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My morning sickness has been kicking my butt. It's so bad I wonder how I will make it 2 more months like this. It's much worse this time around. When I was pregnant with ds I managed to squeeze into my wedding dress and attend my wedding which I know I could not possibly do now. I'm barely functioning . One of my midwives told me it would be OK to talk 1/2 a Unisom tablet so I did and the m/s vanished about 95%! Unfortunately I had to go immediately to sleep so I couldn't enjoy it but today is the next day and I am still feeling about 50% better than I did yesterday so maybe I just needed to get a handle on things.

All I can say is that I am living for the second trimester.

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Anyone else having especially vivid dreams? I just close my eyes and I'm dreaming. I haven't been dreaming about babies, or birth, or anything pregnancy-related--just non-stop dreams.

I don't remember this from my other pregnancies.

EDD 12/25/03

DD 2/98
DD 2/98
m/c 4/97
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i've had a hellva last few days.
after the u/s on monday, the boy and i decided to hell with it all and had sex. yesterday, around noon, i started spotting and the bleeding kept getting worse. we went to the emergancy room and they were no help. the bleeding slowed, but started up again in earnest after the pelvic at the hospital. we were sure we were losing the baby.
we scheduled an emergancy u/s this morning at the doc's and, not only is the gestational sac and yolk sac still there and fine, THERE WAS A HEARTBEAT. since it's so early, it was sporradic and slow, but THERE like a little twinkling star. the boy started crying.
the guess is the bleeding was caused by cervical trauma, but there was evidence of a little blood near the gestational sac, so we're not sure. has anyone heard of what causes blood pooling in the uterus or what it could do? it was only a little bit, so it's not too worrisome, but the doc is calling this a threatened miscarriage right now, so i have to rest as much as possible. i'm on pelvic rest and the boy has decided that i am to lay down with my feet up while i'm at home. we're planning to move at the end of this month, so i think i'll quit my job earlier than planned and give myself more time to pack, so i can do it lightly and rest during.
so, that's what my past few days have been like. i don't think i'm having sex ever again. lol
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Oh witchbaby, that must have been scary... I hope everything is ok .. take care of yourself!
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Originally posted by elfinbaby
We're doing fine here. My pooch must be growing because I was slouched on the couch yesterday with my shirt up rubbing my belly and my four year old said "Mom! Are you growing another baby?!?" I told him maybe we'll have one some time. I haven't talked to him about it yet because Nov. is a long time away for a 4 yr. old and last time he started getting anxious.

The exact same thing happened in our house last night, Me slouching on the couch, my son came up patted my belly and asked if there was a baby inside. I said yes, we've spoken about it before, and I told him my tummy has to get "this" big (showing with my hands) till the baby can come out, I showed him one of his little toys, and told him that the baby was only that big (like 2 inch size toy) and he seemed to understand.
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Re: dreams

Originally posted by mh_mummy
[BAnyone else having especially vivid dreams? I just close my eyes and I'm dreaming. I haven't been dreaming about babies, or birth, or anything pregnancy-related--just non-stop dreams.

I had a HORRIBLE dream last night, I dreamt I had a m/c - and I've never had one, so I don't know where my mind got the images from. It was very scary.
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paranoid dreams

Originally posted by Chelly2003
I had a HORRIBLE dream last night, I dreamt I had a m/c - and I've never had one, so I don't know where my mind got the images from. It was very scary.

About a week ago, I was trying to get dd to sleep. I was lying next to her and was dozing a little as well. I must have shifted or something, and thought I had felt something. I immediately thought I was m/c'ing. I woke completely up, with a surge of adrenaline, heart pounding, totally disrupting my poor daughter who was almost asleep, ran to the bathroom to find...nothing! It was so relieving. I thought I was over my m/c paranoia, but I guess not.

I am becoming more confident, though. I'm almost 9 weeks, am starting to show, and am definitely feeling pregnant! I have been so tired it's not even funny. I've been going to sleep right after I get dd down, but it still doesn't seem like enough. At least I'm not running to the bathroom every 5 minutes to see if I've started bleeding, like I did in the first couple of weeks. I have my 2nd appointment in a couple of weeks, and will hopefully be able to hear the heartbeat. That will be a big relief, and make it seem more real to me! I can't wait.
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I've been having searing pains down low on my abdomen. It isn't constant pain, I only feel it when I turn just right or when I stretch before getting out of bed. I had pains like this last time, jsut not quite as intense, and the doctor said it was some tendon stretching or something like that. It scares me sometimes, I've been much more worried about m/c this time for some reason. I think part of me doesn't really believe we are pregnant, like it hasn't sunk in yet. I did have a very vivid dream last week though. I dreamed I had an u/s and we were looking at the pictures. I could clearly see the baby's face, oh,and it was most definitely a boy this time. I'm at 11 weeks today and I see the dr. again Tuesday so hopefully after I hear the heartbeat I'll relax a bit.
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I woke up to blood on the TP this morning. Not a lot, but bright red and no cramps. I have to admit that while my logical brain says this is not a big deal and lots of women spot in early pregnancy and have healthy babies, the rest of me is freaking out! Wow! I didn't know how much I already love this baby until now!

I think I'm going to spend the day resting and see what happens. Wish me luck!
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I had that happen several times in the 4th and 5th week... Spotting is scary, even when you know it's normal!
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Sizzkid - I hope everything is OK with you. My sil had bleeding problems into her second trimester, turned out she had placenta previa, but as her uterus grew, the placenta moved off the cervix so she finally stopped spotting and everything was fine. Good luck and get lots of rest.
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I dreamt that I was having twins on Friday and Saturday nights. I can't imagine life with a 3 1/2 yr old and new born twins. YIKES! hopefully it's all in my dreams- and only there.
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Thankfully, the spotting has stopped! It went from bright red with no cramps to brown with cramps and now is gone. What has taken it's place is overwhelming and constant m/s. (See my thread called 'I want to die') I've even stopped nursing my dd because I feel so horrible.

I hope all is going well with the rest of you! Must go vomit now!!!
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Hey sizzkid I spotted, too a couple of weeks ago.. mine was very brown and very minimal so I didn't worry too much. Glad it stopped for you!

I had my first Appt. yesterday and hurray!! theres a baby in there with a lovely beating heart and lots of movement. My midwife did an u/s right away.. so the rest of the aptwas very relaxed. I'm so far very pleased with her.. I'm going to a different midwife this time than I did with my last two.... but she's someone I know and I saw for a short time when I was pg with #2. After our visit she said "so it sounds like you need me to sort of sit in the corner and let you do your thing".. yup and thank you for understaning!!!

Anyway, after a very sad m/c last Dec.. I will now have a (hopfully)healthy child by this Dec.!!!! What a year will bring......
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wow,13 weeks!yay.I called my mw yesterday and we go next Mon. I love visiting her,and am so exited to catch her up w/us and hear how she is...I still can't decide if I want a doppler or not,as it is a form of ultrasound...garsh,I probably will this first visit to see how many heartbeats(weird twin thoughts w/dh and I),and again in labor.
Now that m/s is gone I just dry heave if I encounter an off scent....I can so handle that!
What exersizes are you doing(if any)I started to do pelvic rocking-really cute when kids try too,and of course kegels,and I get a deep relaxation in about once a week.i'm thinking of taking a prenatal yoga class,very beginner,depends on cost...
and to all still
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Hello Nov/Dec mamas!

I made it back from vacation. My mom, sister and I had a great time. I had a decent amount of energy - we got so much exercise walking around every day. I only threw up on the first day - that was a doozy - I couldn't stop dry heaving. But after that it was only some mild nausea on and off.

I'm now officially in my second trimester!
I told my employer and coworkers this morning. Whew. I was so nervous - I've been nervous telling everyone, I turn beet red and start sweating. But they're all excited for me and it's fun to have them know now.

I need to set up my second office visit. I'm a little behind schedule. I'll try to get in sometime next week. Should I expect to get vaginal exams at every appointment? I got one at my first, but I was due for a pap.
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Yay for all of you who are leaving m/s behind! I can't wait to join you. Yesteday I had a run in with some papaya and some chocolate soymilk. Shudder....

Anyway, yay! for the second trimester!!!

Panda, you should not expect another vaginal exam until your 3rd trimester unless something is out of the ordinary. Most docs like to do a beta strep culture around 36 weeks and then once you get close to term they like to check you for cervical changes.

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Last night I did my prenatal yoga DVD for the first time and felt great! It relaxed me so much and my back for the first time in 2wks felt good.

I do feel as though I'm leaving dd out a bit now. I don't wear her or hold her as much and I feel terrible about that.

M/s comes and goes right now. I just wish I could predict better when it would hit me! I ate 2 ice cream bars yesterday b/c it felt so good. I also got some frozen fruit bars that I know I will be dipping into today b/c I don't feel well right now.

I hope this isn't a TMI. Does anyone have terrible itching around your labia/vagina? Here's the thing, it seems to happen only after sex and last for days! I don't really think it's a yeast infection, but just wondering if maybe it's a moisture problem w/ intercourse and I reep the effects later on. YKWIM? I'm still bf about 3-5X a day and well now pg so now there's a little swelling in that area. Do you guys do anything to help? It doesn't hurt during just terrible itching and a little burn right after sex. Sorry if that's more than you wanted to know about my life!

About exercise...well, I'm walking about every other day. Hopefully if it's nicer this afternoon dd and I will get to go for a walk. Doing the DVD now; soon will have a pilates prenatal DVD. And weight training/cardio w/ my trainer 2X a week. I've been slacking on my kegels, but when that m/s hits me, ugh, I can't think about anything else!

What are you all doing for mother's day? We're going to visit the 'rents before moving to CA. We're staying a whole week w/ my parents and visiting Dh's throughout the week. I'm wondering if dh will do anything special for me this year
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hey mamas, i was wondering if anyone could help me figure out my due date. my lmp was 3/15. i had only had 3 of them since having dd#2 last july. my cycles before her were avg of 28. but since starting up in jan they were more like 34 or 35 day cycles....i am going a little batty not knowing. we want to tell my mom on mother's day. It will be a huge surprise as dd#2 is just 10 m!!
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Thanks, Amy!

carrots: I entered your lmp date and a cycle length of 34 days at this site , and it came up with an estimated due date of December 26. Congratulations!
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