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May 2004----> October 2006. Still at it.

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Wahooooo I get to do this this month!

renae, yay, I totally called it on the Frida For You!!! That was the only one like that, most of the cards I sent out are made by moi or someone I know, and that one by me...soo glad you enjoyed it so much! I am really really happy.

Today was another hot springs day. This particular water park is just that, a water park. With fun slides and tons of kid-centered play areas (unlike the more mellow, relax hot springs), with the added bonus of all the water being fresh and non-chlorinated. Fun was had. Skin was burned. Toddlers were wiped out.

Yeah, my mother will definitely stay in another house besides mine. I would be completely foolish or destitute to live with my mother. The plan now is to keep her in this apt. (where I am now) whilst we are in my new house!!!! Cannot wait. Will be moving over the next two weeks. Wish us luck.

Fern what you shared about L and med intervention makes me want to give you a big hug. But you're right, thank goddess for it...hope L feels better very, very very very soon.

Jstar I adored my prenatal visits with my mw, mainly because she rocks my socks and our visits were around 2 hrs long, talking about every little thing in life and also listening to baby's heart and other measurement stuff. All for the sweet price of twenny dolla. Hang in there...pregnant girl...
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Gah! It is not even October here yet! I was so loggin on to se tup the new thread early and you beat me to it!

We went to disneyland last weekend and then as soon as we got home DH left for the rest of hte week. We got back Monday. Disneyland was so great. I know I should be ashamed but I just loved it and I can't wait to go back. J is all about the mermaid right now, and the mermaid was so nice to her.
Meanwhile I am setting up the gardening projects. Apple tasting this week since they are working on the senses. I am actually so excited about this. Then I am also in charge of field trips.
What I am good at... I am good at teaching, and I am creative and I am good at evaluating myself without beating myself up (too much) and then trying to improve. My creativity and love for teaching I came by naturally but the rest I work at all the time.
J and N are both very good at fine motor type tasks like cutting, writing and drawing (as evidenced by certain places in my house which I was not too COOL about). N is really imaginative and loving and she is good at evaluating information and learning. Well, all kids are good at learning. My job is to make sure they stay that way.
J is so loving and such a funny little girl. She is imaginative in a different way than N. N likes to use whatever is around her and incorporate that, but she needs a friend usually. Like today she was using twigs I pruned from bushes to build a house for Julia. I think she may have gotten the idea from a book. She used to use imaginary friends, but unfortunately she needs playdates now. J uses toys to play and she can spend a lot of time with two plastic horses and a figurine from a happy meal (yeah, I am not even going to bother with the bag- I am standing up in my shame LOL) at the water table.

OK, I am going to watch TV and eat chocolate if I can find some and knit.

Els- that knitting animation was hilarious.

Oh, and FWIW, we love sesamestreet.org around here. We love it more than TV but they can't play at the same time.
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just subbing and lettin' out a 'hollaaaaaaaa...' so you all know i'm readin' along...

oh, and our little boy has a name: Stefan Fedor L___ (same last name as daddy and big brother) the first name we just liked, the middle name is my father's first name. ahhh... Marek has already started using the name for the little one, so I think we chose well.

my dad's plane lands in just about an hour and a half, and bill is going to pick him up. i'm so excited to see my dad. :

we went to a grand opening celebration of a local spa that is devoted to pregnant and brand new moms, complete with in-house lactation services by IBCLCs, and I got to show off the new babe to some good friends and some friends I recently reconnected with. I like showing off all my boys.

off to get M ready for bed...

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Elsanne- love the title

nuggetsmom- I have never been to disneyland. Some day. Glad you had fun.

Claudia- was just about to post when your post popped up. Hooray for Stefan!

What I am good at: honest self-evaluation, dealing with high-energy age groups (toddlers and preteens), sharing my love of music.

What L is good at: showing affection, being gentle to the cat and to other kids, humming on-key while strumming the "guitar" (ukalele).

We had to resort to another Zophran. I really didn't want to give it, because I like to think that puking has a healing purpose, but I started to get worried when he kept puking up tiny amounts of thick green stuff, and I called the advice nurse, and she was like "duh, give it NOW, don't wait till tonight." Well, she didn't literally say duh, but it was implied and I really could have used the information without the superior tone. I have a brain and I'm using it the best I can, so there (sticks out tongue.)

He took a short fitful puky nap earlier today, but less than two minutes after I gave him the Zophran, he was OUT like a light for two hours. He really rebounded after the nap, and even ate a tiny bit, and has kept down all liquids since the med was given. That's one expensive, amazing pill. Thanks for all the kind words, everyone. I'm sure L will be on the mend soon.
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Wow, subscribing and not really posting because I am really, really freakin' .
Yeah. I think I underestimated how much I could drink and not be plastered.
There are three (THREE!!) empty wine bottles in the sink. :
It's not as bad as it sounds. I promise!

(one was terrible and got poured out, one got spilled. One well...one was drank. Drunk? Yeah. All in all, I had about three glasses. Which is exceedingly sad seeing as I am quite inebriated right now. My goodness.)

I feel a little gross but we had an awesome night. Good thing I do NOT have to nurse until tomorrow morning! :

Now, back to bed.

I love you all. And I'm not just saying that because I'm on the sauce. :

(this is gonna be a post that I will wish was deleted. Or um, that WILL be deleted! Who knows? Haha! I don't even care! Damn the Man! )

(no one make fun of me. Okay, you can, but only because I am gonna regret this tomorrow!

Ooh, do I get points because this is all properly spelled out and such? No grammar problems, even! Wow!

Hope you all have a wonderful night. you all.
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Subbing. Mainly here (on MDC) to ask ?s about mastitis over on the bf'ing forum...

Yea for a name! I really like it!
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Fiddle, I'm sooooo sorry to hear about L's pukies and all the emotional stuff that comes along with it. Balancing modern medicine with NFL must be really tricky. You are doing great!

KK, oh the mastitis. Ugh! What a hellish thing to deal with. I only had one small bout of it, but I kicked it pretty easily, so let me know if you have any questions. It sounds impossible, but really.... you just gotta do nothing but nurse nurse nurse, rest rest rest, lying down as much as possible.

TC, love the name!

Sherri, thanks for sharing your cute little girlie stories. Mia really loves Jett a ton, but their interactions are not nearly so ummm.... interactive yet. But he does love watching her, especially when she is dancing, which happens A LOT these days.

Els, congrats on the new home, and I'm so happy to hear about procress with your mom. I'll be thinking of you and that transtion. Kudos to you for stepping up and trying to get her to change her circumstance. Sometimes a change of scenery is the last little bit it takes to get someone to kick whatever junk they are leaning on.

And as for asking for help and not trying to be superwoman... TAKE THAT ADVICE!

I am much better about asking for help this time around. I used to always hold Mia, even if Dh wanted to. I was so afriad of her being midly unhappy for even a second, I hogged her, big time. And I see now that I cheated DH out of some of his own bonding with her. But with Jett, I am so much more relaxed about handing him off. And I already see a difference in how much Jett and DH are bonded. Mia wasn't comfortable with him because I wasn't comfortable with her being with anyone but me. but spreading the baby wealth is proving to be the better route for me.

But I will also admit, part of why I am so willing to pass him off to DH (or anyone who is willing to hold him ) is because the boy weighs almost 21 lbs! He's only 5 months old! My back is sore, my arm cramps up a lot and my feet hurt a lot (I have issues with them which are exasserbated when I am carrying extra weight). He doesn't much care for a sling when we are at home. I've pretty much gotta be walking for him to be cool with it for any period of time. But I just ordered a moby wrap, so we'll see if I can figure out something he'll be content with around the house.

Okay, so I realized I never answered the "what are you good at" question. I'll mull it over and answer later, otherwise this will be one monster of a post and I might never hit send. (Please tell me I'm not the only one who does that occassionally. Sometimes I re-read it and think "why on earth did I think any of that was interesting?" DELETE )

One love. Peace out.
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Originally Posted by mamameg View Post

One love. Peace out.
Yeah baby!

Thanks for the words about my sitch. I just love the support you give....
The thing about babies, and second ones: Viet is GREAT with Sol. he will not touch Amara with a ten foot pole. This, needless to say, is entirely aggravating. He says we spoiled Sol wiht regards to the way she needs to get to sleep and so he wants to let this one cry it out. So, anytime she cries, he thinks she needs to cry herself to sleep. I have tried, mamas, oh how I have tried to make him understand she cries for multitudinous other reasons. He is a sh!t. So, unless my wife has her, I am saddled with my beautiful baby at all times. Viet insists on only helping with Sol, which to his tiny credit he does very well.

Occasionally, sometimes, he will hold her momentarily while I am getting ready to take her back from him (ie, putting on sling, nursing, etc). He will make faces at her while she is in her bucket (infant seat). That, however, is as far as he goes as of yet.

Okay. enuff complaints. more proactivity. superwoman. argh.

I'm going to go get a carpet for my new home, one that ties the room together.
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KK - so sorry you are still dealing with the mastitis. The only time I had it bad - 10 days postpartum - I ended up in the hospital for 2 nights on IV antibx. So not much advice here.

Fiddle - Your post made me want to hug you, too. That is powerful stuff. Please call if you want to chat anytime. I'm glad the ridiculously expensive pill worked and L got some healing rest.

Claudia - A name! Yay! So how do you pronounce it? I've heard people put the stress on either syllable. Have fun with yer pa.

Elsanne - Have fun decorating your new room...I mean, house. Hope the transition goes smoothly.

Meg - glad to hear from you. Wow, 21 lbs! Put up some new pics in the YG, woman!

Renae, I will just say: You rock, hon. I must admit, I almost passed out the other night, the first time in a looooooooong time, from too many margaritas. The stress of starting school was my excuse...what's yours??

I have never been to Disneyland either. Or Disneyworld, even though my parents live in FL. Someday, we'll take Lily.

OK, L. is getting ansy. See ya! Happy October!

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Well, I paid for my drunkeness last night. : Hah.
I woke up so hungover, and I STILL went to church! How's that for dedicated! I even *participated*! It was a hymn sing service, so we pretty much sang the WHOLE time. DH was like "um, I'm outta here!" But I love it.

Anyhow, I need to eat something, but beyond that, I'm good. Coffee rules. Megan, I read my post from last night and totally thought "WHY did I write all that shite!? I am so lame" : So yeah, I delete stuff all the time. You're not the only one.
Elsanne! I missed that you moved! I suck! Congrats and YAY! Have fun decorating, and with the transition.

I came on here to just say hi and talk about what I'm good at...I may have to think more on that. Oh, and Sarah, my excuse for drinkin' was that DH starts his new job tomorrow and that was the last night we could stay up late and "party"...and when I say party, I mean drink a few glasses of wine and watch some Buffy episodes! We're wild & crazy, for sure!
We stayed up late enough to watch the Weekend Update on SNL. Dane Cook was the host, we love him. (stand-up comedian)

Okay, I am really having a hard time at talking about what I'm good at. So more later.

It is raining BIG time here today...hope you all enjoy your Sunday. Happy October!

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I'm nak (well, this weekend, I seem to have something permanently attached to the boob to try to drain it), so here I am to do a bigger reply. Obviously, I'm feeling better. I still have 2 plugged ducts in one breast, though, that I can't seem to loosen up, so maybe some advice on that? (I posted some ?s in the bf'ing forum.)

Renae, I for one was amused.

Els, I'm : at Viet. CIO for an *infant*? And I'm excited about your new place and nervous about what you're doing for your mom. You deserve a medal. I really hope it goes well.

21 lbs? I'm impressed. I think L is only maybe 16 lbs, and she's a big girl.

Ff, so sorry about the pukies. Ug, zofran is one of the drugs I took in my last pg, and yeah, it stops the barfing cold. I hated it (because it prevented me from pooping--watch out for constipation in Mr. L), and I think it's one of the most expensive prescription drugs out there. But it can be darned useful. Don't feel bad about medical intervention. I just wish children in the 3rd world had access to sterile IV fluids, etc.

Nuggets, glad you had fun in DL. Don't be ashamed!

EL, I feel for you. After my parents divorced, my dad went through a phase of dating ahem, not the nicest people, and he was ah, a little selfish (well okay, a lot selfish). I can't imagine how difficult it would be *living* with it, with a toddler thrown in (and then a migraine and a dh MIA would push me over the top).

Jess, do what ya gotta do (ie, buy the paper plates). (I don't know how I got through pg life, either... it's kind of a fog, looking back.)

MCSB--that book sounds interesting. Tell us more...
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oh i love disneyland. that was one of the benefits of growing up in so cal-- lots of disneyland trips with my cousins. and lots of good memories. i can't WAIT to take isaac there. i love that it has things that appeal to every age. even the big kids like me

oh mastitis is rough. i had it develop over a couple of weeks where i had really painful breasts. i just nurse nurse nursed. and then woke up one morning hardly able to walk i was so feverish. so off to get abx i went. sarah - yipes i didn't know you went into the hospital because of it. it is no fun!

there was a cool show on the nat geog channel last night called 'in the womb' lots of video footage and ultrasound footage. i have no idea how they do those videos without jeapardizing the baby (?). and very educational

stefan - very cute even cuter that marek is using it!

renae - thanks for drinking enough for me too glad you had fun

jett is a big boy! and i'm curious to see how doug does with #2. ie whether he will baby-handle more. i expect he'll just isaac-handle more.

so glad the zophran works for L.

i ate a huge breakfast a few hours ago. i wouldn't say i feel GOOD at the moment but i don't feel quite so BAD i just cut out fabric to start sewing isaac's halloween costume and i'm SCARED. i haven't used my sewing machine since i sewed my finger several years ago. time to get past that little hurdle!! so here goes. i am motivated by the fact that he needs a cool costume and he loves shrek so totally and completely. he's been saying 'shrek costume. shrek costume.' even though i think he has no idea what he's talking about omg yesterday we were in the car for ~40 minutes and he said 'go to fred meyer' every 30 seconds for that entire drive. i thought i was going to DIE. yeeeeeeeesssssssssssss we are going to fred mmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeyer ok kiddo. sheesh :
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Wow- the sickies have turned me into lil miss posty-pants.

L is on the mend- full of energy and finally poopy (thanks to finally eating plus being done with zophran: I forgot that was a side effect kk so thanks for the heads-up!). Dh and I on the other hand are at the low point. Fortunately we are both home today and taking two hour shifts with the boy/ sleeping & resting ourselves. L tantrumed on and off for cheetos (!) all morning and wouldn't eat anything else. I finally gave in around noon and gave him some. I thought it would bring on the pukies, but amazingly it didn't. I guess he's better.

MF- You are such a wild one, you wine-drinkin', buffy-watchin', hymn-singing, you.

Megan- Wow- you go, you 21-pound-baby-growing mama! Yes, NFL/medical intervention frustration- I'm feelin it all the time. And while I've never deleted a whole post, I frequently get rid of chunks of chattiness (not that you can tell ) Oh, and I'm waiting with baited breath to hear what you're good at (MF too).

KK- I am glad the mastitis is gone, and I hope the plugged ducts resolve soon. I only have the standard advice- warm pack just before nursing, massage the milk toward the babe's mouth while nursing, shower w/ message, then cold pack. That seems to have worked for me in the past.

Elsanne- V seems to be in denial of the fact that he helped make TWO babies. HELLO. Doesn't he realize that A needs a relationship with him, too? (Aside from the fact that you need a break, which is also important). I mean, I can totally identify with the whole- whoops this wasn't planned thing (I'm in the middle of that). But you've stepped up to the plate and he needs to as well. I know I'm preachin to the choir here, sorry.

Sarah- I just may take you up on that phone call later today. BTW, we just have to pay a co-pay for the pill, but I'm still aware of the cost, which gets back to us every time our insurance premiums rise.

Jstar- L is a big-time repeater too. Drives me batty. Guitar? Guitar? Play Guitar? Play Guitar? Guitar? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. And I think Doug might surprise you with baby #2. As I remember, he was pretty hands-off with #1 until Isaac got bigger, but now he's got his parenting chops and maybe he'll be less afraid to handle a little one.

OK, I either need to do dishes or go back to bed. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.
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Thanks for starting our october chat-fest, elsanne. Good title. Your new place sounds great, too. I hope the sitch with your mom works out. You're very brave to attempt it, given your past relationship. I hope the move is just what she (and you) need(s)!

fiddle-glad L is healing, and sorry you and dh are feeling icky. I hope it gets better

Renae-what a wild weekend You go, girl!

Megan-what a big little guy. Can't wait to see some new pics (hint, hint). And, I probably don't delete nearly enough of what I write

KK-hope you're feeling better with the mastitis almost gone. Never had it, at least not full blown. But the weird yeasty-thing I got made me sympathize with any breast issue while trying to nurse. Hope you're all better by Friday so G and I can still come by and play

Did you hear that everyone? KK and I are going to meet on Friday! Isn't that great! I've been so jealous of all you other moms getting to visit, so now that I'm within 3 hours of another May Mama, I'm taking advantage.

Never been to disneyland, but went to disneyworld when I was 11 and that was before there was Epcot and all the other cool stuff. I'd love to take G someday and dh has never been. I feel a little : about it, too, but all things in moderation, right?

jstar-hope the morning sickiness isn't too bad, yet. I didn't have it last time until the 2nd full month, but it lasted for what seemed like forever, even though much is a vague memory. Hang in there! Kudos to you for sewing a costume. G wants to be a cowboy, so that's easy enough. We've been assembling boots, shirt, sheriff's badge, stick horse, etc., for a while, so I think he's almost all set. He picked it out and at first he wanted to be a "cowboy pirate" so I'm glad he's at least narrowed it down. I didn't really thing he'd go for an eye patch and peg leg, so this will be easier.

TC-like the name! And glad you came up with something you're all happy with!

Well, AF paid a visit yesterday so guess I'm not pregnant this month. But, I'm okay with it. I haven't been charting for the past couple months anyway. I didn't like how the chart started controlling ME the month or two I did it...even though I was an active charter when conceiving G. I guess I just don't want to try so hard this next time, IYKWIM. I feel familiar enough with my cycle and ovulation patterns to know when I'm fertile. And last time I realized our timing had little to do with when we'd conceive. It will happen when it happens, and not a minute too soon. So, we're not actively "trying" (I really don't like that term, anyway) but not trying to prevent anything, either. Trust, trust. That's what I learned with G, so I'm trying to get to that place again.

All that said, I'm really cheering for you emmalola. I hope it works out how it needs to. And you are really brave for doing all this while living with family. Not an easy situation you're in. Will you be staying with your dad long? My dad has remarried and/or dated several times since my mom and I could never live with any of them.

Okay, I better turn off the Backyardigans and go outside and play "soccer ball" with my boy. He's all about balls and cars these days. He does still love his little kitchen, though. As long as he's washing his cars or balls, that is. What a boy I've raised!

Love to all my may mamas! :mwah:
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Welcome to the world, Stefan! What a wonderful name.

Jacqueline- thanks for the positive thoughts. I'm sorry you're out this month. I have a feeling I will be too, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Yes- living with my dad wasn't supposed to include living with his new girlfriend, so we're just adjusting. Sweets gave me the go-ahead to call the realtor tomorrow, even though we're going to be in and out for the next week and a half. Something has to give, and soon. Too bad it's going to involve moving the lentil again, but it will be a better situation for everyone and he won't hear his mommy telling his daddy all sorts of frustrating stories about his grampy anymore. distance is a good thing. The problem is that my dad isn't really interested in developing family-style living in the middle of his later-than-midlife-crisis.

renae- thanks for not deleting your drinky post. I loved it! Totally made me laugh, only because I've been there too.

plugged ducts: This is going to sound a little wierd, but bear with me. I struggled with plugged ducts throughout my breastfeeding time with the lentil. There came a day when I realized that I could actually see where the plug was on my breast because there would be a lighter-than-usual spot on my nipple, almost like a whitehead. So when I felt a plugged duct coming on, I would go into the shower, get it nice and hot, and start massaging/expressing milk out. I would pay particular attention to the duct that was plugged, and I could tell when I was getting somewhere because that white spot would get close and closer to the surface of my nipple. Keep massaging... more hot water... then the white spot would be right there and I could (this may be TMI, but it worked for me!) squeeze it almost like a pimple. Yes, it is painful. But once that little white nugget of milk solids (it was almost like a little bead, lodged in my breast) once that came out the milk would come gushing out. gushing, I tell you. And the pain would almost instantly be gone. The little bead would pop out and fly through the air, followed by the geyser of milk and I was always SO relieved. once I figured this out about my body, I was spared so much pain. It was a miracle cure for me. go figure.

Okay, that was a lot of sharing. But I would be curious to know if any other mommas had a similar experience.

zofran is incredible. Most of my patients are on it for chemotherapy-related nausea and I wouldn't think twice about giving it to people. If it works, it works. But I hear you about the agony of being forced to rely on medical "help" to get through these things.

Oh- so much to catch up. And to think, I just was posting to sub!
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I have to share this with the May Mamas (who else could I share it with? )

So I've been a squeezin' and a massagin' that boob all day (good thing I haven't had to go out in public, because I haven't been able to keep my hands off it working at the plugs). And nursing... I've forced it on L so much that she's spit up some because I think she's over-full (and she looks a bit fatter than she did a few days ago). At some point, I finally was able to express a few drops of yellow-tinged milk from a duct. I was curious, so I tasted a drop. It was pretty gross. Of course, only much later did it dawn on me that the milk was yellow because it was probably mixed with pus. :Puke (Okay, that wasn't my brightest moment.) The plugs feel smaller, but still there. I think I'll probably just have to keep working at them. I think the lecithin is probably helping.

EL, I had a few plugs like you described right at the beginning way back when with T. It's always the same milk duct, too (though there's an extra one involved this time). I've always wondered if there was a narrow spot in it somewhere.

Okay, I'm sure you're all ready for this post to end. :
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During my bout with mastitis, I had the thick, gooey yellow junk come out, too. Not the actual solids like emmalola. I do remember feeling so relieved when the yellow milk came out, though; I massaged out a bunch and it felt sooooo much better immediately. Yuck! I have had a handful of plugged ducts since then (no pun intended ) but they always resolved within a day or two with no yellow gunk.

ANYWAY, yes, let's get off this topic. I planted about a thousand bulbs today and feel great about that!

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TC== looove the name! Stefan! Now, is it Steff-ON or STEF-en? Really like the middle name too. Very unique. How is everything going?

ELola-I actually found the milk bead tip interesting, despite never having had a plugged duct. *filing away for future useful tip to friend*

Renae, I was highly entertained by your post-from-the-cups. You lush! Sounds like fun. I bought myself a couple of guinness beers (a real treat down here) and cannot wait to drink one.

Jacqueline, omg, baby #2! Just excited that you are not avoiding pregnancy. And I do think it's fab you are going to meet kk...wait...does that mean that we have all met each other through the seven-degrees thing? Has every may mama met at least one other may mama? Who has made the east-west coast bridge?

Sherri, Hi! Here's a hug despite the fact that you rarely ask for one.

Ferngrrl, I am soo glad to hear L has finally turned the corner! Even if evidenced by cheeto-tantrum! Yaaay!

Jstar, Sol has yet to say "go to Fred Meyer". Bet it'll be a loooooong time before she ever does. Does Tom Peterson still have a crew cut? (*pdx references, for those not in the knoooow*)

I really love disneyland. I really love amusement parks. I cannot WAIT to take my girls when they are older, there is a six flags in mexico city.

So I bought my carpet, the one that really ties the room together. (please someone tell me you get my lebowski jokey) I am so psyched! I actually bought five carpets. !!! Only one really big one, one smaller one to tie the bedroom together, and two fun child carpets to create little play spaces, and one bright red bathroom carpet. They were on sale. Fun to spend money.

Viet. Grrr. Trying not to spend much energy on that. Once again he is being difficult and uncommunicative, and once again I am trying not to expend energy on "figuring out why" because it's not worth it. He does not communicate, either, or else shoot we'd just ask each other what the heck is going on!!! Like NORMAL PEOPLE!!!!
Okay, tantrum over.
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pronunciation is STEF-ahn FEH-door

relaxing day with my dad here. he and bill made calabacitas with black beans for dinner... yum :

off to watch some extreme makeover home edition and cry at the sad story...


p.s. midwife (well, co-midwife, since our midwife is muy embarazada and can't drive more than 10 minutes and we live over 35 minutes away from her) came today to check on us and weighed S and it looks like he's maybe already a pound heavier than at 3 days old... : almost tempted to drive out to the midwife's house to weigh him on the very same scale to see what he's actually gained. he's a really good nurser, but to know exactly how much he's gained would do wonders for my milk supply worries.
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Originally Posted by elsanne View Post
So I bought my carpet, the one that really ties the room together. (please someone tell me you get my lebowski jokey)
I SO totally got it! I haven't seen that movie in forever. I think I need to re-rent it. Haha. DH has never seen it, what a crime! And I am glad you all were entertained by my drunken posting (I am the Drunken Posting Master! ) but I was glad to see that DH had removed the evidence from the house Sunday morning (the THREE empty wine bottles! and now, it's Monday and he's at his first day of the new job! Send him good vibes, everyone! I cannot believe he is only 15-20 minutes away now! It's awesome.
I will post in more length later, right now I need to make Rowan breakfast and join him for some Caillou and Curious George in the living room (: I don't even care really, that TV is part of our morning routine. It gives him a chance to wake up and get moving, and me a chance to get stuff done around the house for the rest of our day. So thbbbt on the vegan nuns on this one! )

I STILL need to share what I'm good at! I'll get to it, I swear.
Have a great day, everyone.

OH! The plugged duct thing. Emmalola, I used to do the SAME thing! I've only had two or three plugged ducts, but each time this was how I resolved them. Yuck, pus. But that means you got the infection out, I think! Good luck with that, KK.

TC, I love your new babe's name! Stefan sounds so romantic to me!

Okay, I just sneezed all over the computer screen. GROSS. You all needed to know that.
Later, mamas!
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