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Weekly Thread: Oct.1st - Oct. 8th

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Happy October June Mamas!

i'm not exactly sure how this works but i figure we just pick up wherever we left off last week.

i hope everyone is doing good and feeling strong.

what are people eating for healthy snacks? i've been eating lots of fruit but feel like i need more protein and fiber.

it's a rainy morning here and my ds has watched toy story 3 times already : since he woke up at 6.

that's all for now.

take gentle care....
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My diet hasn't changed much just yet... especially since I just got my yesterday. I need to be a little more diligent about walking and generally getting more exercise. It's hard when I feel so tired. :yawning:

We have a birthday party for a 4-yr-old to attend today. My DD is so excited!
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I have a favorite high-protein snack that especially good when you're busy or at work.

1/2 glass kefir (probiotic yoghurt drink high in protein and good against yeast)
1/2 glass any juice you like
mix well and toast to a healthy happy baby & you.
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Oh, I just posted on the other thread, lol. I love almond butter on anything for a high protein snack. I really like it in smoothies, yum.
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congratulations and welcome mamamerle!

from last weeks thread...
Originally Posted by Kdybs View Post
I know that I am willing to listen to my dh's concerns about a homebirth vs hospital birth for a few reasons. Primarily, he feels very strongly about it, more strongly than I do. It is his birthing experience too (even if I am the one doing all the work) and I don't want him to be scared out of his mind and on edge the whole time. Whatever the setting is, I want us both to be comfortable. I would probably be more comfortable at home, but not if he is nervous, kwim? We are partners, and we make compromises as part of our marriage. I'm sure if I cared more than he did or if he didnt' have feelings of abject terror at the thought of a homebirth he would agree to one. That is why I would like to try and get him to change his mind but if he doesn't that is fine by me too. It probably doesn't help that the only 2 people we know who have planned a homebirth have either ended up in the hospital for a C and I had a complicated birth with our first.
kirsten - this makes total sense to me and it sounds like you and your dh have a very strong and healthy relationship. maybe he will change his mind but i'm sure you will be more than fine whatever direction you choose to go in.

i'm hungry all the time too. i think i've already eaten 4 times today! yikes. that's why i'm trying to just eat good stuff. this might not last long but i'm also trying to keep a 'food log' to keep myself on track - we'll see

mmmm...kefir smoothies and almond butter sound good. writing my shopping list right now
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For snacks I've been eating lots of fruit, some veggies with ranch veggie dip, cashews with lots of salt (I have low BP), granola bars, cheerios without milk (help with nausea), and popcorn. Oh and pickles and olives galore. I just went food shopping and bought lots of yogurt and jalepeno jack cheese with sesame crackers for snacks this week.
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Gosh my first real post here

Well I am a little nervous since my last one ended in a m/c at almost 8 weeks. I got a little confused and thought I was only a little over 2 weeks pregnant until last night when I realized it's not from conception it's from lmp so I am 4 wks 5 days which brings me closer to that point where I can breathe easier. I started spotting last time in my 5th week, baby died somewhere close to 8 and I m/c naturally a few weeks later. It's hard to be excited just yet because I don't want to feel like an idiot if it happens again.
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em&namama I haven't been through a loss, but I hope that there is some way you can feel better soon both about this pregnancy and your last one. No woman should "feel like an idiot" and there are lots of us here to help support you through this time.

Healthy snacks....I am gobbling up your suggestions! Keep em coming!
My last pregnancy I ate raw almonds like they were chocolate chips. It was the ONLY thing that helped my nausea. I carried a little container of them with me everywhere. So my list contains....
*crackers and cheese
*Homemade bannana bread/date bread etc.
*Eggs! Hardboiled, scrambled, anyway you like...egg on toast, eggsalad, etc.
*black beans and rice (I always have some in the fridge it seems...i LOVE black beans)
*While still in season, tomatos with mozerella and basil
*Hummus and veggies or crackers/bread
*I make my own trail mix with peanuts, cashews, almonds, pumpkin seeds, and a few chocolate chips

Okay that's it for now! I gotta go get some food.
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So . . the nausea hasn't really hit yet, but thinking about the mashed bananas in homemade banana bread . . . .:Puke

That turned my stomach. Guess I might not be so far away from the onset of m/s after all . . . .

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I've been super hungry, but on the flip side, I get full pretty fast. Going to the market today was fun - so much looked good! I'm trying to be well-rou nded in my diet (and not in my body!) but have been craving pizza and pasta!
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Oh Christine!! I'm Sorry! I didn't mean to turn you green (but that's a good sign right? ).

Violet...I was looking at the due date thread...do you know your date and just aren't telling or is it unknown?

WELCOME mamamerle!! H&H 9 months!

So I'm tele teching today instead of having my own patients out on the floor. When you're tele tech you sit in a room and stare at monitors filled with heart beats. SOOOO Boring. Thank god there's a computer in here and I can hang out on MDC all day
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Fortunately, my stomach is still being quiet at 5.5 weeks so right now, anything goes for food. PB on whole wheat english muffins is tasting better and better these days. Really, anything with PB sounds good. I don't usually have much protine in my diet so I know I'm going to have to be careful about that, making sure I have chicken on hand to toss into whatever I'm cooking.

shockels, I'm a huge black bean fan as well. I have a really easy black beans and rice recipe that I haven't made in ages, thanks for reminding me about it. Yummy, black beans and roasted red peppers.

Lots of dried fruit for me as well. Oh, and apples. Is anyone else incredibally happy that it's apple season?
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My personal favorite now is fruit...but I'm really not very hungry. Mostly I'm eating because I feel like I should, not because I'm actually hungry.

I'm in my fourth week, and whoever says that morning sickness doesn't happen this early hasn't seen me. Of course, I've managed not to PUKE yet, but that doesn't change the desire of my tummy. Blech.

I almost puked in yoga class and then again in worship today.
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I bought some organic apples, and I will NEVER go back. They are SOOO much better than those yuckies I've been buying. My DH was more willing to spend the extra $$ since I'm pregnant. Thanks baby!
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Cersha - I noticed you're in a teacher training for yoga - what style?

What pose were you in that nauseated you the most today??

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I LOVE your style, but they don't offer that here.

It's a fusion style...they teach power vinyasa and mind-body. My instructors were trained at Discovery yoga...and they each have their own kind of style. It's not a "pure" yoga style. I used to practice Ashtanga...but I like a more mellow, restorative practice. (oh, the power vinyasas are done in heat) It just a weird blend. The studio is very mainstream, which I don't *love* but they are the only ones nearby that do teacher training.

LOL, I wasn't actually in a pose, we hadn't actually started...I layed down on my mat and thought, crap. I'm going to barf. =)
and a lot of the sun sal was making me dizzy.
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Cersha - where do you live?? Just curious! Even in Indianapolis, IN, we've got a good little yoga community going . . . though I did have to travel to NM for my training . . . . .

Shockels - Not to worry! It made me laugh more than anything

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welcome em&namama & cersha! for me, becoming a mother went hand in hand with a whole new world of worry that that i never understood before i started growing/having kids. it's totally normal to worry but try not to let that overwhelm all the happy feelings either. excitement and anxiety are very close to each other and can sometimes be tricky to separate. try to enjoy this time but definitely don't beat yourself up for worrying. just my opinion...

i am so loving all of these snack suggestions - can't wait to eat them all (hopefully not all at once though). we're enjoyng a lot of apples at my house right now too - i've probably had about 3 today cuz ds keeps asking for them and not finishing...can't let good food go to waste.

sandra - i haven't met with my midwife yet but i think my EDD is may 30th. there was a lot of confusion about cycle length and which date to use (actual LMP, adjusted LMP, O/Concptn) so based on the 28-day model (which i really don't fit into) it's may 30 but another calculator said june 3rd and i really feel it's going to be more early june. so that's the big mystery.

why? you wanna bump me back to the may DDC?
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Jacksonville, FL. We have studios...just not many training programs. (this studio is accredited? by the Yoga Alliance, which I like)

This area isn't super open to yoga. People think it is some kind of satan worshipping or something. I dunno.

It just isn't a big thing here.
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i'm feeling pretty much nauseous all the time right now. waking up in the middle of the night with a growling but nauseous stomach. not my fave. it is feeling worse by the day almost. food sounds AWFUL most of the time but i'll hit a point where all of a sudden i'm starving and i can eat a huge meal. that's about once a day. the rest of the time is forced eating. ugh. dh keeps saying 'you wanted this!!!' yeah, i know.

ahh ds is waking from his nap. bye!
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