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Wore one of my shirts today, response

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As some of you know, I've challenged myself to wear one of my Intactivist T-shirts at least twice per week to a busy public place, like grocery shopping, the mall and so on.

Today I went to the annual Breastfeeding Challenge held at Moss Street Market wearing a new one which says "Lactivist Intactivist" in big funky lettering on top, and "breastfeeding for all, circumcision for none" in clean bold print underneath, and got great responses from people there, ie: while waiting in line to register, a woman said she loved it, wanted to buy one etc. And the lady at the registration table, who saw my other shirts last year & the year before was happy to see a new one this year.

I decided that it didn't count really because I was surrounded by a bunch of crunchies anyways, sooooo I just went down to the local mall to buy some yarn at Zellers, then went to the food court (which was literally packed with people) bought some Greek food, got some magazines and ate & read for awhile. Then I popped into the Starbuck's also in the food court there, and while waiting at the bar for my Chai Latte, a woman probably in her 40's came over to wait as well.

I could tell she was reading my shirt so after a bit I glanced over and smiled at her. She grinned and said "I LOVE your shirt!!!" (with that much enthusiasm) I thinked her and told her about the BFing Challenge and that I make a shirt every year etc. She said "That's fantastic, but you know, I really LOVE the part about "Circumcision For None" I was so pleased when she said that - talk about major positive energy!

She told me that 16 years ago when her son was born she & her hubby were made to feel like freaks for leaving him intact. I told her "I am really grateful that you left him intact" and she replied "You know what? WE are really grateful too!"

We chatted for a few more minutes and I know I inspired her to talk more about this with others. SO COOL!

Anyways, just was bursting to tell you guys!

- Kira
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thats awesome!
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go on girl! that's awesome!!!!
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What a great response!
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That is soooo awesome, Kira! Bumperstickers, T-shirts, talking to people...all of these things reach the eyes and hearts of everyone exposed to them, and have the potential to make a huge impact.

Great job!

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That's really awesome!
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you've encouraged someone to speak up
You are an intacivist hero
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WTG, Kira! That is awesome!
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You've inspired me to perhaps do this myself one day, go to the mall and walk around for a while with one of these on. The looks I would get would be quite amusing to me. I think I should be interested to see the response I would get. At first Ive felt intimidated about doing this, but, that I would get a lot of strange looks. But, its for a good cause, and why should I be embarrassed when we have innocent, helpless children being tortured, when I am trying to get people to stop this atrocity? Some people may think Im a fanatic, but who is really more of a fanatic, those who would want to torture babies, or those who want it stopped?
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By the way, where do you buy your shirts from?
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YEAH!! You go girl...as soon as we get this move done..I WILL get my hand on one of those shirts and do the same..I promise!!
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I really love your tshirt idea. you are so awesome! (and I especially love the one that says may the foreskin be with you) do you sell those btw? :
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This is the second really happy thread I've read in a row. How wonderful! Kira, I love your idea of wearing an intactivist shirt twice a week. I'll order a new shirt in the near future so I can do that, too.

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Kira--I adore you! My intactivism thread seems puny now! LOL You know what though? You had a big part of getting me to that point, so thank you.
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Thanks for the love everyone! I continued wearing the shirt tonight & went up to my parents place for dinner with them and my sister & her DH. More chatting about the shirt and it's becoming a normal topic of conversation now, and definetly not strained or difficult.

I just emailed the friend who has volunteered his time & talents in setting up a website for all the shirts I design so people can purchase them & wear them with pride! It's quite the project, and I hope that it'll be finished & running smoothly in the next few weeks *fingers & toes crossed* I took out a line of credit so I can order a ton of different coloured & sized shirts and get them printed with the different designs and shipped to me - gotta love credit...

I will definetly let everyone know when things are all set up - there's been so much demand for these and I think that light-hearted advocacy wear is a great way of getting the word out in a non-threatening way. Call it "Cuddly Activism" if you like...

- Kira

PS. Love you Tiff - you are the most big-hearted person I know, bless you!!!!
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One of the shirts you wore would have people here in Ohio thinking I'm a nutjob. We're so far behind the times! *sigh*

The information I gave to my friend last night had her up to 2am researching circumcision--and she thanked me for it!!!

I'm going to look and see what else they have besides shirts.
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That's so cool!!!
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Originally Posted by hazelnut316 View Post
One of the shirts you wore would have people here in Ohio thinking I'm a nutjob. We're so far behind the times! *sigh*

Even more reason to wear it...I know it would be more comfortable to wear it around other intactivist, but we're not the ones that NEED to see it.

(trust me I get nervous TOO)
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The first few times out wearing the shirts was hard.... I felt naked actually, if that makes any sense? I mean naked in that my very passionate beliefs on a pretty loaded topic were put right out there in people's faces.

However, now it's much easier....just takes pratice really, like so many other things. That reminds me that I need to print off a few various brochures to have in my purse should the opportunity arise.

- Kira
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