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Originally Posted by soccermominsd View Post
BCMama...the links aren't working You are very blessed...I can't wait to have this little guy safe in my arms.

I'm 39w4d here...and VERY impatient with the incessant itching. The CNMs called me back today with the bile acids that were in the normal range (I want to see the results for myself though). BUT I can't help feeling awful with knowing I'm itching for a reason and what's happening to the babe? I would feel so much better if he was out. Liver panel was great as well so no induction.

Hoping and praying he comes SOON.
I'm sorry you are still itchy but I am very happy for you that your bile acids came back normal.

Could you just have PUPPS? I had it with my first and it was horrible. Just horrible. I can't remember where all your itching is.

I really hope you get some relief soon... so come on baby
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I'll be 36 weeks this Tuesday, my EDD is Halloween. I'm expecting this one earlier, dd was born at 38 weeks. I lost my mucous plug forever ago, baby is engaged, and ready to go. I actually had to really slow down this week, I could feel that my body was right there, my BH's were getting really strong and even more frequent, plus I had constant cramping. Everything has eased up since I've decreased my activity level. My MW has predicted this babe will come early and fast, we'll see how that goes.
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I'm 39 weeks and 2 days. The past week or so I've had some contractions that are actually somewhat painful. But nothing regular and nothing that strong. Lots of regular non painful BH ones though. I've been doing the hard core nesting -- have spent a lot of time this weekend organizing all the hand-me-down clothes and putting them in the dresser. I plan to tidy our home office tomorrow, and once that's done the house will all be clean. Not that baby needs our home office to be tidy, but that's just for my own sanity.
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Amanda - Congrats on the VBAC! That's awesome!:

Gabrielle - You dd is soooo precious! Those adorable pictures make me want to meet mine RIGHT NOW!!!

To all of the "overdue" Mamas - here are some labor vibes (for when the little ones are read yof course...but it never hurts to sprinkle you with labor dust!)

I am officially 36 weeks tomorrow and can have my homebirth!!! WOO-HOO! I can also finally get up and move around...I have not been able to have much true "bed rest" though so I have been cheating a lot. My back up midwife is an herbalist and put me on a tincture that stopped the contractions! It is amazing - the medicine did nothing whereas this stuff WORKS! I am still getting them regularly at night but during the day I have only had one or two since I began taking it. I am nesting like a mad woman - last night I made muffins, homeade waffles, and today I made a crockpot of homeade chicken soup. We havea very small freezer but I plan to fill it to bursting!!! I need to check out that freezer thread! I also want to clean the apartment but my dh won't let me becasue he told me I have to wait until 37 weeks so we can be sure dd is "done"...What a card...now if I could just ocnvince HIM to clean it! Otherwise I am feeling OK - just tired but dealing with insomnia: and my hips HURT!!! I remember thi slast time and the only thing that made my hips feel normal again was to have a baby!

Great to hear your updates. Can't wait to see more baby pictures!
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38 weeks 5 days here and I'm starting to feel like she's gonna be late like her big sister. *sigh* Since Wednesday I've gone from perky, hiking, walking with no difficulties to depressed, emotional mess, pressure that radiates all the way down my legs, BH contractions that sort of "take" my breath away, and extremely painful movement. I hobble around like a little old lady. No dilation that I can feel and cervix is still pretty far back - but it is very mushy and about half it's normal length. The baby's head is right there - sitting on top of my pelvic opening so I guess she's engaged? I've just started (again since Wednesday) being unable to sleep very well, dreaming a lot, etc. The mobility issue REALLY bothers me though, because I'm very active most days and having to almost limp is making me cry. I hate feeling feeble. Ugh. So yeah, the desperate feeling is in full force - perhaps that means time is getting close. I do not know - I think that's what I hate most about pregnancy. I'm a virgo, I need to KNOW things, man!!

On an up note, I did get my belly henna-ed tonight and put some braids in my hair. Just need to paint my piggies and get a little trim job "you-know-where" and I'll be all set for birth day!
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Things are going well 'round here.....haha
I'm far to calm and giddy for being this far "past dates". Sleeping has become more then challenging....I'm either up to pee...NOW!!!! or I'm hot/uncomfy, or I'm experiencing a run of ctrx that have me "breathing" for hours. Oddly I'm still not very grumpy during the day, my fuse is short but for the most part I'm a pretty happy mama. I've taken up knitting, partly to pass the time, partly to keep me off the computer. I'm loving it!!! I'm knitting a wool soaker that is looking FAB!! I'm pretty impressed considering I've only ever knitted a "scarf" that ended up as a blanky for DD's doll. Now if this baby stays in I'll get it done, if not I guess it'll be set aside for a while. I'm not sure what I'm rooting for.
I think the only other thing thats driving me a bit nuts is wondering if every set of cntrx is IT. A wonder if today will be the day every day a few times a day, ah well, at least I have my knitting......and baking, did I mention I'm baking A LOT.....yummm, and eating A LOT!!!! Gotta make up for those lbs I lost during the tummy flu
Dh is convinced I'll give birth near the full moon (7th), which is my birthing trend. That'll put me near 42.5 weeks and will officially be my longest pregnancy. We'll see, maybe I'll post tomorrow with a birth announcment.....
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Maybe this isn't the best thread to talk about my friend who went 45.5 weeks with her last baby?
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Originally Posted by littleteapot View Post
Maybe this isn't the best thread to talk about my friend who went 45.5 weeks with her last baby?

um. no. LOL

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Originally Posted by littleteapot View Post
Maybe this isn't the best thread to talk about my friend who went 45.5 weeks with her last baby?

ETA: and thank you everyone for the well wishes on my VBAC. I hope it goes as well as I anticipate it will. I've gained back a lot of faith in my body over the last few months and I feel I can really do this
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I am 36 or so weeks now. Lost my mucus plug with some "bloody show" at 33 1/2 weeks, but other than bh's and the usual burst of energy then exhaustion, also, extreme grouchyness towards dh , no news here.
my daughter was born at 38 weeks while with my son, I had some minor spotting at 34 weeks so convinced myself he would be early....he was born at 40 weeks 4 days. so this time, I am trying to relax about the due date thing, and have faith that the baby will come when he/she is ready.....
am also planning a vbac after 2 c/s and am trying to remain focused on a positive birth (whatever birth I happen to have).
is anyone else eating like crazy then not feeling hungry for a long while? I crave chocolate which the midwife says may be a sign I need protein? anyone else heard this?
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I'm 39 weeks and nothing new, except for lots of BH every day but that's nothing new. I know the baby hasn't dropped yet and I think D day will be at least a week away. I'm feeling ready and I'm trying not to spend too much time analyzing when it's going to happen. I've got to keep moving & walking cause laying down is just causing me too much achiness in my legs and back.
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38 wks 3 days here...baby has been very low for 2 weeks now. Last Monday's dr. appt I was 2cm and not effaced at all. I've had a few stronger cx this week, but nothing major or consistant. For some reason I just have a feeling that she'll come this week, but I don't know why. My first was 5 days early, my second 10 days late and induced. My dr. will induce anytime after 39 weeks if I choose...I wouldn't consider that until 40 weeks--unless I was pretty well effaced and dilated to like 4 and could just have water broken to start labor. I feel great, although I wish people would quit staring at me in public--seriously, people look at me like I might just drop this baby on the floor any minute...and they don't want to see that !! I just smile as graciously as I can!
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I'm 39w today, and the only unusual thing that's been happening is my chocolate lab - she's been sleeping right against my backside/tush the past few days. Ironically, I've been feeling a little better this past week too (kidney stone, stent pain has been keeping me rather immobile since 5 months pg...). Just waiting for some signs that something is brewing. At my last mw appt on Th, I was 1-2 cm dilated and 80% effaced. She wanted to do a sweep + stretch (see my prev. post) but I declined... cervix is still posterior, so I'm glad I said no. She wants to do it by next week if things aren't happening by then, "to avoid an induction" she said... (I'm a vbac)... so I'm hoping not to have a sweep or an induction. Doesn't make sense so early... Would there be any good reason to have a sweep + stretch?
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Well... I am now an October mama! This baby's gonna have an October birthday. Seems to me like a lovely month to be born.

I am now 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant! I am a little bit sad, a teeny bit tired and fed up but mostly I'm okay. My daughter (who is two and a half) stayed inside for 42 weeks and 5 days (based on our conception date, which was 100% sure), so it's not like I whole-heartedly expected this one to come on time. I do, however, have a lot of other things going on so I am getting a bit irked at her failure to comply to our "schedule" (something babies do so well ).

I am a midwifery student, in University in Ontario, Canada and while I can bring the babe with me to all my classes in sling... I do need to be attending classes etc. Well, I have had so much prodromal labour, (practice labour, I hate calling it false labour but when I'm bitter I do!) that I have been missing one too many classes, cutting into the classes I can recover after bebe arrives. I actually recieved a little "warning" e-mail from my prof about missing too many classes, I was a bit bummed about that. I would like to see her show up to the school after being up until 5:30am on the toilet breathing through really hard contractions!

I am totally feeling what both littleteapot and unitytree are saying about the labour going away when you stand up/walk around and also about it waking me up in the middle of the night.

Sigh. Sorry I just wrote a book about my little sob story, I'm not impatient, I swear! I just keep looking at all the diapers, and the slings, and the clothes and I just wanna hold my fresh one.

(Oh, as for my actual update: I have been checking my own cervix periodically, and while it was long, hard and closed about a week and a half ago, yesterday, it had effaced about 70%, is dilated to a 2 and super-stretchy and mushy. While it's no indication of how long the pregnancy will last, makes me feel like my sleepless nights aren't a total loss!).
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I am 37 and half weeks now. Baby is sitting very low, but I haven't had any cervical checks so don't really know what's going on there. I am feeling pretty good considering, and trying to enjoy the tale end of my pregnancy as I try to hurry and get everything ready already! I'm almost ready, got a lot done this weekend-- the nursery is almost put together, my birth time bag is all packed, got most of the baby clothes I need now, and some nursing shirts-- so I'm almost done!
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Hanging out and frantically trying to get things done here. My EDD is the 17th, and I really don't want this one to come early. I've got full-time hours this week and we need the money, then the next week my way-cool OB whom I LOVE is out of town. Hang in there Little Jeter! I may just go UC if I go into labor the week she's gone!

Really big and waddling, he's dropped some but no clue what station. No internals so I've got no idea what my bits are up to, though some twinges and a few take-your-breath-away pangs make me think something is going on down there.

Really emotional and on teeny-tiny fuse with DH. I've let him off easy the whole pregnancy as we've been trying to get things done and now he wants to continue coasting but I'm out of energy and brain power to keep up my pace. I'm starting freezer meals today and hope to have everything in order by the end of the week...I think I can, I think I can, I think I can! Okay, gotta finish posting and go get some work done.

Congrats on the VBAC!! Sending happy, positive labor vibes to all you mamas!
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Well i am technically without a compt However in the evening i am able to use DH work laptop. Kai had brought his water pistol in to refill and well guess you can say there was still a little bit left in it because it ended up on my keys. So now some of the keys do not even function. Tomorrow i am bringing it in to see what it needs . Hopefully nothing more then a new laptop keyboard.. UGH!

Last night i didnt sleep well i ended up sleeping alone in the bunk bed room. I was up 7 or more times to pee and then the last two days i have been really aware of the tightness feeling and my lower back SOOOO i have been making sure to try and stay busy so i do not focus on it. WHat is odd is last night i had a hard time sleeping on my left or right side. I dont know if baby was trying to change positions or not but it hurt. He is middle posterior right now.

Once i get my compt fixed i will share a few pics from a Blessingway a few close friends gave me. they made me a really cute birth pillow. Each friend brought along a piece of fabric and placed a stitch in it. It was quite funny seeing some of the master and newbie seamstresses

DH is putting Kai down right now and then im suppose to wake him up so he can do the belly cast as we do not want to wait to long . I also have to make sure to make it to the art supply store tomorrow to get good quality watercolor paper to do the placenta print. My MW does a whole thing after the birth telling the story of the tree of life, placenta, explaining etc so we will then do the print.

Anita how are you i havent seen you post??????

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Originally Posted by ArlyShellandKai View Post
WHat is odd is last night i had a hard time sleeping on my left or right side. I dont know if baby was trying to change positions or not but it hurt. He is middle posterior right now.


This has been my prob since yesterday. He was still lying on my right side at my appt yesterday morning. But, at some point he must have went back to the middle because I didn't feel back on either side anymore. Whah! : It hurts to be on my right or left side as well. Sigh. These kiddos need to be nice to us

I'm bouncing on the birth ball right now trying to get him to move. It's only making my acid come up my throat even worse than it already is though.

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I'm 37 and a half weeks now. Earlier in the afternoon I was having numerous contractions but then they faded away again. I am really uncomfortable and really ready! My EDD isn't until the 17th but I feel like this week may be it. Probably just wishful thinking, I know! The lower pelvic floor cramping is driving me nuts again and I was having some back pain earlier too . . . hmmmm . . . maybe something will happen soon. I dreamt last night that today I was going to have bloody show, and that labor would start right after that. I also dreamt I was working in a rock quarry hauling large amounts of stone around so the dream probably doesn't mean much. I think my mind is just having fun!
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I've hesitated posting how I am because I've felt so rotten. I didn't want to be such a bummer but I'm finally better so I guess I'll share a little.

I started throwing up again....and when I do, I just can't stop. It's endless heaving anad I end up tearing up my throat so badly that it bleeds....then the acid reflux/heartburn happens and it just kills me constantly. I was having horrible trouble sleeping....you get the picture.

I went to see my chiro, who I've been seeing weekly for a while. We spaced out my app to 2 weeks and in the midst of that 2 week span, all this started up. I should have called her sooner. I didn't know all the tricks she has up her sleeves! So I went in to see her at my appt and she asked how I was....well I started being honest about how horrible I was really feeling and I started crying. This is so NOT like me! So, she pulled out some acupuncture needles and worked on my spleen and stomach. Then she adjusted me and gave me sulphur homeopathically and some serious digestive enzymes to take with each meal. I felt so much better the next day. I swear, I felt human again. I still don't feel "normal" and I won't until this baby is born....but it's a lot better.

I've been back once more for acupuncture.

We've been decluttering and organizing a lot. It was so necessary. My dh has been such a hard working angel this weekend. He's really made some things happen around here and I am so grateful for him. He even baked me a lemon merengue pie Friday night and made another one tonight! Is that love or what!

Counting the days...I'm so glad it's finally October...but I'm not due til the end of Oct and that still feels like a long way away!
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