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Congratulations to the new BFP ladies!!

This is the pregnancy journal I am using:


I like it so far, and you can get copies of the older versions for *cheap* on Amazon!

Originally Posted by saratchka View Post
So the midwife came over yesterday and we talked for 2.5 hours! I felt a little guilty for keeping her so long, but DH is now fully comfortable with home birth and I'm even more excited about it than I was before!
How wonderful!! We had a homebirth with baby #3, and it took meeting the midwife to make my dh comfortable. Well, that and the fact we don't have maternity insurance and our homebirth saved us thousands of dollars

Here's a list of foods to avoid during pregnancy:

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great sarah! that is so good to hear.
i'm really looking forward to meeting with my mw too and asking a million questions. i have a list that i got from one of the boards here but wondering if there's anything specific you hadn't thought of before your meeting that i should remember to ask...

rosie - theres kind of a cool calendar on pregnancy.org but i don't think they send you e-mails. i would love to keep a pregnancy journal but i'm terrible about keeping up with things like that, especially with work/school and everything. this DDC is the closest thing to a pg journal i'll get - at least it's some kind of record of what was going on. then if i want to, i can go back through my posts and paste some of it into a nicer looking document.

so today's entry might be - first real nausea came last night and lasted until this morning. ds came into my room at 5 asking me to wipe his nose and when i took him into the bathroom, his pajama top was covered in blood . sat in the bathroom with him for a couple minutes until it stopped. stomach churning, i took things real slow getting him ready for school. feeling so ill on the train ride, wasn't sure i could make it, knowing i need to eat ASAP to settle my stomach. and then as soon as i got out of the station - an angel appeared in a starbucks uniform offering free samples of their new breakfast sandwiches. i'm not usually a big starbucks fan but it was deee-licious (turkey bacon, egg and cheese on a whole wheat english muffin).

so i guess m/s has officially started and i'm not complaining (just like christine - grow baby, grow!) but man i hope it doesn't get too crazy and stick around 24/7 for the next few months. but what can ya do?
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Sara - So glad everything went well!

My FIL is coming into town today. <sigh>. Normally we get along fine, but I'm cranky and tired and just don't want to deal with him, frankly.

Oh, well. He's only staying one night . . . .I'll live!

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I just made my first appointment. They have me scheduled for a sonogram early next month.

My DH is still not convinced...because we took so many HPTs and most of them were BFNs. So when we got a BFP...we were both shocked.
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Originally Posted by violetisadora View Post
great sarah! that is so good to hear.
i'm really looking forward to meeting with my mw too and asking a million questions. i have a list that i got from one of the boards here but wondering if there's anything specific you hadn't thought of before your meeting that i should remember to ask...
I already knew my midwife reasonably well, though I wasn't ready for homebirth last time, so I may have had fewer questions than I would have if I'd been interviewing a stranger. I did ask detailed questions about her feelings on all the various tests during pregnancy, internal exams, waterbirth, frequency of prenatal visits, and prenatal diet/supplementation. I wasn't really looking for anything specific with respect to these issues, I just wanted to be sure I knew where she stood on each of them. We also talked quite a bit about options for DD's care while I'm in labor, and her assistants and backup.

I did want most (though not all) of the various screening tests, and I wanted to be sure she would happily send me for any and all tests I wanted, which she will. She doesn't feel that they're all necessary, but she doesn't have a problem with any that I'm interested in having, so that's a great match.

DH specifically wanted to know if she'd ever been to a birth which ended in the death of the mother or child, what situations would necessitate a transport, and what conditions would cause us to plan for a hospital or birth center delivery and how we would identify them if they were to occur. Morbid, but reasonable questions. He was also particularly interested in meconium and how it was handled in homebirth, as that was our only complication at DD's birth.
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For anyone interested--
a list of q's to ask the mw or ob. It appears to be more mianstream-biased, but still may be helpful to those having a hb.
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Originally Posted by violetisadora View Post
wow really jillian? i had no idea. do you have any citations offhand? i did a quick google search but didn't find anything.
I'll get links for you. A good friend of mine (who's son also has speech delays and is in EI) told me about it. I'll e-mail her right now and post links when she gets back to me. She's an MDC mama too and I think she's read some stuff here about it too.
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That journal looks awesome! I had one with DS but that one looks alot nicer.

I'm still in complete denial that I'm even pregnant. It stings nurse, and I and I'm a little more tired than usual. That's about it.
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so i only found out today! quite excited but no ms yet, with dd i was sick ever before i missed af and had tested. I was hoping for another dd but O early so we will have to wait and see.

I had a midwife with dd so i know her and don't think i will see her for a while yet. She will not be able to hear the heartbeat and i don't want any u/s at all. i did not have any with dd. I have read of the risk but what really changed my mind was the research that showed that the outcome was no better after u/s and often the cases of misdiagnosis were higher as well as interventions. I will not change anything so don't really want to spend 20 or more weeks worried if they do see something - what will be will be.
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Need help quick!

Welcome, Sally!

OK, mamas, I need some help! I just learned that the hospital midwives ARE now covered by my insurance (they weren't for my 1st pgcy). I was sooo excited when I learned that this morning! Well, I talked to DH about it and he is leery. First of all, leery of MWs vs. OBs but also leery because they deliver at a smaller community-type hospital rather than the bigger hosp. that we had DS at, which has a wonderful NICU with a great reputation. : Mind you, DS was and is a healthy and full-term baby. I have NO health issues whatsoever and I reminded DH that if we were delivering a premie we'd go right to the hosp. with NICU. The smaller hosp. is only a 10-12 min drive from the bigger one, and they actually helicopter the NICU babes over there, so it's very quick, if transport is needed. He sees his stance as simply being protective of the health of me and our child...his heart is totally in the right place but I think he's misguided and need the proof.

Aaargghhhh! What can I do to convince him of going to the smaller hospital with midwives! He sees OBs and NICUs as being more experienced and better qualified. Please give me the stats that show that that's just not true, and any other info to help my case! This is pretty important to me! (Oh, by the way, I will set up a meet-the-MW appt very soon so they, too, can give him the info he's looking for.)

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Rosie29: The best difference between a midwife and an OB is that the miwife is usually with you through the entire labor, while the OB usually just shows up to catch the baby at the end.

Midwives tend to respect birth more and allow the proces to go at it's own pace. OB's like to put you on the clock and "medically manage" your birth. They are more likely to use interventions if things aren't happening quickly enough.

In most hospitals Midwifery care is overseen by an OB. so if anything were to happen, there would already be an OB who is familiar with your pregnancy ready and willing to step in. You can usually meet with this OB for a prenatal if you want. It's like having the best of both worlds.

Defenitely go with the midwife!! You won't be sorry! I switched to a midwife at 2 mos preg during my last pregnancy and it was the best decision I've ever made.

Try cross-posting this in the midwives section for some more great reasons to have a midwife vs and OB.
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In the homebirth section of the Birth And Beyond sub-forum there's a link to a study from the British Journal of Medicine showing homebirth and hospital birth to be equally safe for low-risk pregnancies/deliveries. But it also shows that homebirths have a drastically lower rate of interventions. Which means that most of the interventions at the hospital in those cases are actually unnecessary and simply complicate the birth and postpartum/neonatal experience for everyone.

If homebirth is just as safe as hospital birth, then a small hospital with close proximity to a larger hospital in case of emergency should also be just as safe as the larger hospital. And birth with a midwife with whom you feel comfortable in the small hospital setting is almost certainly less likely to involve unnecessary interventions than birth with an OB in a large, "fancy" hospital. The more gadgets the docs have on hand the more they want to use them!

Good luck convincing your DH. I understand where he's coming from, I was there myself before DD's birth. Hopefully you'll be able to find the right information to convince him to support you in the birth experience you want.
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Yogurt is what sounds best right now.

There are some things that already don't sound good - apples, cereal, eggs, sugar. A couple of these things are still possibilities - cereal and eggs. I had some egg salad the other day and it was pretty darn good! And milk is pretty yummy, so cereal might just make it back....I just need to find the right fit.

I have also been eating a lot of breakfast sandwiches (with eggs) lately too..... It's just when I think about cooking up some eggs, they just don't sound very good. Who knows.....I'm just going with the flow right now.
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Rosie, : My husband was really hard to convince, too. And we were doing an out-of-hospital last time. I hope you are able to see the midwives you want.

Welcome Sally!

Ohhhhh my boobs hurt! They NEVER hurt like this with my son. And nursing is totally uncomfortable. I guess this is what I'm in for until June, huh? Yikes. I had better not complain about it though (to anyone IRL) I'm sure I'll get people telling me to wean.
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I birthed in 2 large hospitals and my mom is an ob nurse in a very small hospital. My rate of interventions was VERY high in both large hospitals--they're very "by the book". Probably because they have a lot of people birthing at once so everyone needs to follow the same routine. I also found that they're often very understaffed...with Ryland, there were 3 people, including me, delivering at the exact same time. Guess which one of us didn't get a doctor in the room even though there were complications. At a small hospital, they're not deliverying 20-30 babies a day (my mom was lucky if her hospital had 5 deliveries a week! LOL!) so there's a lot of personal attention, and if something goes wrong, there's someone there immediately...
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Rosie:I wanted to add my experience with large vs small hospitals. I'm a labor doula so I've seen my fair share of hospital maternity wards. I find that the smaller hospitals are more personal and they aren't in such a hurry to rush you out. The larger hospitals serve a larger amount of patients so they are in a hurry to get one patient out and the next patient in. That could translate to unnecessary interventions to speed your labor up. The smaller hospitals aren't as busy and usually have a few rooms to spare so they tend to be less intervention-happy. I'd be happy to share the cascade of interventions with you - showing how one intervention leads to another. IMO, interventions should be avoided unless mom or baby is in danger.
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Hi Everyone! I'm back from taking a few days off from MDC. So much to catch up with! WELCOME to all the newest members....I think it's so exciting that we're getting new members by the day. Just think, some who will deliver at the end of june are conceiving RIGHT NOW!! Maybe this VERY MOMENT. hehe eheh ehe heh eh eheh e (evil laugh).

So the last few days I went through a wierd feeling that I wasn't actually prenant. I don't have many signs & symptoms and it all just felt unreal to me. I even announced to jeremy that I wasn't actually preggers. He just lifted one eyebrow and walked away!! (which actually is a good way to deal with me when i get in these moods). Hmmmm. I've been thinking that a lot of it has to do with the fact that it's the second time around. Everyday isn't new and exciting. I've been through this before and I know the final outcome. I need to snap out of this apathy and soon. I'm worried it's not good for the little bean growing inside me. First first appt. interviewing HB midwives is monday. Maybe that will do it.

So hope all is well with everyone....
Take good care,
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sandra, the same thing happened to me yesterday!!!! i was having a meeting last night with the parents of my preschool to tell them that school will be ending 3 weeks early...and all yesterday morning i kept thinking "what if i'm not even pregnant?" so i actually bought and took another pregnancy test, which was immediately positive and then i felt totally ridiculous. it IS really early so my nausea and inability to deal with mundane things like sinks, compost and cooking hasn't started yet. i feel really good right now, and i guess i should just appreciate that while it lasts!
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appreciate it while you can -- i puked last night after 2 bites of dinner. i had an insane headache. food is a major struggle. and i'm having a really hard time dealing with working and my energetic 2 year old my dh is working a lot and getting home late. and i know he's going to be working all day saturday so i'm scared it is going to be a hard day for me. he's being helpful with cooking but i haven't done any laundry and our house is a wreck.

i keep telling myself to snap out of it but it doesn't really work. i have a board meeting this afternoon and i'm dreading it. dh says 'quit' but it isn't an option. i did just manage to eat a good lunch though so i hope i can make it through this meeting ok. i wish i could go home and nap!

i made an appointment at the midwife clinic close to my office. i won't be going in until nov 7th. she told me my edd was jun 1. i did an online calculator that told me may 28th. i guess they vary by the length of cycle or something (?).

i really don't remember being this ill the first time. i remember being tired and having lots of headaches.

i think it is hard to think it is all real in the beginning. i keep thinking i'm just having nausea from anxiety or something. and like 'why do i feel so gross??" it is hard to tie it to anything when you don't have the big belly. i really prefer the 2nd trimester....can't wait to get there!!!
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I need some advice, ladies...

I have been testing with HPTs since 8dpo. I tested with FRER 8dpo,9po,10dpo and 11dpo I even used a couple of dollar store cheapies. All the test came out BFN. On monday, 12dpo, I used Clear Blue Easy Digital...and it was a BFP! Yesterday, 13pdo...I used the other Clear Blue Easy and it was "not pregnant". I used both clear blue easy digitals during the evening.

I was upset...so today I went out to get ANSWER Early test...and it was BFN! So what should I believe? Am I pregnant or was it a false positive? AF was due today...and still no sign of AF. Please help...
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