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No I do not have to spend time with her and I'm going to try to avoid it. I get bored being a SAHM and sometimes find myself hanging out with people I know I shouldn't.

I do agree with the master plan thing and was doing so well with my thoughts until I found this out. DH is being very distant about it and won't even talk to me about my feelings. If it weren't for you guys I sure would feel pretty alone right now.

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Hey Tara, I know how you feel. We're at the beginning of our journey this time, but for my last two we were ttc for over 2 years the first time, and about 9 months the second, several miscarriages each time. I cannot even begin to count how many women around me became pregnant, some three times over, and gave birth during that time, but I can count on one hand (the ones I knew in 3-d as opposed to my on-line TTC boards) the ones for whom I was truly happy. I don't know why the ones who are so . . . so . . . ugh! get knocked up like that. : It sure is frustrating to watch though.
Many hugs,
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Could you ladies please look at my thread here: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=535019

Taradactyl, I am totally having a down day today as well. Just very glum over all, kwim? I thought it was hard enough to see ppl online saying they are prego that I don't even know and have no ill feelings towards at all...I can't imagine someone i don't like very much in real life getting prego right off the bat. I know it would send me into a mood as well.
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MamaSweet, feeling all those "symptoms".

I know nothing about charting Shelsi. I hope you get some answers.

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Well, POASaturday was productive for me. There was a definite positive on an opk this afternoon and this evening. In fact, what am I doing here? There are some other things I should probably be doing right now...

Actually, I have a question. Has anyone else ever spotted at o time? I just checked my cervix, and all the ewcm is tinged with blood. I was a little concerned and wondered if it was normal. Anyone?
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Originally Posted by Stacymom View Post
Actually, I have a question. Has anyone else ever spotted at o time? I just checked my cervix, and all the ewcm is tinged with blood. I was a little concerned and wondered if it was normal. Anyone?
I haven't spotted at O, but spotting at O is both normal and common.

In fact spotting at O is one of the reasons FAM specifies that you're only safe at AF *if* you had a biphasic pattern previously. Because otherwise you might think that ovulatory spotting was a really light period after a short cycle--not so hot for someone TTA.
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Is it really? Interesting...
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Hi gals, I tested yesterday am, but didn't have much time to report since it was my 3 year old's birthday.
I got what looks like a bfp, but I am not completely I am not sure I'm not seeing things. : (so very light hard to tell and DH says he doesn't see it.). I am going to wait until Tues or Wed and test again.

to the bfns
: for the bfps
Hi! everyone else
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frog, please move me to Waiting to be Ready.

I decided to try acupuncture and was quite surprised when the doctor asked that I not TTC while she's trying to get my body back in balance. She believes that at this point my body wouldn't be able to sustain a pregnancy. After a lot of discussion with my hubby and soul searching, we decided to take the month off. Hopefully the acupuncture will achieve what the doctor believes it will and we can be ready to actually conceive next month.

I likely won't be around much but I wish everyone good luck in their journey! :
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Please move me to waiting to O

Well it's definitely AF. It's bright red, I'm crampy, the whole works. So this means I had a 10 day luteal phase. That's not good is it? I hear you ladies talk about OTC progesterone creams and such. Can someone explain to me in detail how they work, where I can buy them, etc? You can PM if you like or if there is already a thread out there somewhere on this that would be great too. I think I'm just going to crawl into bed and and let dh rub my feet. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the short luteal phase and my looooong cycles. I've never had a predictable cycle, ever. However I usually go 2-4 months between periods. This would be so much easier if I knew I only had to wait another 14 days or so until I ovulate....I know in reality it could be 30+ days. I guess in the grand scheme of things it doesn't seem long but it sure seems like forever when you want something so badly kwim?
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Howdy, just checking in to see if anyone else got a BFP yesterday. We are spending a lazy boring Sunday lounging around.

Shelsi, sorry about showing up especially since your chart did look really good.... still plenty of time before January though! Good luck!

Tara - hang in there!!! I feel for you.... there do seem to be tons of pregnant women around. One day you'll be one of them too, no worries!

Me just waiting it out until tomorrow for . Okay I'll admit to some superstitious tactics.... Yesterday I had my nephew rub my belly for luck and also my newly pregnant sister. I've heard that if you are around pregnant women you become more fertile... sort of like how women living together start getting their AF at the same time - this I've experienced first hand. I guess it's pheromones or something. I know I'm very scientific!!

jannyjo are you going to really wait until Wednesday to retest? You certainly have more willpower than I do!! and to you! Anyway men seem to have very poor eyesight so don't trust DH's!!!

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