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Mary Beth, I'm so glad the biopsy went as well as it sounds like it did. I hope you spoil yourself with something today - chocolate? Wine?

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marybeth--so glad that's over for you and it wasn't TOO bad! Hope the results are good.

Yeah, the "healthy" breakfast program really sucks. I find it incredible how people can think certain things are "healthy" like nutrigrain bars and granola bars. DH's family is bad for that--they'll give my kids things and say, "oh, it's ok because it's healthy--it's a nutrigrain bar!" Yeah right!

DD just came to me and said, "Marja, remember we were going to make a craft?" she says that at least 10 times a day. And she's still calling my by my first name, I think it's great!
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MaryBeth, I'm glad to hear that it went well. I pray the results are good news.
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marybethorama I'm glad it wasn't too bad, though it sounds dreadful.

Originally Posted by janerose View Post
A good friend dealt with the whole school lunch mess last year with her son's preschool teacher.

The teacher cornered her one day as she was picking him up and demanded to know why she packed her DS lunch that day even though he had "the exact same thing" that was on the school menu. First, why she thought it was her business I have no clue? Second, the school menu was white bread, with generic, hydro oil PB and high fructose corn syrup jam, non-organic milk, a bag of chips, and a fruit roll up. Umm....my friend send her DS with a PBJ made on whole wheat bread with natural PB and homemade jam, a thermos of organic soy milk, a bag of organic rice crackers, and (gasp) and actual piece of fruit.

"The exact same thing..." Yeah....right....

ETA: This was at a private school too. And an expensive private school at that.
Ugh! My SIL is a teacher at our local public school and the menus there, nothing but junk food. Last year the princible reied to have the vending machines pulled and the parents actually had a fit about it. I guess they wanted their kids eating chips and soda all day. : Just another on a long list of why I hope to homeschool my boys.
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MaryBeth, I'm keeping my fingers crossed about the biopsy results.

It's so sad to hear about the junk food in schools. That's one of the reasons why we're seriously thinking about homeschooling our DS. We're real sticklers for good nutrition and so far, so good. Especially the immediate family understands and supports us and doesn't offer DS sweets and stuff like that. The school food here is a bit different from the U.S. and my beef with it is that it's, well, all beef! It's nothing but meet in various brown sauces. Very heavy, almost no veggies and those that are are boiled beyond recognition. Most kids really hate the food, too, and find creative ways of getting rid of it. That's one aspect of school culture I think my children can do without.

Wow, all you knitters out there, you have my utmost admiration. I can't even sew a button onto a shirt, the most I can manage is repairing small rips and holes, that's it
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I finally make it back to post and there's three pages all ready! Wow you guys are fast.

Hi Pauline its Allison (you helped me with a Mei Tai at PDX NINO).
Hello everyone else that is new.

Marybeth hoping everything turns out ok.

My oldest is sick so today I am accomplishing next to nothing. In fact I just can't stay away from MDC today! There is an entire bag of wooden blocks all over the floor, I have no idea what to make for dinner, and there is a smell coming from the kitchen. But DD has clean diapers in the dryer, DS is having fun making bridges, and DD#1 finally went to sleep. So despite the puke it has been a good day.

Well off to figure out dinner..... hmmmmmmm


ETA: and a large accomplishment is all the posts I have added to my post count today. LOL
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AF arrived today a little earlier than expected. So I have been a little out of sorts, but I claimed my b-day massage today so all was well.:

DH was home today and spent a lot of time with the kids, but I think he plopped them down in front of the T.V. a lot too.: He gets irritated with them so fast because he can't get "anything done with them around." Hello! They are 2 1/2 and 22 months. OF COURSE they want your undivided attention. If you give it to them for a little bit, they will happily go off and play by themselves. If you keep telling them "one more minute" or"getting mad and saying "go away! daddy HAS to do this NOW," they will only hound you more and I will get pissy listening to you talk to our children that way.

But he is a good guy and a great father. Just makes me wonder if he could handle more kids at some point.

Glad to hear the biopsy went OK! Not a pleasant experience.: Obviously, I hope the results are good.

to all the new "faces"
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Wendygrace, I just PM'd You!
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My this thread goes fast. Not sure I can keep up. We are back from the doctor's appt and the hospital tour. My son is a bouncing ball, I swear. Good thing he's not in school cuz he'd be labeled ADHD so fast my head would spin.

MaryBeth, hope all turns out ok.

I don't sew. I can't even look at the fancy sewing maching my MIL bought me. She has some thoughts that I'll learn to sew in her lifetime, or at least mine. Not sure that's gonna happen.

Amy, thanks. Got your PM

Not sure what we're doign for dinner. My mother is coming over now so hopefully she'll cook or order something soon. : I have to learn to cook.

Gotta run.
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Just ate an entire sleeve of Roasted Veggie Ritz. An insane amount of salt, but oh so yummy. : Planning on trying to have a slightly calmer week than last. We've been so busy, especially in the last two days, and I think I've been running poor ds1 ragged. He was sent to his room to calm down after whacking newborn ds2 on the noggin, and when I peeked in on him, he'd tucked himself into bed and was fast asleep, a full hour before bedtime. I just put Doggie (stuffed German Shepherd lovie) in bed with him and turned out the lights. We'll just brush the teeth extra well in the morning. I need to get to bed earlier than usual tonight, because who knows how early he's going to wake up! Ds2 fell asleep in the sling and is conked out in his bucket, all wrapped up in the sling. It's very, very quiet right now.

Got Halloween decorations today and put them up. Dh is supposed to bring more up from the basement. I taped paper pumpkins to the front windows, and ds1 has been giving them kisses all day long. Laundry is a nightmare; there is an enormous pile that looks like it's trying to climb up the wall in our bedroom. DH strung up more clothesline and has been washing like a madman. The man has to have at least one project at any given time, and he's made laundry the new one for now. I'm supposed to sort out another load and leave it for him to get going when he gets home from work (night shift; :Puke )

Have to scrub the tub before it actually grows algae. Yuck.
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Scrubbing the tub is not for me. I must admit the amount of clothes that still need to be put away is overwhelming but my dh is really good about folding right away and then putting away or at least in the right room for me to put away. I think it is because he is never "on his own" for days at a time so he doesn't need to just veg out at night. I even thought of doing yoga at night but so far that's not working.

dinner has been hard lately. I took the kids out tonight after the library becaue I didn't know what to make and then they just had pasta...I could have done that! Anyway they are in bed now and I am going to try to get to bed early tonight, but first, back to that laundry.

Thanks for being so welcoming to a newbie. Sometimes that is hard to find.
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Laundry seems to be a common theme in this thread. Our house seems like it could be the set of a movie called "It Came From the Laundry Pile...." : AAAAAH! We actually manage to do OK except for the putting away part. DH and I really seem to have trouble with that one.

So much going on here with everyone.

Marybethorama - Glad things went better than expected. I had a subaceous cyst lanced on my vulva once and had the numbing shot and then the nurse squeezing the out of it. OUCH! Not fun, mama. I feel for you. I hope the biopsy shows everything is OK.

east carolina - sorry to hear about your husband getting robbed on the bus. That is awful. I'm glad he's OK though.

Welcome to all the newbies here. Glad to "meet" you all.

I ended up spending my entire afternoon driving all over town picking up our niece from school in south Seattle because she missed her bus and didn't have her mom's new work number. But I wasn't just going to leave her there. Hopefully, they worked out a better plan for when this happens again so we don't have to drive an hour in traffic to get her again.

I picked up DH at work and we ended up having teriyaki for dinner on the way home. DD was kind of wired tonight. No, correction, really wired! She finally went to sleep around 10:00-ish. Ugh. Last night it was 1:38 a.m. when she finally conked out. Then I couldn't sleep much at all last night and had to get up to babysit our friend's two year old at 8:30. We're trying to get on better sleep schedules. I've always been a night person but I've gone to bed anywhere from 12 midnight to 6:00 a.m. and everything in between the past few days and it's just getting nuts.

Still need to finish up fixing the kitchen sink, too.

Well, DH is finally done working on the (other) computer so I'll quit my whining here and hopefully be going to bed soon.

Have a groovy day, everyone.
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Originally Posted by janerose View Post
QuietLikeRain -- We only have one vehicle as well. It really does blow on some days. Is there any way you can drive your DH into work or wherever one or two days a week so you can have the car? It takes some extra planning, but works for us.
I'd have no problem with that but dh works 1.25 hours away, so the gas money alone makes it not worth it, you know what I mean? we hope to have the 2cd car up and running again within the next two weeks...we'll see.

Today a lovely mama that we've connected with has offered to come pick up me & ds so we can do an activity together. Thank God!!!
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When I had only one child and was pg with the second, we had only one car. I never knew that cabin fever was a real thing until we were living in that tiny duplex 10miles from the nearest store or park!
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I so feel for those of you down to one car. I get jumpy when our car is down for the WEEK. Hey, that reminds me that I know a mama with no car during the day. I need to call her up! Thank you!
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On the one car front - this is a huge bone of contention between DH and I.

We HAVE 2 cars. Mine is the one that works. His is a '92 land rover defender 90 that he loves in principle but he's...well, not a car guy, and that rover has (when it's not sitting in our driveway being a giant red PAPERWEIGHT) cost us more to fix than it is worth.

The amount we've spent to fix it the innumerable times it's needed fixin' could have easily bought us several inexpensive working cars for him to drive the 5 minutes he needs to get to and from work every day.

but instead - he uses my car - which means i either a) drive him to and from work every day or b) i have no car all day.

: :
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Thank you everyone for all the good wishes. I really appreciate it.

Since my editing project is on hold, I decided to take it easy today. (I gave my changes to dh and he doens't like my changes in the first chapter That's okay though, he's decided to fix it himself. )

I did two loads of laundry but I'm avoiding the pile of dishes in the kitchen sink. If I ignore them long enough will they go away?
Actually what will happen is that dh will do them, which is nice but he leaves such a mess I'd rather do them myself.

I took a bath and gave myself a spa treatment. I slathered myself in cooonut butter body lotion and even put some creme on my feet.

The other thing I need to do is exercise-I'm making that a priority.
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Originally Posted by AidansMommy1012 View Post
Just ate an entire sleeve of Roasted Veggie Ritz. An insane amount of salt, but oh so yummy. :
OMG! I love Ritz crackers. Roasted veggie Ritz sounds so good. I can't wait to go grocery shopping tomorrow.

I think I'll indulge and buy some special cheese to go with them
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Originally Posted by QuiteLikeRain View Post
I'd have no problem with that but dh works 1.25 hours away, so the gas money alone makes it not worth it, you know what I mean? we hope to have the 2cd car up and running again within the next two weeks...we'll see.

Today a lovely mama that we've connected with has offered to come pick up me & ds so we can do an activity together. Thank God!!!
BTDT and it blows! And that was back when gas was much more affordable. Can't even imagine how much it would cost now. :

Awesome about the other mama coming to pick you up though. I've been spending a lot of time visiting my sister & the kids she nannys for. The parents aren't comfortable letting her drive places yet, so she's at home with them all day. And they're not within walking distance of anything either.

I firmly believe that until someone has actually *been* stuck at home all day, day after day after day with kids they have no clue how difficult it really is!
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We only have one car but DH's workplace is only a 6 minute drive away. In the summer he bikes to work, but it's pretty chilly now at 6AM and so he gets a ride with someone or I drive him to work. We have the car at least 3 days a week, and I'm so thankful that DH is willing to work around it. He knows I'll go crazy if we're at home all day, every day--we've tried that!

You know, laundry is one of my favourite chores. I kind of like making things
clean and I find it very satisfying work. Washing floors, on the other hand...

My niece is here for the day--she is 5 and she and DD are best buds. I just found them in the bathroom with about 20 band-aids on each hand.

AHHH! Sometimes my kids drive me crazy with their creative messes. I honestly can't keep up. DD and DS have been playing together so much more this week, getting along great, but it seems to be so much messier than before. They make a lot of forts and play "moving day" which involves bringing everything from one room into another.: I have to figure out some sort of balance, and set limits even though I would love for them to have free rein with creative play.
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