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Need feedback!!!!!! Please

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I need some feed back.

I have a 13 mo dd. She has 6 teeth and is a very happy, healthy child.
Well.... a friend came over and her baby had a virus. My dd caught the virus and has been sick now for 4 days. Stomach virus it seems. But, I notice that she is constantly pulling, pushing, grabing her mouth. I felt her gums and she has 3 huge bumps in the back where teeth should be . She is in so much discomfort that her personality has changed so much. I just want her to feel better.

So... she wont eat. She has been nursing but only for a very short time. She is sleeping but not well. I am concerned with the fact that she wont eat but I figure she knows her body. She is always whinning and unhappy. She is weak. Her gums are swollen and ready to break through 3 teeth..... maybe molars.

I dont want to take her to a doctor for many reasons....
One, she is not vaxinated... we are new to the area and dont know good docs yet, and most wont see me
Two, we dont have incurence yet
Three, dont trust most docs

So, anyone know about this? I think the virus is finaly gone but I cant tell for sure. She is drinking water but thats it. Her diaper was dry this morning after 13 hours.... not eating..... 3 huge bumps n her mouth.... molars? So much pain...... constant nursing but not for long..... whinning all day.

Any feedback would help.

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I think your daughter is probably teething right know. You said that the teething affects her personality. I have always noticed that in my children too and I believe this is not only because of the pain of an new tooth coming in but also because teeth have an impact on a persons personality (maturity) as well as the body. You may want to try some homeopathic remedy such as chamomilla. You can buy this at almost any health food store but I have also seen them at regular drug stores. The good news is that most likely it will be over in a couple of days.

However, I don't understand why you don't trust doctors. A good pediatrician has to accept your decision not to vaccinate your daughter regardless of her or his own opinion. If your daughter is seriously sick (apart from the teething) you should in any case consult a pediatrician to make sure she is ok.

I don't know about your personal situation but almost all states offer health insurance for children. The paper work can be a bit stressful but at least to my knowledge almost all children are eligible.

I hope your dd gets better soon.

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I don't have much advice but I am sorry your baby isnt feeling well. Atleast she is taking water to combat dehydration. Honestly, I don't think there is much a doctor could do anyway besides give her an IV if she were to get severely dehydrated. (S)he'd probably suggest Pedialyte and Baby Tylonol. I'd just give her lots of love, offer her food and drink (she may take icecream if you are comfortable giving it to her) and hope those teeth pop through soon. I would take her to the doctor if she seems to get dehydrated or alot worse just for peace of mind. I don't see how vaccines would be an issue in this case, but some doctors will see any situation as an excuse to push them. ((HUGS)) emily
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I'm sorry your little one is going through this. It does sound as if she is teething.

I agree about not going to the doctor - I think all they would tell you is to keep her hydrated. So...keep offering to nurse, and offering fluids. My mom suggested (when my dd was sick a couple of months ago...throwing up water ) to try ice chips with her - and she loved those (and seemed to keep them down better).

We also made some fruit juice ice lollies, and those were eaten as well (although I'm not sure they are as great to keep kids hydrated?).

The ice chips were my mom's best advice.

Hope your dd feels better soon.
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"However, I don't understand why you don't trust doctors. A good pediatrician has to accept your decision not to vaccinate your daughter regardless of her or his own opinion. If your daughter is seriously sick (apart from the teething) you should in any case consult a pediatrician to make sure she is ok. "

I stated that I am new to the area and have not found a good doctor. Out of the 10 I have called... only one would agree to see me because of the vaccination issue.. so no, they dont have to accept anything. The one that would see..... I would not feel comfortable seeing. Most mothers have natural instinct about the health of their child.... if my dd were seriously ill I would consult someone with more knowledge than I or this board. I am looking for a good holistic DR. or naturopath.... I feel more comfortable that way.... and insurance is hard to come by using them. My dh just started his job so insurance will kick in ...... in a couple months. I do use the homeopathic remedies as well.

I guess I did not illustrate my question well...

Is it common to go through this much discomfort while teething?

Thank you all for your replies.
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If you have a 10 month old child who didn't wet their diaper in 13 hours, that would lead me to believe that maybe there is more involved than simple teething. That would really be the only thing that worried me. Teething is quite painful and popping in 3 molars at once can be horrible. My dd popped all of her teeth in within a four month period and our lives were (quite simply put) H***.

Good Luck with your baby and I hope that she feels better soon!
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Our daughters sound so similar! My dd is also 13months old and sprouts each tooth with great effort. She has done all those things you mentioned: major personality change (clingy, whinny), refuses solid food and nurses constantly, but only for short spurts. Difficulty napping and sleeping at night. I also noticed once her morning diaper being dry after all night. It scared me, but she drank and nursed and acted fine without any s/s of dehydration, and she did have wet diapers the next change.

I've started using Hyland's homepathic teething tablets, and it's helped us a lot! Seems to sleep better. Good luck with yours!
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I can understand your desire to see a doctor you trust, but a dry diaper is not a positive sign.
What about an emergency room? While you may have to put up with some Dr's opinion on vaccination, at least your dd's health will be taken care of and I doubt they'll turn you away.
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Each baby responds to teething differently. My poor babe becomes unbearable with pain for weeks up until the tooth cuts through. We talked to our ped about our discomfort in giving Motrin, but the Hyland's just didn't work for us. The homeopathic stuff works great for dd's minor aches, but not when she's in full-blown teething mode.

I recommend giving an infant Ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil, etc.). Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory which helps more than Tylenol, in my opinion.

Give it *one* try. If you poor babe doesn't seem to respond (i.e. napping better and drinking/eating) you can cross it off your list and consider other options.

Also, you might want to check Dr. Sears website -- lots of good information. http://www.askdrsears.com
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Originally posted by rianna
"s it common to go through this much discomfort while teething?
all i can say is some do, some dont. ive heard of people who turned around and thier child had a tooth, or 2, or 3 and they never even knew the baby was teething.

but our experience was quite different. when ds was teething, i thought he was the most miserable child in the world. he was never happy and i was sure i was doing something wrong. i knew he was teething, but i thought it couldnt be this bad. i figured it had to be something else, too. like he hated being with me, lol

but, as soon as his teeth came in, he was a different person, back to normal and happy!

dont fret. those teeth will come thru and she will be back to her old self.

and as far as the doc issue, i wouldnt go.
(personal story) i went againt my better judgement and took my sick ds to the doctor this past weekend, he had some viral thing that gave him a fever and swollen gums. i was a little freaked out as was dh, so we went. well, they told me he had swollen gums and a fever and gave me an Rx for penecillin. for what i asked, sine they said it was viral, they said, in case he develops a bacterial infection in his mouth bc his gums are swollen.
so, they told nothing i didnt already know and perscribed uneeded (and imo, harmful) medication and sent me on my way.
turns out he has a strain of herpes that manifests in your mouth and its viral and just has to run its course. so, this just added to my mistrust/untrust of doctors.
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I just get so worried sometimes.

I will always try and do the best for my child and I felt the diaper thing was a little worrisome but, she was drinking and nursing so......

I am a little amazed at some of the feedback I got from the doctor comments. It’s not like I refuse to take her... I would just rather not. I feel like for the most part I know more when it comes to a simple virus and my child or me.
I did call a doc and their advice was empty. They could tell me nothing but Tylenol and pedialight (sp)..... They also said that due to my parenting decisions (vaccinations) they would feel more comfortable if I did not bring her in to see them.

I use Hylands, chammilioa, tylenol, clove oil... just for the teeth but we figured out the stomach virus too.

I see her personality change and it freaks me out! I cant believe how fast and drastic it can be. She went from a happy, independent child to a full blown monster who would not let go of me... ahhh... long week but it looks like we are better.

Again.. Thanks for your input
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I am concerned about the dry diapers. Even if she is sipping, nipping, whatever, its obviously not enough if she continues to be dry. (or very few wet ones). does she have "real" tears when she cries?

my first two kids seemed to wake up with a mouthful of teeth, and i never even knew it. my last one had more pain, and i gave him tylenol, which really helped.
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I'm with you on the doctor thing - I trust 'em about as far as I can throw 'em, and that ain't far! If my dd had a serious problem, of course I would go, grit my teeth, put up with their blah blah blah crap and get the issue dealt with.

But it sounds to me like you are dealing with a teething issue, and maybe possibly a dehydration issue, although one diaper is not much to go on.

I am all for trusting a mother's instinct. If your primal brain tells you that your dd is alright, then she likely is. Keep your mommy's eye on her and I'm sure it will be fine once those teeth come through.
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