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Originally Posted by Miss Juice View Post
Amy! Been missing you. Especially through the penis talk - you've got four of 'em!
I've been reading - just not much to add. Penis is just another word around here. I'm really enjoying this thread and all the joking.
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Originally Posted by Quagmire View Post

Anyone watch Scrubs? When Elliot does a rotation in the OB/Gyn and she remarks "all I do is look at pachingos. Pachingo, pachingo, pachingo..."
Or Grey's Anatomy last season when Bailey had her baby:
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DS slept through the night! 7 hours, woke to eat, then 4 more hours. The first 7 were in his side-carred crib, and the last 4 right next to be in bed. I love the side-carred crib--I can get in and out of bed, or move in my sleep, without waking him up, but he's also right there in less than an arm's reach.

We'll see if he keeps doing this. It's exciting, but part of me is a bit sad too--he's growing up so much!
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Kate - well put - I completely agree with your definition of CIO. I've definitely had to modify my beliefs with the addition of a second child, especially one who is rather a handful!!! I remember how high and mighty I was with the first (and I see it here on the boards all the time) and I wish I could go back in time and slap myself. I was also one of those who never gave myself slack or a moment to myself and I really burned out. There is no point in being a martyr. I've grown sooooooo much in the 6 years since having ds1.

Tanya - I agree with everyone - definitely NOT CIO!!!!!

Yeah Tigress - send some of those sleep vibes this way, would ya?

In other news, I got my Ergo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ds is sleeping on me right now. I love it so far! I think this will be the carrier for us. Yippee!!!!!
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Hi ya'll

You gals are so funny!! I've never posted before, but I've been lurking on these boards since 3rd trimester. DS will be 3 months this Sunday. He was sleeping well for about 5 hours straight until about 2 weeks ago when he started kicking constantly. He won't eat much during the day but wants to nurse constantly at night. I can't figure it out unless he is just noticing more things during the day and forgetting that he is hungry. He also has taken to sucking his hand constantly. AAARRGH!! It is driving me crazy. Any thoughts? I just bought him a jumperoo and he loves it. He has been standing since 4 weeks. I can agree with the rest of you gals on the 20x/2months. He he he he that is really funny. I could hear my DH use that as an excuse for sex too. We are working on it, but it just isn't the same quite yet. Hope we get there soon.
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Welcome Zanesmama!

Kate, your definition of CIO is right on! I especially liked this part:
to me it is the intent behind what you are doing at that time. i.e, conscious effort to care for multiple children at the same time as best you can vs. deliberate disregard for the upset child's needs because your own personal desires take prioirity.
So very true.

sunshinestar, Not at all strange to want to be PG again. My biggest hesitation with getting PG(aside from not having AF back yet and so therefore probably not fertile) is that I don't want to compromise BFing. Therefore, I need to wait around another year.

Hi Amy!

April, I look forward to reading your birth story when you're ready to post it.

When does the leaking stop with BFing? At the rate I'm going I'm considering being a sprinkler for Halloween ... but I doubt my friends, neighbors, and the trick-or-treaters would appreciate being sprayed!
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Originally Posted by sewaneecook View Post
When does the leaking stop with BFing? At the rate I'm going I'm considering being a sprinkler for Halloween ... but I doubt my friends, neighbors, and the trick-or-treaters would appreciate being sprayed!
I never did stop leaking with my first. Always had to wear pads. I let down at the drop of a hat.
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thanks for the lovely messages of welcome

we DTD at 6 weeks pp, not much fun to be honest, have done it a few times since but things definitely feel different to how they used to! I'm hoping that will change once all my stitches have healed

zanes mom - my dd is also chewing her fist constantly, she has just started cooing and I'm wondering if she has sore mouth muscles from making noises she hasnt done before, anyone else have any ideas??

gotta go... dd is waking up i think
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waving "hi!" 9 pages of posts, ladies? : egads ... going to settle in with a beverage and try to catch up, but browsing this page, i see i'm not the only one who ovulated? thought i saw the signs, then lo and behold last saturday morning, hellooooo aunt flooooooo. : she held off a month longer than after the birth of my ds1, so that's my break, i guess. sigh.

'kay - i hope you are all well. i have some post reading and some blog reading and ... golly, i've got to get to work!

wanna see pics of my halloween baby jaguar? (with his big brother "diego"?) (5 pics in slideshow.) halloween06
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Originally Posted by sewaneecook View Post

When does the leaking stop with BFing? At the rate I'm going I'm considering being a sprinkler for Halloween ... but I doubt my friends, neighbors, and the trick-or-treaters would appreciate being sprayed!
Mind if I steal your idea? I don't give a crap what my neighbors think. We're pulling out of here the next day!

Sue- gorgeous kiddos!

Oops, gotta go. babe woke up!
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great pics, sue! adorable.

sewanee, it seems to vary. I still leak occasionally but mostly I've stopped.
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Originally Posted by Quagmire View Post
Oh, and here's my guilty confession: I'm going back to work in exactly 2 weeks and I have yet to introduce a bottle - or anything other than my boob.


Anyone else doing bottles? What are you using? I bought a Soothie bottle since she took the soothie paci a few times (then spit it out in disgust when she realized it wasn't me). How did you introduce the bottle?

I had HORRIBLE luck with DD1 and bottles. She despised them. I pumped for a long time but a lot of my milk got wasted.
Gerber nuk nipples, I find they are the closest to replicating the shape of your nipple whiile your baby sucks. I know working sucks, but good luck anyways.
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sooo confused!

Hello everyone. I'm new here. My name is Amanda, I'm 22, my husband Justin and I got married last year on September 3rd, and I got pregnant last Halloween. I gave birth to my daughter, Emily Lynn on July 15th of this year. So anyways, can someone please help me here, I usually use Pregnancy Weekly but someone suggested I go to this website and I just can't figure it out. When you post something do you have to go back digging for it to see if anyone has replied? and there's like a million posts, isn't there boards for different things? Like on PW I posted on the August 2006 board (I was due in August origionally). I'm confused here, please help!!! :
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Emily's mama - Welcome to MDC. if you click on your name, there will be a dropscreen that shows up (I don't know how else to describe it) and on it will be "find more posts by Emily's mama" and if you click on that you can check your other posts. Does that make any sense? There's lots of great info on this site, I hope you learn lots. I know I have.

April, if you really do the sprinkler idea, I need video footage ... that would be quite the site.

Sue, what wonderful pics, thanks for sharing. Your boys are gorgeous.
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Welcome, Amanda! You can adjust your options by clicking "Quick Links" and "Edit Options" Under "Default Thread Subscription Mode" choose which one you want to apply to every thread that you post on.

Or you can do this individually. When you click "Post Reply" scroll down below the buttons for Submit or Preview Post. There is a thread notification option that you can use for that particular thread.

Instant email notification will send you messages as they post, but I've had trouble getting messages when the thread is very high volume. You can unsubscribe from threads either through the email message or by selecting the "Subscribed Threads" option under "Quick Links".

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Hi Ladies!! Sorry I have been AWOL.

Checkin in here!

So, Autumn is doing great! A little cranky after the 10 days abroad, but good outside of that. She talks and giggles a lot now! So that's fun. Her reflux is getting better, and her colic is all but subsided. She is in 6-9 month clothes for the most part, so she isn't lacking in the weight dept!

I started CD again!! Yahoo!! Pavlina sent me some AWESOME pocket dipes, and I have been buying others back up slowly. Many of the Mom's in the Unpopulars thread (as well as Pavlina!) that I am part of sent them to me for nothing at all. Because they are awesome like that. I am REALLY low on the cash, so this meant a lot to me. It's awesome that there are still people like this in the world....

My plane ride didn't go as well as I would have liked, but it wasn't bad. On the way back, both of the plane rides had some nasty turbulence on the way down. On the plane they have these little screens in the back of the seat and you can choose to follow on a map and it shows altitude, mph ect, and at one point during descent we dropped 3000 feet in one second. A few people screamed. I would have to if I wasn't hyperventilating so badly.

I saw some discussion about dtd on here. We aren't yet either. I am too scared to. And my DH is NOT an initiator, and I think I kinda need him to be. I will admit : it's been since our conception date, since we last had sex. So that's about a year. :. I think I need to seek out some help with that. I can't believe that's normal.

I would LOVE to get a maid/housekeeper/helper...but I only have one kid. Kinda lame I know.

DD sleeps a lot during the day still. Is this normal? She takes 3-4 hour long naps between 8 am and 8 pm. That just feels like a lot. And sometimes, one of them will last for 2 hours. I just don't know.

Well, not much else here! I have to go and catch up with a few people's blogs (pancakegoddess what have you been up to? And how is lil Lochlan doing?), and unpack some stuff still, and get our lives back in order. My DH is out of town overnight today and tomorrow. I don't think I will be leaving the house much. Gotta get her and me back on a normal schedule and I am going to just take it easy for a few days.
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OT or on T or whatever...

Today at my office someone told me I must be losing my milk because my breasts look smaller.

I was so : : : I don't know where to start. Have you seend the NINETEEN POUND 11-WEEK OLD OVER THERE??? And WTH are you looking at my boobs for??

Also yesterday one of my pts (very nice very gay man) said I looked more "coiffed" than usual, and was it that I got more sleep, or had more time to get ready in the morning? Nooooo, it was because after my crappy-ass 4 hours of sleep I actually put on EYELINER.

Grrr. Why do other people care more than I do about how I look??? I have always thought that who you are and what you do are more important that what you look like. I'm just feeling disappointed in humanity right now.
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Sabbath, you posted while I was busy ranting.
Good to see you!
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for Jessica. Rant away, m'dear! I think you should have whipped your boob out and squirted the person who had the audacity to make that comment!

Sabbath: Thats super awesome that the ladies helped you out with dipes! Yay for cloth! Lochlan is doing really well.....he's a super baby! In case anyone forgot the link to my blog its here
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Darn! MDC ate my post!

I was trying to tell you , Jessica. It sucks when people don't think before they speak. Of course you don't have enough milk. Must be divine lactation going on to grow a baby that well outside the womb. We should wear signs that say "Warning: newborn induced sleep deprivation. Zero tolerance for stupid people. Think before you speak to me."

Sue, such cute pics! You've reminded me that I need to update my pics. I have an adorable one of my girls in matching hot pink fuzzi bunz while they're snuggling on the bed.

Sabbath, great to see you again! What's up with the unpopular thread anyway? I started reading it when it first came up, got pulled away from the computer, and when I came back it had taken off. Now it's too overwhelming to catch up. So is it a party over there or what?

Good news today. Dh's training will be finishing early. So he'll be home at 2:30 Friday instead of 7:30. Cost him a whole $5 to change flights. Gotta love Southwest. So 1 1/2 days to go! : Good thing, too, because I noticed last night my eye was starting to twitch. I should survive this last little bit as we'll be busy. Tomorrow is baby's well visit. I usually do a couple a year, but not on the normal schedule since we don't vax. We'll find out just how much this sumo baby has grown. She grew a fat dimple at her elbow the other day. Then Friday is ds's field trip to the pumpkin patch. It was rescheduled from Monday due to rain. I was going to meet a bunch of LLL moms out there on Friday while ds was at school, so now it's a playdate/field trip all in one! It'll be great so that the moms will see that I'm not the only smart mama wearing my baby. :

ETA: Anyone ever dealt with plantars warts? Ds had one show up on his foot several months ago, and most of what I read said leave it alone. Well, it's multiplied like crazy and the area of wart is about the size of a nickel now and it hurts him. Plus there's a new one that looks really ugly on the side of his toe. I've tried some home remedies, including breastmilk after a study showed it helps, but nothing has worked thus far. It's hurting him so much he has consented to go to the doctor to have them freeze it off. Anyone ever done it? How bad does it hurt? Poor kid. He already has HPV.
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