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Hi and welcome Tara
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to all the mamas having crappy days.

I did one load of laundry today. I had to because DD was out of panties. She's doing this thing lately where she takes them off every time she uses the toilet because "they're wet" even if they're not. And sometimes they are a little bit. So in any case, I had to wash some for her.

I made homemade split pea soup tonight and cooked up some onions and kolbasa sausage for DH. I have to go to a meeting tonight for DD's co-op preschool and it is supposed to last from 7:00 until 9:30 or so. Loooong! I managed to schedule in a massage therapy appointment at 5:15 though so I'll be away from the house from 5:00 until 9:45 or so.

I'm actually feeling kind of guilty because DD doesn't want me to go away tonight. I stayed with her at preschool and then she conked out in the car. She hardly ever takes naps so I'm not sure if she's just tired or picking up a little bug or what.

In a minute, I am going to go trim her fingernails because she won't let me do it while she is awake. I just hope she'll be able to spend some time with me before I go to the meetings and all. She'll probably have fun with DH anyway though. She hasn't been clingy in awhile.

I've been having a little bit of a problem with my milk supply lately. WTH?? DD has been complaining of no milk and trying to nurse for two hours at a time during the night sometimes. Ugh. It seems a little better today maybe. I posted a thread about it but no one has posted back yet. (grumble : ). Oh well. We're also TTC and I took a HPT to see if maybe I was lacking milk due to being pg. but it came up BFN. Probably too early to test. I don't know. I'm more concerned about DD not getting her milkies than whether I can get a BFP right now or not.

Oh, yeah. And we did survive my parents visit. We cleared a bunch of stuff out of the garage and DH and my dad took it to the dump. Mom and I cleaned up our dining area. We now have a place to dine. (DH and I have a clutter problem.) Now we're working hard to keep these areas nice while improving some other parts of the house.

I wish we could all trade housework jobs with one another. I love to cook, but I hate to do the dishes. I don't mind laundry (Ok - it is a major pain but I don't generally get too stressed about it until it takes over my kitchen from it's little closet in there.) But I'll do almost anything before I "want" to do the dishes: I've mowed the lawn, cleaned the toilet/bathroom, cleaned moss off our roof and cleaned out the gutters. Usually while I am doing these things, I've bargained with DH to do the dishes.

Hi, to all the newbies here! Nice to have you join us!

Taradactyl3 - Hey! I know you from the TTC boards! Good luck!

I'd better go clip little fingernails before DD wakes up.
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Good Morning! Hope today is WAY better for all us cranky mamas.

Wow, that snow really covered a lot of area! We had some pretty terrible weather for awhile--hail, snow, sleet, everything.

Funny, though, I live with snow 6 months of the year (Nov-April) and I'm still excited when the first snow falls! It makes me happy. Can't wait till it stays. I feel like a little kid.

Welcome, Taradactyl3! I totally understand the impatience TTC. I would get horribly upset everytime it didn't happen, even when we had just started trying. The funny thing is, as soon as we kind of "forgot" about it and stopped trying so hard, we got pregnant! That happened to us both times.

We are all sick here as well. On the mend though, I think. DS slept through the night, and is still sleeping! That is quite wonderful and shocking, considering he was up crying every 20 minutes last night. Poor guy. Poor us!

I've been a little worried about getting more piano students, because the little extra income is kind of needed. But this year it just wasn't really happening. I went from 10 students to 3. But 2 nights ago I got three more! Yay! I taught 2 of them last night (identical twin boys, 9) and they were great.

uh-oh, I hear a sad noise. Better go.
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I am really behind!!!

Dh and I were talking last night. He had been pressuring me to find a job. I have applied for literally 50 jobs. Unemployment is just so high here and the daycare subsidy list so long, that it has been very stressful.

So last night we were talking and he says "I actually like for you to be home, I have finally realized how convenient it is." and he wants me to stay home for at least a while longer.

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Hi everyone!

I'm so sorry some of you are cranky lately. I'm feeling pretty happy. DH switches to some nice evening shifts for a few days, then he does some overnight work and the kids and I will be visiting my parents again. Then, DH gets his week off so I'm looking at some major family time coming up. Woohoo! DD needs it!

A great big hug to Starflower!! I had huge supply issues with DD in the beginning and hung in there for three weeks as a new mom panicked about it all. It was HORRID. Then, exactly 3 weeks after she was born I woke up completely engorged. I literally could not sit up. The OB, the pediatrician, the LCs, even the local LLL leaders were pretty concerned it wasn't working for us and then BAM! Milk everywhere!!! So everytime someone posts about supply issues, I remember that worry and grief.

And congrats on joining us for good now, dnw@
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I've had my and I'm mostly awake. I went for my massage therapy session last night and found out it isn't until next week at that time. Oh, well. I'll get over it. I'm going to the chiro this morning before going to co-op preschool with DD. I don't really want to go to preschool today but it's my work day so I have to go.

Last night when DD was finally ready to go to sleep (midnight) I ended up sleeping with her in her bed and we had 4 imaginery kitties on the bed with us. She's really into cats still and has an amazing imagination. DD and DH were making up kitty stories while she was using the toilet (seems to help her with BMs) and I guess after they were done DD was upset because the kitties were still in the bathroom.

When I found out I didn't have a massage scheduled, I went to the fabric store and got some shiny black lamet type stuff to make bat wings for me and DD. Not sure what DH will be doing. DD said he was going to be a green bat last night. We'll see. Last year, DD was going to be a kitty and I made ears and a tail for her - then she refused to wear them and wanted her old dog costume from last year. : There's no way it will fit her now so hopefully she'll stick with the bat costume. She loves the bats at the zoo.

Thanks for the hugs regarding my milky issues. Things seem fairly back to normal at this point (now I am very confused) so I'm just not going to worry about it. If I am pg DD will have to deal with whatever milk supply I end up with anyway. She's 3-1/3 years old so I know she'll survive. I just don't know if I'd ever get any sleep. I've been focused on having her slow down with her nursing - not in frequency but in starting out on the boob. It seems to be helping her. She's a bit more patient the last few times and I did feel a let-down late last night. So hopefully, that's all good.

I suppose I'd better brush up on my required duties as woodworking parent at DD's preschool. She's still in bed but needs to get up soon so we can get me to the chiro and get my neck straightened out.

Thanks for letting me

Have a groovy day, everyone!
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Just found this thread. I'm a SAHM to my special needs ds. Oh, and I'm single.
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& welcome, Ode to Joy! Nice to have you here.
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Hi, Ode to Joy!
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Grumble. Grumble. My neck hurts despite going to the chiro this morning. I must have slept really weird last night. But hey, at least I slept. Trying to stay positive here.

I'm just really looking forward to DH getting home tonight. DD and I made cookies (gluten-free and very yummy but not very healthy) and then DD did some dishes. She loves doing dishes - doesn't know any better yet. Then I made the mistake of letting her eat two cookies and now she's bouncing off the walls. Or at least off the couch. :

DH should be home soon. Can't wait. Also can't seem to keep DD out of the dog food. On the upside of that, she is doing very well at getting the dog to perform her commands in exchange for food. It's quite impressive actually.

OK. Got the grumbling out of my system (for now). Have a fun and wonderful weekend, everyone!
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Anyone else in this thread who is a single mom?
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I want to go to a message therapist with Starflower this morning. I slept curled around two toddlers and I feel like the hunchback of Notre Dame. Between that and AF, I'm done for today.
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I could go for a massage too. I have some sort of crick in my neck from sleeping on it wrong.

Today we are going to try to make it to the Norsk Hostfest. It's the largest Scandanavian festival in North America. People from the Scandanavian countries actually come here for the Hostfest! Norsk Hostfest

But I also want to work out and do some school work so I better get off MDC! :
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