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Who's Not Showing?

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I want to hear from all the mamas not showing! Last time I was showing by 13 weeks (of course I had put on about 20 lbs by that point). However, this time at 11 weeks I have only put on 6 and only look a little curvier. Actually, I am enjoying keeping it to myself, and really hope not to get quite as big. However, that said it all makes me paranoid, especially as I have been so blessed to feel absolutely fabulous! So, help me feel better ladies!
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Well, I thought I was showing. But actually I don't think I am. My pants are getting snug though.
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I'm not. Like, at all. I don't show for awhile. : I'm 12.5 weeks and my jeans aren't even snug.
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I'm not showing. I mean I have gained a little weight like 5 lbs or something and my jeans are a little tighter but are still comfortable. I am 10 weeks.
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Not at all.

In fact, I've lost weight due to increased activity, so my tight pants all fit.

One could say my boobs are showing, but they were already huge. The biggest problem is all my non-long shirts now lift at the waist. *sigh* (And because I have huge boobs, the bella band style is NOT for me.)
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Well, I'm kinda weird. My tighter pants - the ones I bought just before I got pregnant - won't button. All my old pants fit fine though and according to my scales I haven't gained a pound. My abdomen seems to be sticking out a bit - but it isn't where the baby is yet. In fact, at my first appointment at 11.5 weeks, my uterus wasn't above my pubic bone yet - so I'm guessing I'm just bloating.

I had two really great days with no nausea and burping - I felt almost normal, but it is now back to some degree. :\ I'm hoping as I move into second trimester the good days outnumber the yucky ones!
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At 12 weeks my tiny belly is maybe a half-inch less tiny. My jeans fit but feel a bit snug on my tummy when I sit. No one would think I was pregnant just by looking at my belly.
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I'm only 10 1/2 weeks - and haven't been able to eat much the past three weeks or so - not showing yet. I'm very short waisted though - so I know it won't be long. And, my past two pregnancies, I more than made up for lost time once the nausea lifted (gained 40 with DS1, and 50 with DS2 after losing weight in the first tri!). I'm hoping to exert a little more self control as I move into the second trimester this time...
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I am not showing at all. I normally don't until around 18-20 weeks. I am down a few more pounds, and my clothes still fit fine.
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Me Neither

I'm 12 weeks and 2 days. Nothing...
Except of course a bigger cup size. (A whole cup size in 2 and a half months!!!)
I just went to the midwives, apperently I lost a little weight. (I think it was more about time of day, etc., but I haven't gained...)
The area just under my ribs is harder and thicker however...
But, all of my pants still fit... Maybe with a little "muffing top" (That's whn your belly tops over your pants...)
This is #1, so I expect it to be a while before I look the part.
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I am not showing and I haven't gained any weight at 12 weeks. My pants don't fit anymore though. I had to buy maternity pants just to have something comfortable but I am over weight anyways. I have a friend that is 4 weeks ahead of me and shhe has this cute llittle tummy. she doesn't think it is cute but I am so jelous. My husband has noticed that I am more curvy and my boobs are bigger so he is happy!
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I'm not. I have put on weight though, owing to the voracious appetite that reared it's head in the first few weeks, so my pants don't fit, but I just look fat, as opposed to pregnant.
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