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I may not check back here (coming close to birthing, I think) soon, so I wanted to back what I said about the vit c, since it doesn't seem like it's something that's common knowledge. I'm not sure where I read it initially, but I found something using a quick google search that explains it a bit.
"It is important to mention the phenomenon of dependence [31]. Chronic high-level intakes of ascorbic acid induce catabolic mechanisms of ascorbic acid, which may precipitate acute deficiency on return to normal doses. There are reports of acute scurvy developing in two infants breast-fed by mothers who had been consuming more than 400 mg vitamin C daily during pregnancy [31, 40].

There is some evidence that a high intake of vitamin C may interfere with the absorption of vitamin B12, and to indicate this, but the epidemiologic significance of this is doubtful [41]. There has also been speculation that haemochromatosis might result from the increased absorption of iron in individuals already having a high reserve of iron [42]. However, there is no evidence that this occurs."

I recognize that the scurvy thing cited here is just found in two infants, but there hasn't been a study conducted on it or whatever. Anyway, I just wanted to mention this.
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I am feeling a little uncomfy in the hips.

Otherwise, this pregnancy has been truly beautiful! :

It is amazing how when you shift your outlook, the universe actually changes before your eyes!

I thank God for this eye opening experience! :
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Sheacoby: I have to say that I really understand you about the nausea... I don't have it usually in pregnancy but the last few days have been really hard for me too, I really didn't expect it...

I have been having tons of pelvic pain and I am starting to think that the baby dropped already... My belly feels less full, baby is lower and is moving a lot less and at the same time my pelvis starting hurting a lot more...

I am also measuring more on "schedule" and instead of measuring a few cm (more than 5) "ahead" I am now only about 2 whch is a lot more "normal" for me...

I have been having a lot of BH lately also, some that really hurt and that I have to concentrate though... I can't believe that I am getting so close to having another babe in arms again... just a few more weeks!
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Originally Posted by Sheacoby View Post

Angela, your post is so happy it made me smile!!
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Originally Posted by hotpreggermama View Post
Something that I've read is that unborn babies can become dependent on high doses of vitamin c, and so I personally wouldn't take megadoses. If dependent, the baby can have symptoms like scurvy. Garlic is a good one, and has helped me (amazingly) with heartburn- can also help with constipation I'm told, but it had the opposite effect on me. Though, I was taking garlic for yeasties, not GBS.

Definitly- stick with about 250 mg. Since levels in breastmilk vary a little with a posistive correlation to the ammount the mom takes I would continue to take normal doses after the baby is born too.
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Sheacoby- I have been thinking of you. You sound in a much more centered place at this moment. I am glad.

Still preggo- this am babe is transverse or something- still head down, but totally out of my pelvis and off to the right. I think I need hands and knees today- maybe she is trying to get LOA? Ugh. I don't knnow, I'm getting quite frustrated.

Last night I got up at 2:30 and went out in the storm. It felt good with the high winds and the rain pelting down. I could feel the Goddess fill my being... but boy now I'm tired.
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Jaya, that's how I am .
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Ugh, yesterday was horrible! I was sooo totally depressed, I even had 3 total meltdowns. I awoke in the night pretty numb, but just sitting there feeling like I was waiting second by second for my body to go into labor.

Today is better. I am hoping to get out for a good walk, and try centering again in the fact that I could have weeks to go... who knows. I really think this struggle is partially about the fact that I am ready to meet my babe, but mostly due to the fact that I "ran out of time" last time and got sawed in half in order to get the baby out. So, I have this great (and totally rediculous) fear that I will NEVER go into labor. If only I could just trust totally in the fact that I will, and that it will be soon....

So, that is my goal for the day. To trust and let go. More.

Oh, and I'm gonna make an apple pie and ice cream from my fresh raw organic milk! All you dairy boycotters, don't ring me out :
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checking in. i am thinking of those waiting mamas... love!

i gave birth tuesday morning, made a little post about it but i havent written a proper story yet.

this was my first UC and i will never birth another way again. it has changed my life.

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Congrats, Tabitha! I can't wait to read the whole story, and also
to hear more about how the experience changed you so far.

Enjoy your babymoon!
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Tabitha, Congrats again!!!
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Well I am almost half way there (20 something weeks at the moment) and feeling ok. I had a scan the other day at my partners request, as he had fears that something was up with baby even though I knew there wasnt.

The U/S tech said that the placenta is completely anterior (which I disagree with anywho, I think its half at the front on my left side) and the bottom bit is near the internal OS (which I also disagree with because I am feeling movement there since the beginning, and now very very strong boots around about where my external scar is) and that I need to go back at 32 weeks for a rescan to see if it is clear of my scar (section was in april 04) baby looked great. Luckily we did not find out what baby is, even though Pierre wants too lol
I have known since very early on that my placenta was anterior because of babies movements and just mamas intuition. I have no concerns at all about it causing any problems.

I am seeing a midwife for limited prenatal care, and she is well aware that I am very hands off and so far she has been. I rung her and told her that I have no concerns about the placenta, or this baby. That I am going to refuse the 32 weeks scan and that I wont be doing any testing etc. She is completely fine with that. I have told her the outcome of such a scan wouldnt influence my HB choice, and if something comes up I will deal with it at the time. That I want a peaceful birth even if postpartum things go alittle awry. I also said I would not be having any other scans as interventions lead to interventions like the last time, and I dont want to be 'risked' out of anything.
The only problem is, is I havent got into telling her that I am actually planning a UBAC. I think I may write her an email as I am finding it really hard to say it to her in person

I have been having twin fears, and although there was only one baby on the scan, its still hard to shake. There is also a scary addition to the one scan pic we got and that is a foot that could in no way be babies because of the angle, could just be a phantom shadow that looks like a foot. I can not pinpoint what baby is this time and I have had several names and dreams pop into my head both gender specific (ie dreams and names about a boy and the same for a girl) I have also had a dream that the baby is going to be breech although no c-section thoughts this time gratefully.
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Still pregnant. Just a few days "over" anyway. But it's not fair! I was supposed to birth by now!!
I've informed a good deal of people not to call/email to see if I'm still pregnant. Hopefully that will help, and I'm *trying* really hard to play "business as usual".
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How's everyone doing?
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I feel ya Sheacoby....at least yesterday and last night.
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Sheacoby, you sound great and so centered. I am hoping your GBS test doesn't send you spinning again... I myself decided not to test cause I figured the stress it could cause would be worse than the odds that the baby could/would get sick from GBS. Ignorance is bliss?

I am 43 weeks, I guess. Kinds freaked out... I never got the chance to labor for real with dd and that is a huge, and i mean HUGE, piece of grief for me. I soooooo want this labor. I have been dreaming about it my entire life. But I can't will it to start, and I am very very very hesitant to do anything to try to initiate labor other than opening to it, welcoming this baby, and keeping up my normal activities. I just really wish that I could completely trust that things would start. That is my hurdle for now, I guess. I can't imagine not getting the chance to labor this child down and out... but of course, that is my greatest of fears. So tonight, I iwll try to meditate and face that fear and move past it...

I have to stop myself from going to the DDC boards. They are depressing me. Either with how many inductions/cesareans there are, or with announcements and I feel like I am the only one still standing from September! I should be happy about the announcements, which I am, but well... I want my baby! I want to have my turn to dance this baby out!

Off to finish making dinner,
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Sheacoby- I don't presume to know your story or to know what is right for you in this situation... but. Are you SURE you should retest today? Is there a possibility that you should just assume you are NOT positive right now? That the treatments worked?

PM me if you'd like. I'm not doing anything other than waiting for baby, lol!
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