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Its a new month! SAHM Water Cooler Oct 1-15

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Its October! A new month a new thread.

I will come back to post later.

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Hot diggity!

I cleaned my living room!

the Island of Sodor now lives in the dining room, and i'm not gonna break my neck in the dark tripping over Henry the big Green Engine!

Everything smells like lemon pledge and candles.
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Yay - a shiny new thread - another reason to put off the laundry
DS is napping, DD is covered in paint (to be fair, she did paint the entire piece of paper I taped to the kitchen table, so I guess she decided to paint herself when she ran out of room). I really need to get on that laundry, but I'll think I'll cruise around MDC a little more first :
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Originally Posted by AmyLaz View Post
DS is napping, DD is covered in paint (to be fair, she did paint the entire piece of paper I taped to the kitchen table, so I guess she decided to paint herself when she ran out of room). I really need to get on that laundry, but I'll think I'll cruise around MDC a little more first :
My DD does that! It's just so she can wash her hands though.... any excuse to play in the water.
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Little artists everywhere today. My DD just finished two paintings. One is an abstract of me. : And the other is a collaborative piece that we both worked on. Heehee. Mostly we just slopped paint around and played with colors. I am an artist so I am trying to let DD just discover a lot on her own without getting in her way or trying to "fix" anything. I'm getting better at letting her be.

We've been reading a library book called "Mouse Paint" a lot so she's beginning to understand more about how colors can mix together to make new colors. She picked out the book. DD loves the library and reading. I started taking her to the library because I was getting so bored reading the same books over and over.

Other than that, DD is still being a kitty. I'm getting pretty tired of her being a cat, but I'm dealing with it. Mostly. Meow. Argh. :

After I get off MDC, we all get to take a family trip to the hardware store to purchase plumbing supplies. Wheeee! I actually love going to the hardware store, but not for stuff like this. Last night, while we were finishing up the dishes, the coupling broke off of the drain assembly on one of our kitchen sinks (it's a double one). Water was everywhere! Yuck! DH just fixed the other side of the sink a few months ago and this looks to be the same problem. Luckily, if it is the same, it won't cost much to fix.

What bugs me most is actually that I had finally gotten caught up on laundry and put out a nice clean rug in the kitchen. Now it's wet with yucky drain water and there are a bunch of soaked towels on top of it. :

So it looks like we're going out for lunch somewhere and then to the hardware store. I'm also hoping the weather holds so we can get some yard work done before my parents come to town. I love them but they are very judgmental and like to "fix" everything whether we want their help or not. (One reason we live in another state.)

Can't believe it's already October. Wow. Guess it's time to erase the September stuff off my calendar on the fridge. I know I'm ing again, so I'll step away from the cooler for a bit and let someone else have a turn.

Good to see you all!
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Hello all!

My day is pretty much shot! I seemed to have done a number on my back yesterday so I'm not moving very much today. DH is picking up some of the slack though!

Gotta love him!
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I'm a WAHM now!

I mentioned this elsewhere. I'm WAH but not for pay (yet)

I'm editing dh's book.

I hope to finish tonight.

I have to go the doctor tomorrow (vulvar biopsy-ouch, ouch, ouch) and I want it to be done.

I've been working all hours. Dh has been great about picking up the slack.

I think TBH I'd be happy just to be a SAHM I enjoy the work very much and I think I would like to pursue it but I realize how much harder it is to combine work and SAH.
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We spent the morning searching for dinosaurs in the trees and drawing chalk clowns on the sidewalk. Much more interesting than work anyday.
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hi! I am pauline and a SAHM but I havn't introduced myself on any SAHM threads yet. my 8 month old sophia and I have been spending alot of time emptying the laundry basket and examining the thrilling contents of it. It's amazing how much time we can spend doing this.

A nice but bittersweet change lately is that sophia is playing by herself a bit more. if I sit near her she will entertain herself for quite a while (yesterday for nearly 20 minutes with one fascinating sock) without my help. so I am thinking I'd really like to start reading again. I used to be an avid reader before she was born but since then I think I may have read one whole (non baby related) book!

I am also trying to cook more. My DP is the cook in my family but I would like to make dinner a couple times a week.

I guess the biggest challenge I have as SAHM is that I don't drive and I get too lazy to take the bus places so I end up feeling a bit shut-in. I want to make more of an effort to get out places with dd so I don't feel shut-in and cranky and take it out on my DP.

nice to meet you all

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Hello ladies,

rainy here in Vermont so we took the kids to this really fun indoor pool that has fountains and a slide. It's also our gym, but there was no need for a workout when your chasing toddlers.:

Now we are on to pizza and the football game, except I felt like checking in here.

A new month! Excellent!
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Can't believe it's October already. Where the heck did September go? EDD in January suddenly seems to be not so far off....

Rainy day here as well. DH was a and let me sleep in until 10 this morning. I was soooo tired after shopping with Mom & DD all day yesterday in Burlington. My Mom is great to shop with, but she kind of forgets what it's like to shop with a toddler & a preggo lady. We go a lot slower than she'd like. Mom got DD some much needed jeans & long sleeve/leg pj's at Old Navy & some great toys for when she's visiting down at her house.

DH & Emi are in the living room right now doing Ring Around the Rosie. Emi has become obsessed with it and asks "Rosie! Rosie!" about 20 times a day. Daddy is the best one to do it with because he actually does the "all fall down" part too. A 6 mo pg Momma is not a good candidate for "all fall down".
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Dear God Mary Beth!!!! A biopsy from your vulva? am I reading that right?
mama, I am sending you some very serious 'hope it sounds worse then it is' vibes

sorry everyone, I'm stuck on that\

crap now I can't seem to uncross my legs!
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lilylove -- Just wanted to thank you for your comments regarding the vit K/eye goo issue on the last thread. Don't think I ever did remember to do that!

That really blows about CPS. Like they don't have real work to do? :

Yes, we have researched our rights here in NY state and spoken extensively with our midwives as well. We'll also be talking with our ped, although I can't imagine he'll have an issue. He doesn't care that we don't really vax. Everyone knows us well & is mainly concerned that we're making an educated decision on the issue. Since they know we are they're supportive and will advocate for us if needed.

I'm also going to have my best friend who does't vax help us write up a religious exemption for vaxing (she already had to do this for her boys for school). Not only do we need one for the vaxing thing anyway, but it can also serve as a CYA for the vitamin K & eye goo. We'll bring one to the hospital with us. I'm also considering bringing some oral vitamin K to the hospital in case we really do get a big hassel. You can purchase it on-line and our hospital doesn't offer oral Vit K only the shots.

Overall I'm nervous, but pretty confident in our decision. If it had become a major issue we'd have driven the hour over to Burlington, VT and had DD2 over there. Unfortunately, homebirth isn't an option around us. There are literally NO midwives within 3 hrs of our home who will attend a homebirth. And I'm just not comfortable with doing it UA.
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Hi. : Can I join? Yesterday was my first official "stay at home mom" day. My last day of work was Friday! Still hasn't quite sunk in that I won't be at work tomorrow. Ds is four and dd is two. The main reason (other than I really really want to do this) is that dh found a job (yay!) and ds is going into surgery in three weeks (eek!). So here I am.

Starflower, my dd is also being a kitty. A black kitty to be specific. And she's a kitten. I'm the mama cat. And I have to meow and she licks her hands and cleans her face. Its been a bit over a month now. Meow. :

I to am putting off the laundry. We have to run around for doctor's appointments tomorrow so I am taking a pre-doctor appt break. Of course, the appts will be followed by a post-doctor appt break but don't tell dh. shhh!

Marybeth, I hope your procedue is easy and the results are whatever they are you want them to be.
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Another cat mommy over here. And I have real ones too...but my 2 "'tend kitties" are always homeless and need someone to take care of them..."Mommy, 'tend I'm a kitty and you heard the meowing and you didn't know what it was and then you saw that it was a little kitten who didn't have a mother and was meowing, and when you heard the meowing you picked her up and brought her to your home and then you..." this has been going on for about 2 1/2 years now.

Starflower: We've been reading a library book called "Mouse Paint" a lot so she's beginning to understand more about how colors can mix together to make new colors.
My dd loves mixing colours--we put a bit of water and food colouring into several clear containers and then mix them a bit at a time to see what happens. We've done this a few times, she loves it!

marybethorama--vulvar biopsy! OMG! I think you need a

Welcome, Wendygrace! How is SAHMing going so far?

GUESS WHAT? We have a dishwasher! (you may have seen my poll trying to convince DH we needed one...) SIL's MIL was selling her portable becasue she wanted a built in--it's in excellent shape and we only paid $50. I'm so excited! :
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I am a SAHM with an ever travelling DH.

I have posted a few times before but I really like the idea of this thread.

What is it about laundry...I don't mind doing it but it seems to pile up. I barely get one load done a day. Most days.

I am just hoping my two girls get to bed before nine tonight because I am looking forward to watching some Desperate Housewives.

That's all for now.

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I'm new here and just wanted to pop in and say hi
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Holly, your welcome

DD likes to pretend she works at the animal shelter. I have to come in and adopt a dog. She then tells me how to care for it. So, guess where we got our dog from?

Congrats on a dishwasher, mummy marja! and what a deal!!!

Dh just left for his trip. He's been really cranky lately, maybe a break from routine will help
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Mary Beth, best of luck on youir biopsy (ouch!). I must say, I have never heard of that, and I hope everything's okay
Welcome to all of our new chatters! Wendygrace, how is your first Monday morning as a SAHM going? By the way, if you need any "how to survive in the hospital with your babe without losing your mind" tips, please ask - I've been there alot. Hoping all goes well for your ds
Marja, I know you're thrilled to have that dishwasher - I'm so in love with mine, I wish I had two
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Oh, yeah, I meant to say hi to the new faces at the cooler.

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