, the form I submitted was not good enough for them.)
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does the state say you have to provide reasons upon request? if not and the daycare recieves any sort of subsidy or voucher, they can't force you to submit a different form, or inquire into your religous beliefs and can't bar your child based on your state-approved reason for not vaxing. I would think that the 'note from your religious leader' is a violation of your right to privacy, freedom of religion and all that jazz as well
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Not legal. PM Long Island. She will be able to walk you through it.

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Longisland's box is full, but I will try and pm her later.

forgot to add that in the part where you choose medical or relgious exemption (along with the forms you have to submit for those) they also put "philosophical exemption" which is NOT legal as a waiver in our state (hawaii). I almost think they put that on our form as a trick so that if you tick that box, they can say "whoops, sorry, that's not acceptable, see the law."
v. frustrated about this!!!
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Federally funded? Is it military or DoD? What type of program is it?
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She and I have a psychic connection.
I predict that her spirit will be channeling into this thread within 24 hours, minkl, and her sage-like advice will assist you in your dilemma.
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although i support vaccinations, i also strongly support religious freedom. : i cannot believe they would throw out a religious exemption.

(( does this happen often?? )) :
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Originally Posted by Aura_Kitten View Post
(( does this happen often?? )) :
Depends. Some states are very particular. There are actually two states withOUT religious exemptions.

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Isn't there something we can do about those two states? Seriously!
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I know there are groups working on passing laws in one state.... but yeah, pretty sad, huh?

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thats illegal as far as I know......if they have it available in your state they cannot refuse it because you dont have a pastor/preist write a letter!
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That's illegal. It violates the whole "freedom of religion" thing for them to ask you to prove anything. I've had kids in two preschool/daycares and a public school on vaccination exemptions and never been asked to do more than sign a form. No one has even blinked at me. We live in Honolulu.

They can refuse you admission if you don't get the TB test. That one is not waivable, or whatever. Having your pediatrician sign something? Totally bullshit. What preschool is this? I'm looking for my daughter, who is three, and I want to stay far away from these people.
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It really depends on what she means by federally funded. A DoD-sponsored daycare wouldn't have to go by the rules of the state.
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I just read the specifics of your situation in another thread. I think you're going to have a hard time with the TB test. I haven't been able to get around that one yet, but I didn't really try. I'm actually on board with that one, but I think you should have the right to refuse.

DoD goes by Virginia laws, I believe, but federally funded doesn't necessarily mean DoD.
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The only thing they mentioned about the TB testing situation is that pregnant and nursing moms are temporarily waived. I am nursing and will stop when I get pregnant again...so I am off the hook, but not DS, unless they accept that TB testing is a medical procedure that we are religiously opposed to. I am not sure what to do about that.

This is not a traditional pre-school, it's a twice-weekly program that is parent-accompanied with some federal funding (it's free to go.) They call it a "travelling pre-school" or something like that, details of the program are at:
http://www.tutuandme.org/ so someone may be able to see what category this falls under with the funding.

In any case, since I already submitted a form (from the dept of health no less) it seems so outrageous that they are asking for additional information to "prove" my religious exemption. It also appears that their form was revised (as noted on the bottom) just recently, probably in response to my waiver, to make it harder to use the religious exemption.

In any case, I would appreciate any advice that anyone might have to offer, since I am not certain where we stand legally.

Thanks for all the support!!!
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