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6mo old nurses 10 times a night!

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Does any one have any suggestions for getting my 6 month old dd to stop nursing for comfort every hour all night? I wouldn't mind nursing once or twice a night but I'm barely functioning and my back is sore from being in nursing position for a lot of the night. She clearly is using nursing to soothe back to sleep, not nursing for food. I'm just so tired. Help!
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Sometimes, I pop dd off the nipple after she's back asleep so she doesn't keep it in her mouth for hours. Sometimes, I coax her over onto her tummy (she's 9 mos now) and she stays asleep longer. Sometimes I cover myself back up with my pjs so my nipple is not out tempting her to rouse. Dr. Sears has some nightweaning suggestions in his AP book (tanking up before bed, having dad "nurse" baby back to sleep so as not to rely on nursing, wearing baby more during the day, etc.). Don't know if they're good suggestions, because we haven't tried nightweaning yet.
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Hi Kimberly, a couple of things that have helped us are:
1. I don't nurse dd to sleep, I nurse her, then when she slows/nods off, take the nipple out. I do this at nap & bed time. Sometimes she's awake for a couple of minutes, sometimes longer, but she ususally just hangs out for a few minutes, then closes her eyes & goes to sleep. I started this a few months ago & it's helped.
2. when she nurses in the night, after a few minutes & she starts to nod off, I take the nipple out, pull the pj top down & roll over. That way there's no temptation. Sometimes she fusses for a second, but mostly she just goes right back to sleep. Sometimes she'll fuss for a minute or two, but it's rare.

Good luck!!!!!!!
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The book THE NO CRY SLEEP SOLUTION might help you. My ds does this too.:
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Hi Kimberly,
I too would pop ds off the nipple right before he fell asleep. I also would give him to dh to put to bed the first time. For some reason that would help him sleep a longer stretch and it seemed if he started the night with a longer stretch then he slept better for the rest of the night.
Good luck
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