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Fiddle- I've been suffering from some serious yeasts here too. Although nothing as bad as what yours sounds like. I was diagnosed with a "non-albicans yeast", and after a little research I am more discouraged than ever. The problem with nonalbicans yeast- and in particular Candida golbrata, is that it is pretty resistant to standard treatments. I get it under control with help from my naturopath, using probiotics daily, and occasional use of a boric acid suppository. Golbrata infection typically has less of the obvious cottage cheese, but it has a pretty intense burning itch. It's resistant to over the counter creams and seems to be resistant to Diflucan. (I haven't tried diflucan so I can't say that this is true for my strain.) It's common in people who are immunocompromised, but it is increasing in incidence among the general population. Mine is very sensitive to hormonal shifts, and I typically have a flare-up when I ovulate (ooh- sexy!) and just before my period. I've also noticed an increase when I eat lots of refined sugar.

I hope this is a little informative. I had to do a lot of detective work because neither my NP or my naturopath knew a whole heck of a lot about non-albicans yeasts. frustrating!
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Hey all, I'm still here. I'm having a late period, apparently, but I'm still here.

I *think* I may have been pregnant, cause a 31-day cycle is 5 days longer than normal for me. And, I really did see a light pink line on Sunday. But the two negs yesterday and the arrival of heavy bleeding and cramping indicate it was not meant to be. The body work I had yesterday helped me get on with it, I think. I feel I already knew something was off about this pg, and when I went in to see my massage therapist (also my eighbor) she felt I was pregnant, too. While she did her shiatsu stuff on me, we talked about it a little and she said I was congested in my pelvis. Stuff just wasn't flowing right. So, while there may have been a little embryo trying to make a home there (and my intuition says there was), something wasn't quite right and I needed to let it go. That was hard and I was an emotional wreck yesterday...in addition to the fact that I felt like I was getting tonsillitis and a head cold.

However, I slept great last night and the vise-like feeling on my throat has gone. The bleeding and cramps suck, but in general I do feel better and a bit relieved. On Sunday I had nausea that gave me a glimpse of what being pg with G was like and I frankly just didn't feel ready for it. Not that anyone ever feels ready for it, but ya know what I mean.

So, that's where we are. I'm feeling much better. And thank you for all your well wishes and great + pg test stories. I think a little soul is bound for our family at some point, just not right now.

Emmalola, however, watch out! I'm sending all the babydust over to you now
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And what's the "I've been boo'd" mean in many of your siggies?
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Jacqueline - . I'm glad you are feeling better, but of course sympathize with your loss. I want to know what the BOO stuff means, too.

Fiddle - Have you tried grapefruit seed extract? That is the only thing that worked for thrush when Lily and I had it, and it worked like a charm. LMK if you want specifics...

I am in class, wearing cat ears.
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Jacqueline- I had one of those super-quickie pregnancies before L. And I also had that super-emotional, something's just not right feeling. I'm sorry that you are having to go through this, but glad that you are feeling less blocked and more like things are as they should be. Not that it makes it any less sucky to go through.

Sarah- Yes! Tell me about grapefruit seed extract! I vaguely remember you talking about that.

Emily- ugh. So sorry you have to deal with this on an on-going basis! I can't imagine. I'm hopin this will go away in 3+ months when W is born. (Please, please, please). I'll do some more research on non-albicans yeast.

So... I got an ultrasound early this morning, and everything looks a-ok in terms of the cervix. No bedrest for me. They also did growth measurements for the GD, but I'll have to wait to find out about that. Tomorrow I go in for the glucose tolerance test.

See, I don't need to join a due date forum. You "lucky" mamas get to hear allllll the details.
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the yeasty stuff is interesting. i've never had a YI with cottage cheesy stuff. it is always always just itchy itchy itchy and i sit there and scratch my crotch until i drive to the store for monistat. so there is no way i could ever go more than 2 days without some drastic treatment. like kk i would yank out my yoni (incidentally in college i was on the standard planned parenthood orthonovum 777 and was getting MONTHLY yeast infections right before i started my period. everytime i got the monistat i read 'if you have recurring yeast infections you may have aids.' i was convinced i had aids and was one foot in the grave already. i finally went and got an aids test. negative. i went back to pp and they put me on the lowest estrogen pill which took care of the problem. SCARY TIME of my life i tell ya.) i was all prepared to drop out of college and go be a snowboard bum in mammoth until i died. i was a teeeeeny bit bummed i didn't get to do that after all

oh jacqueline you must be right about that little embryo. and i'm glad you are feeling better about it. your massage therapist sounds very intuitive and enlightened--how cool.

yay for mom's who arrive and depart at just the right moments

happy halloweeenie!!

i don't know if i can fit my 'boo'd' in my sig because it is a strict 2 line thing now. oh and please note i am one quarter of the way through with this whole baby thing!@!!!!!! well technically i should be 1/4 way through at 10 weeks + a few days since i am mentally preparing to go the full stretch again
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Fiddle- PM'ed you. I am soooooo happy to hear about the no-prob ultrasound. What a relief. I wonder what was really happening down there? As a midwife, that is. Hmmm.

jstar - you are hilarious. I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time, but your snowboard AIDS bum story was pretty funny.

I'm excited for trick-or-treating tonight. I hope Lily likes it. Can't wait to see pics of all the May Mama cute kiddos! And not just the May babes.

Anybody up for a Secret Santa-type thingy this year? I know it is kinda far away and I am probably setting myself for failure , but it sounds fun to me. Maybe mama gifts among ourselves? Like everyone draws a name so we each give and receive one gift, under $10 let's say. Hmm, hmmmmm?

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I'm in Sarah! Something kinda like what we did for the 1st bdays---homemade-ish or under $10 sounds fun. I want to cheat and have Elsanne get me so I can get some more muy mexicano presentes.

Jacqueline-- *hugs* I'm wondering if I didn't have something similar this past weekend as well. Glad you have supportive people who are in tune with you!

KK--aww...I bet she is saying mama! And I think we need a video clip of her crawl! E I think says mama, but it comes out more like "na na na" Of course she already has daddy and kitty cat before mama just like C.

We had a BUSY morning today w/ PT for both girls and then rushing off to the library for the Halloween parade with a zillion other kids. They passed out stickers and trinkets and C was in her glory. E was a sleepy baby chicken...will have to get some pics later. Then quick lunch and off to the park to soak up some of this glorious fall weather!

(Is it bad to start eating the halloween candy before the trick-o-treaters get here? )

And in happy may babe sibling news... E is doing so much better since we started the periactin/appetite stimulant! [insert backflipping smilie] She willingly ate almost an entire container of YoBaby yesterday. She finally seems to have some hunger cues/interest in food with this.

FF--glad the u/s checked out okay! got your email!
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We sold our house….it’s in contract! We’ll find out tonight if the people accept our offer on this house:

-removed the link-

Check out the playhouse in the photos! I’m pretty excited - and freaked out about the money involved. We’ll be living a very frugal life even with both of us working in order to afford this. We might refinance in 5 years (so I can quit to become a midwife) and by then we hopefully will be settled in and comfortable with this much mortgage. It’s crazy talk- this much money makes me shake.

So sorry about the yeastie-beasties fiddle. I think that it is something that some women are susceptible to even if they do everything to prevent it. Pregnancy is such a strange phase of weird body issues, y’know? I hope it’s not GD.

SO behind at work so I will update later. Maybe I will get my act together and post pictures of my blue butterfly baby.

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Okaaaaaaay.... I'm starting to feel like the last one picked for the softball teams. WHAT IS WITH ALL THIS BEING BOO'D BUSINESS????

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I'm up for a Secret Santa dealie, too. Count me in, however we end up doing it.

Lisa-the house looks beautiful! I hope it works out. I would also be having some sticker shock, but it sounds like you guys have it worked out. It's hard to imagine properties appreciating when they're already so high, but our area is similar to yours (though not quite as high) and they just keep going up and up!!!

We're going to the community center tonight for a Halloween carnival as our neighborhood isn't really a trick-or-treating neighborhood. We'll see if G will actually wear his cowboy boots!

Thanks for all your support...I think these "early miscarriages" are probably extremely common. Still makes it hard, but at least there's my May Mama support to count on.

Off to finish laundry before we go out and trick or treat!
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booing going on... *my lips are sealed* (at least until after spooky day...)

my mom is currently walking around the block again (and the maybe another time after that) with M in the stroller. i had to come in after the first long jaunt out of the neighborhood and two laps around the block because i had to pee. M will not take a nap, despite my attempt at bribing him with "surprises" aka a sucker or some chocolate when he wakes up. : oh well, maybe he'll just go to sleep early tonight and miss all the kids knocking on the door. *as i type this update: he fell asleep and is now napping in the stroller inside the living room.*

would post pics of our grrrr-ing lion, but the frickin' server is off again so i'm grrr-ing at bill...

more tomorrow...

still in love with the ellipsis...

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Heeey, I figured the BOO thing had to do with Halloween! Heehee! Thanks! And:


Rowan got a bit overstimulated before we even left to trick-or-treat! I was putting my makeup on

(I was a witch with green skin and everything! heehee My BF came over and said "That's not a REAL costume!" (ie;, I AM a witch! : ) She stayed long enough to eat some of our candy, borrow my makeup, play with Rowan, and have a smoke before she left. Hah. We're going to a costume party together Saturday night. )

and he was eating dinner, and when he finished I got him into the bathroom to put his makeup on (skeleton!) and halfway through he started to squirm and whine and then because I spoke firmly to him, (I said something like "Rowan! PLEASE hold still!") he burst into tears and wanted NO part of it.

I felt terrible but we got him calmed down and then he went outside and saw our neighbor dressed as Spiderman and he got all excited again. We did a few blocks and then he sat on the porch with his Mama the witch and gave out candy while he ate a lollipop. : ONE piece!!
Then he wanted us to carry him everywhere and it took DH a million years to get him to sleep. He just got downstairs now.
A BIG day over here! But I'm pretty sure all in all he had fun. DH dressed as Joe from Blue's Clues! I said he should have dressed as Steve but it was apparently harder to find a green striped shirt than an orange one he could glue orange squares onto. (and YOU BET we have pictures--um, as soon as we get our computer fixed! )

We are now going to have some yummy snacks and watch Freddy vs. Jason...oh yeah, nothing but the silliest comedy-horror for us!

Have a wonderful and blessed Samhain, mamas!

Jacqueline, just wanted to add in some extra s...I too have had the early miscarriage happen before...once, in HIGH SCHOOL. : It's emotional no matter how it happens. Wishing you some gentleness...and sending some extra over to Emmalola, too!
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Okay. Halloween over. Phew. Actually tomorrow is dressup day at sol's school, she'll be going as a Bruja Angelical: an angelic witch. We have a witch dress and angel wings. Nothing made by me, of course.

We are however making another futon. A king size one. Vegan nuns beam in pride.
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