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A poll: retraction - Page 9

Poll Results: What age(s) did you, your significant other, your children, naturally retract?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 3% (8)
    By age 1
  • 4% (11)
    By age 2
  • 9% (22)
    By age 3
  • 10% (24)
    By age 4
  • 5% (14)
    By age 6
  • 2% (5)
    By age 8
  • 0% (2)
    By age 10
  • 2% (6)
    By age 12
  • 1% (4)
    By age 14
  • 3% (8)
    By age 16
  • 1% (3)
    By age 18
  • 53% (127)
    Not yet (give ages in post, please!)
  • 0% (0)
    Retracted non-surgically post puberty (age please!)
  • 1% (4)
    Circumcised for 'phimosis' (ditto!)
238 Total Votes  
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Um, we are 3 1/2 (will be 4 in April) and still not retracted at all.

And (obviously) neither is the 7 month old...
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My son will be 4 in March and is not retracting.
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my nearly 4 yo doesn't retract much. I've explained to him how to do it in the bath and that someday he'll get to pull it down a bunch and the head will pop out. I must say he's quite amazed. "Just keep playing with it," I said.
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for a new member.
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my ds is 25 months and he isn't even close to being retractable.
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Ds is 3 and as far as I can tell, by looking, still fully attached.
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Pman is 4.5yo - does not naturally retract on a regular basis...
Trout is 13mo - does not naturally retract on a regular basis...

i have not tried to see how far either one can retract...i know that Pman has retracted himself before, but he has since stated that he is "never going to do that again"...i will remind him of that when he is 15, of course...

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My son is 23 months and doesn't retract yet.
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my boys are 20 months and not retracting yet. they spend a LOT of time nakey though, and pull and twist the heck out of those things!!
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DS is twenty months and no retraction yet. He stretches it out like there's no tomorrow, though! And he "balloons" when he pees, so I wonder if he might retract on the earlier end b/c that would lead me to believe that it is partially seperated (?)... Hmmm.
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Not yet; my son is 5 1/2. DH is circ'd.
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ds is 2 1/2 and not even close.
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My ds is over 2 and doesn't seem anywhere near retracting.
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Older 2 DS's retracted around 5-6, maybe 7 completely for DS #2 (partly adhered for a bit, it let go in stages). DS #3 surprised me by retracting in the bath at 4 completely and now washes himself independently (I remind my older ones to RINSE their bits in clear water - DD too.).
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My newest ds, 10wks now, is of course not retractable. Son #2 retracted at age 4 but its not all the way retracted. Some of the skin still adheres to the glans. I let him do it. I don't try retracting it my self. When he does pull it back as far as it goes, his glans bend because of the frenulum. Maybe he has a tight frenulum. I'm not worried but should I be? My first was circed at the hospital. I became suicidal because of this tragic event. I came to my senses and knew that my son needs his mother. It crushes me every time I think about it. This is why I won't deliver another baby in the hospital ever EVER again!!! I did try to restore the foreskin when he was little thinking he was too young to remember (same goes for the argument about circ). That memory is embedded in the sub-conscience mind. Trying to restore his foreskin was short lived because I felt that he has already gone through so much even tho I was never hard on him. Maybe when he is grown and wants to do this for himself then it will be his choice to do so. In doing so he will heal emotionally, I hope. Maybe he won't care. My Dh did this and told me that it was healing for him.
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