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Almost Newly Single...

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Hi there- I am almost single- our divorce is in the works- but I wanted to jump out here and say hi here I am, good to meet you...I have 2 boys ages 3 1/2 months (Quinn) and 4 1/2 years (Jacob)...I am getting the courage and also the "I demand 1000.00 dollars-don't screw with me" attitude together to go sell my engagement ring in order to hire a lawyer to get this divorce thing rolling. Nontheless, I am new to this forum and thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Sally, I'm 33 and I work full time at a local cafe and bakery. I'm in Maine currently living with my folks while things get sorted out between myself and my soon to be XDH. Nowadays I am 85% super relieved, and 15% sad that the marriage didn't work out. I'ved been working up the gumption to get divorced for about a year now, and finally decided that the time was NOW in mid August.
I'm burning the sweet potatoes so thats all I have time for...
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Welcome, Sly! Keep up your courage - you can do it.

My divorce is in the works, too, it's been dragging out forever. I just truly take things one day at a time, as they say.

(Oh - by the way, I grew up in southern Maine (am now/have been in NY for a few years) and have begun to miss it, but going back "home" may create too many waves with ex. Ahh well. But I really miss the ocean!)
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Is he going to fight you on stuff- cause if not you could save alot of money by using a paralegal service.
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I think so. We have 2 sons and I want full custody and I dont want him to have unsupervised overnights. He is Bipolar which isnt the problem- but some of the meds he takes knock him out completley, and he isn't able to do any nighttime paretning. Never has been. We have a 3 month old and 4yr old. Anyway, some days XDH to be is ok with the idea, some not. Also, he is not reliable about taking his meds and when he dosnt he can be delusional. So, I am anticipating a potential fight just in case. When it comes to my kids, I'd rather be prepared to fight to the death with a lawyer at the ready.

I always think of that 70's show, "One Day At A Time"... Uh Oh BreastMilk tragedy in the fridge, leaking bag....:
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