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I've signed up too. I'm just worried about making up the word count each day as I have 3 children.
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I tried to do it last year, but just couldn't get a plot going, and it just felt hopeless. I didn't feel good about just writing for the sake of writing when I am taking time away from my family to do this, I wanted more at the end of it than 50,000 words. But this year I have a plot, and I'm excited about it! Actually, it came to me early this morning while I was in bed halfway between sleeping and waking, on November 1st, and if that isn't a sign I don't know what is. I spent a couple of hours this morning fleshing out the outline, and I've got 1864 words already. I'm thinking I'll take a break from my other book (see my siggy) which is pretty emotionally draining and honestly the hardest writing work I've ever done, and just make this about having fun.

I'm already feeling a bit of self-doubt creeping in, though. Any of you dealing with that?
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Yes, self-doubt for sure! I just finished my 5,001 words for the day. I want to have one day a week when I crank out a lot of words like this. The rest of the week, I can do around 1,500 or so. I have a loose plot in mind, and a few characters in mind, in addition to my main character. But, this is some of the crappiest writing I have done in a long time - lol. I write short stories typically and have never taken on a novel before, not for real anyway. So, I'm used to my writing being much tighter and also used to reading and editing a lot as I go. To have this in rough draft format for so long is odd. But, I just keep telling myself that I am going to end up with some gems tucked in here and there and I can always revise later. I do think I am keeping on track as far as my plot goes though. And, now that I have gotten started, I really want to do an outline, although it will be a very loose one and will probably change as I go. Ok, that was wordy - sorry! I am in fast typing mode - lol!

Stay motivated everyone! My son did watch a lot of tv today, but I haven't totally ignored him. I mostly just sat down and wrote 300-500 words at a time until I reached my goal. We are getting ready to go outside now.

You can do it!
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I'm gearing up to start writing tonight. I have the inklings of a plot. I have an inciting incident but not sure where it's going after that. I'm writing sci fi so even if I use lots of my words just on world building I'll be happy.
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I really have the doubt thing going on tonight. Just a few hours left to the day and I am just now getting baby to bed and my daughter is still going strong. It is so hard to put the house work out of mind so I can sit and finish 2,000 more words tonight. -sigh-
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I fell asleep putting my son to bed last night so I'm playing catch up already. On the upside, I laid in bed this morning working out more of my plot in my head .
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I wrote less than 700 words last night. Think I have to scrap that idea, old plot that's been rattling around my head. Guess it needs to stay there longer. Have 2 more ideas that I will play with while at work and see if one gels enough to get past, um. um. um.
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I just finally hit 2k. That is my daily goal, so I still need to do 2k for today. If I can manage to get to 5k today that would be great, it's a matter of NOT playing online (i'm consta-connected) and chatting.

Right now, since i'm babysitting for a friend in a couple of hours, I have to pay attention to the house for a bit. I'll have plenty of play with the kids time (my friends children are also 3 & 1, there is NO writing when I have all four) and then in the early afternoon I can probably write while my daughter naps. We'll see . . . yesterday I fell asleep with her. I am finding that if I hold off on the writing until they are all in bed I am just too tired to concentrate. FUNNY sentence came out of this last night ; ) I have no idea what i meant ...

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Aishy - I'm with you. I'm too tired to write at night too. I'm trying to get it all done during the day and then if I have the energy, at night I will do some outlines for the next day.

How is everyone doing today? My ds napped today, so I banged out my 1500 words for the day pretty quickly. I wanted to get it done before ds1 gets home from school. I'm up to 6,591. Lots of dialogue today and not much description.

Anyone printing out the story as they go? I am printing each day when I am done with that days work and putting it all in a binder.

It's all about babysteps, everyone. Don't think of the 50,000 words, just think of the 1500-2000 for each day.
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I'm up to.... five words. The title, and my name. How the HELL do you people find time to write with kids?!
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There is a thread in the forum on nanowrimo called "Any mom's of toddlers writing?" Here is the link if anyone is interested in popping in


If the link doesn't work, it is in the "all ages coffee house".
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I'm here, late as usual. It's killing me, I've been trying to get my Word OR Wordperfect to function & they keep screwing up (argh DH!) I REFUSE to write a 50,000 word novel in Notepad, dammit.

I spent apres-Yoga time at a sports bar smoking a cig (I don't smoke!) & drinking a beer reading 'No Plot, No Problem!' last night, trying to get that writer vibe going.

I wish my laptop wasn't so heavy.

Anybody know any free writing proggies? Sigh.
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Actually I had a similar problem. Our puter blew up a couple months ago and required reformating. We can't find the Office disk anywhere.

So I downloaded AbiWord, an open source program. I like it. Working well for me.
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Im lucky to have an Alpha smart.


It make writing so easy- no saving, just turn the thing on or off- pick a file and write until full. Plus- it takes AA batteries.

Not that I've even started the novel yet. I probably wont make to to 50,000- but I'd like to get a big chunk of it done. Dh is already up to 8,000 words!
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Writing programs, Free:

The programs I am used are Writely (Now google Documents) I believe you can get to it by going here: http://docs.google.com

It is free and online so you can get to it from any computer hooked up to the net. It was just taken over by google but so far everyone has said it is stable. I love it as I am on two computers often and I can work with it from either one.

I am also useing a free program writen by a writer. yWriter2 here is the link to DownLoad it. http://www.download3k.com/Install-yWriter.html

I use this as a back up and also it's cool little tools helps me keep my scenes on track. I wish it had a better help file though. Even without the help file I have found my way around it fast enough to consider it a good program.

As for me, I am having a depressing day. Hubby has been gone a week come tomorrow. -sigh- It hit hard today. I am only up to 4k words and that is not close to the 8k I want to be at. I am just so dang sleepy.

Writing at night is not working for me I am finding fast. I need to find smaller times in the day to sit down and do about 600 words at a time to keep my energy up for this project and keep patience with myself and the kids.

Tomorrow is another day Mamas! We can do this! Just keep moving forward!
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So how is everyone doing? I hit 12k last night, really exciting. I don't think i've kept up this well the past few years. I also started out the last two years with sick kids, but this year they took care of that in October.

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Aisling - 12K is awesome! I'm a little over 10k, so not too bad. I didn't write at all on Sunday though. My goal is to hit 12,500 by the end of today.

Keep writing everyone! Every little bit adds up.
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I'm a first-time NaNoer! I'm up to 10,589 words so far. I just spent 45 minutes on MDC tho - shoulda been writing!

Off I go.....
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