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Welcome new people!

I've also been feeling "yucky" the past couple of days (I am 5 weeks 3 days I think). I am going to the store to stock up on high protein snacks before I start feeling worse. Some things I am getting:

Eggs - I can't seem to stomach my daily breakfast of oatmeal, so I am switching to scrambled eggs with ham and cheese.

Refried black beans - mixed with salsa, make into quesadillas w/ cheese.

Cottage cheese and cream cheese (my kiddos have dairy issues, so we rarely get a lot of milk/cheese products - but they sound so good to me right now!)

Frozen fruits and veggies - I need something quick I can add to recipes without cleaning/cutting etc. The thought of fresh veggies is turning my stomach

I am also going to make a lot of quick breads today (banana and pumpkin) to freeze.
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Hi Everyone! Jumping in here! We just found out yesterday, at 9 dpo. The tests are all still VERY faint. We were OTL since January and sort of trying since AF came back this summer. My luteal phase was too short because of nursing, and I expected this to take a while. I was pleasantly suprised it only took about five cycles.

I'm sort of in denial I think. I should call my midwife and let her know so she can pencil me in for June, but I'm just weirded out by it all!
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Welcome, new DDC members!

We've got our first meeting with the midwife this afternoon. I'm so excited! DH is about 90% ready to commit to a homebirth - he just needs to ask a few questions and get some reassurance that if something goes wrong we'll be able to get medical care in time. We live about 20 minutes from a decent hospital with a good NICU, so that's not a real problem, but he needs to hear that from someone other than me. So hopefully we'll officially decide on a homebirth today.

I'm aslo looking forward to scheduling a sonogram to confirm the dating of the pregnancy. : I know it's not entirely necessary, but I'll feel more confident once I've seen that heartbeat. Besides, DH and I can't agree on teh date of conception. We know it was a Monday, but he claims it was 9/4, and I'm pretty sure it was 9/11, so the sonogram will put an end to the argument. DH really wants to tell his parents, but I'm making him wait until we've seen a heartbeat. Poor guy!

So far no nausea (knock on wood) but it didn't start until 6-7 weeks last time, so I'm definitely not out of the woods yet. I have developed the "super sniffer" already - I can smell *everything* and it's driving me nuts! And of course I'm always hungry and always tired. I was really looking forward to the second trimester until I heard that's when most women lose some or all of their milk! So now I'm kinda dreading it...

Hope everyone is having a good day!
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I have scheduled my first appointment with my MW for next week.
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I am nauseous, tired, starving, and my boobies hurt. I am in HEAVEN .
I'm just glad to be having symptoms since I had none last time and lost the baby at 7 weeks. I am enjoying every second of being miserable .

Oh and I wanted to add that I really need to redecorate the bathroom at work because I have been spending an awful lot of time in there. How is it possible my bladder is already getting squished so much ?
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My sister lives with us, and I cleaned her bathroom yesterday (closest bathroom to the office) because I didn't want to puke in a dirty bathroom. Luckily, I didn't puke, but I sure felt like I would.
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hey mamas! just checking in while ds naps- hugs to everyone going through ms. none of that here, but some serious food aversions. i've been eating nothing but either spicy or mexican food lately... i noticed even before my positive hpt that it was all i wanted! weird. can't get enough chili, but yesterday i was giving ds his favorite snack (carrots and ranch dip) and the smell of ranch almost made me lose it! oh! i called today and set up a tour of the closest birth center. wow, this is actually starting to be real! how long are you all waiting to schedule your first prenatal visits?
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joshsmom - I have my first appt. with the midwife in 2 weeks. . . YAY!

In other news - I had the first twinges of nausea today . . .at exactly five weeks. Full blown m/s may be right around the corner. . . . :

Fine by me! Grow baby, grow! Mama's happy to be sick! No, REALLY!!

Yes, I'm nuts. Get used to it, people, you have eight more months of this!

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i have my first mw appt. next tuesday and i guess i'll be just shy of 7 weeks (i think). i talked to her on the phone briefly and got a really good feeling about her. she delivered my good friends 2 kids (#1 transfer, #2 HB) and i watched the video of the second birth and really liked her from that too so i'm hoping everything works out.

i'll ask her this when i meet her but i'm sure lots of you well-read and lovely mamas will know the answer - how early can the heartbeat be heard on a doppler? vs. seen on a u/s? i don't know how long i can wait...

depending on the difference (and when my next m/w visit would be) i might make an appointment with my old ob/gyn just to check in and get the u/s. is this a bad idea? will they ask a zillion questions? do i have to tell them my plans?

i know the mw can refer me for a u/s but if someone is going to be sticking something in me, i'd rather have it be someone i know, kwim?

christine - you are so funny. gotta laugh, right? i love it.
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I think heartbeat can be seen on u/s after 6 weeks and heard via doppler around 9-10 weeks. I'm not positive though. I'm trying to hold out until I'm around 9 weeks to see my MW so we can hear the heartbeat. Then I'll feel a lot better. The waiting is hard but I'm determined not to get an early u/s this time around. I had a few w/DS and one led to another. the doctors kept scaring me saying the preg was possible a tubal preg It wasn't and everything was fine. But DS has some language and motor delays and there is some research showing that both language and motor delays could possibly be linked to early u/s.
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Is anyone else hot? I'm usually the cold-natured one in the house, but lately I just can't cool down enough. I'm glad winter is coming!
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Originally Posted by Jilian View Post
DS has some language and motor delays and there is some research showing that both language and motor delays could possibly be linked to early u/s.
wow really jillian? i had no idea. do you have any citations offhand? i did a quick google search but didn't find anything.

i'm extra curious because we did a bunch of u/s (maybe 4 in the 1st trimester) with ds and he also had language delays and we ended up doing EI and the whole nine yards. he's totally caught up now, but i'd like to learn more before i do anything.

everything i was reading at the time of his assessments said that delays are more common in boys and they're not sure why but nothing about u/s. interesting...
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Hi everyone! I just found out that I am pregnant! This would be my 4th pregnancy, the second one ended in a miscarriage. I tested everyday since 8dpo and I finally got a BFP tonight. I hope to have a happy 9 months...I look forward to sharing my experience with you guys.
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hi mandy. congratulations and welcome!
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Just found this. Super, a new thing to worry about.

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I'd need to read the cited studies as well as others with different findings to develop a real opinion on this, but I don't think that a single ultrasound, or even a couple are anything to worry about if the information they will provide is valuable to you and/or your chosen practitioner. "Ultrasound" describes a wide variety of wave frequencies, and like the example of a very specific frequency breaking the glass, I suspect that very specific frequencies are needed to cause cellular damage of any sort.

It's definitely something to think about, and I'm planning to do some more reading on the topic, but I do value the information gleaned from ultrasounds, even in a healthy pregnancy. So unless I find something pretty conclusive and alarming, I'll stick to my plan to have two ultrasounds during this pregnancy.
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Checking in! No m/s here...well, just teeny twinges of "yuck." They pass quickly. Also no sore breasts. It'd be really easy for me to get overconfident and assume that this PG will be as easy as the last. Anyone know where to find a list of things not to eat/do? No fresh cheeses, raw fish, I know that. Are bean sprouts OK? I wasn't sure if I had heard something about them needing to be pasteurized to kill the germies (and after the whole spinach thing...).
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Another thing...last pgcy, I got weekly updates from Babycenter about what should be happening this week, growth, etc. Anyone know of something similar but more crunchy?
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OK, questions questions today. Actually just trying to up my post count...I bet I'll finally make sr. member before Baby is born! Anyone doing a pgcy journal? I like the Birthing From Within journal; it's $25, but I kind of like to put my hands on it before I get it. Maybe I'll run to B&N this week and see what they have (though I'd be surprised if they have BFW). If anyone has one to suggest, please do!
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I'd be interested in a crunchier week-by-week, too. For early in the pregnancy, I like http://www.visembryo.com/baby/index.html It's not squishy and comforting, but it has super cool detailed information.

So the midwife came over yesterday and we talked for 2.5 hours! I felt a little guilty for keeping her so long, but DH is now fully comfortable with home birth and I'm even more excited about it than I was before! Her level of confidence and expertise really impressed him, and she was able to confirm that this is about homebirth if it's really safe for mom and baby, not homebirth at any cost. And discussing our last birth with her reminded him how much my instincts were telling me to stay home and how much we both hated being in the hospital after the birth. They went over all the scenarios in which we would transport, and all the scenarios in which we would change the plan and go to the hospital straight away. I got to hear all the details about how things will go if we don't run into any of those problems. I never thought I'd be looking forward to labor and delivery in my first trimester. Last time I wasn't afraid, but I wasn't excited about it, either.
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