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A poll: retraction - Page 2

Poll Results: What age(s) did you, your significant other, your children, naturally retract?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 3% (8)
    By age 1
  • 4% (11)
    By age 2
  • 9% (22)
    By age 3
  • 10% (24)
    By age 4
  • 5% (14)
    By age 6
  • 2% (5)
    By age 8
  • 0% (2)
    By age 10
  • 2% (6)
    By age 12
  • 1% (4)
    By age 14
  • 3% (8)
    By age 16
  • 1% (3)
    By age 18
  • 53% (127)
    Not yet (give ages in post, please!)
  • 0% (0)
    Retracted non-surgically post puberty (age please!)
  • 1% (4)
    Circumcised for 'phimosis' (ditto!)
238 Total Votes  
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Ds is 5.5, last time I saw which was a few months ago he was almost fully retracted, so I voted age 6.
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DS is 21 months old and retracts about 5/8, I'd say. (i.e. a little more than halfway) He pulls his foreskin back regularly (diaperfree here lots!) and you can see where the synechia (sp?) is still there when he hits the stopping point.
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Good idea Tigertail !!

This is a real horror story - DS was born 24 years ago, and we were instructed to retract gently at each bath (Sure wish we had known then what I know now). By 1 the meatus was visible, by 5 he was about 3/4 retractable, with the remaining bit still adhering to the glans. At 7 he got a little slit in his foreskin when he retracted it so we told him not to retract any more (new Dr's advice). At 11 he got an infection which cleared up right away with antibiotics, but it was discovered that his foreskin was now tight like a newborn's. The urologist said he must be circumcised. I countered with some info gathered through NOCIRC (no internet then), but he got mad and walked out. DW wanted this 'problem' fixed, and he was ultimately circumcised. I have apologised to him many times, and he is O.K. with it. That is why I voted "circumcised for phimosis".

All our nephews are intact, as are 3 BILs. I do know one nephew suddenly became retractile at age 12. Another one was basicaly retractile but still had a small part of his foreskin attached to the glans until 16. I have asked one BIL when he became retractile, and he does not remember.
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DS1 is 3.5 and not anywhere near retractable.
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My ds is 4.5, and I have noticed that he can partially retract it, but not fully yet. Not for lack of trying on his part though...
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9yo-not fully retractable

4yo-not much different than at birth

3yo-not fully retractable, although his is just about there. He spent a lot more time diaper free than my other boys.
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DS just turned two, and he's not retractible yet. We're sorta halfway potty learning though so he's constantly naked, and he's giving it all he's got. It kinda freaked me out the other day when he was playing around with his penis to the point of erection, and then yanked back on the foreskin. I wanted to wince! But it only moved back enough that the overhang sorta went up onto the shaft; it was still fused to the glans.
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DS will be 17mo in 2 days and is not retractable. I don't know anyone else that is intact so I don't have any other experiences or stories .
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DS has not yet been born. I didn't vote, but looked b/c I'm curious. Thanks for sharing.
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Originally Posted by Lila View Post
DS has not yet been born. I didn't vote, but looked b/c I'm curious.
Well, it's a poll with no close date, & I am going to keep bumping, so just get back to us in a few years to a decade or more.

Seriously, though. I think this is going to be a valuable resource (I've seen polls before, but limited in time & scope- I really want some numbers for people to reference and reassure themselves, their doctors, their sons, THEMSELVES- that this is normal).
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BTW, it's more accurate if (because of the limitations in poll setup) you clear your cookies & vote more than once if you need to (two boys in one category, etc). I don't want to skew the data at all.

Now I need to figure out how to do this (I will be lazy & just use a different browser ).
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I have 2 sons. One will be 8 in a few days and the other will be 3 in December and neither retract, as far as I know.

Dh is French and intact. When ds1 was 4 we took him to the pediatrician in France and she tried to retract him! I certainly was not prepared for that. I told my MIL (a pediatric nurse) how shocked I was, and she said "Of course they have to check"! She didn't say exactly what they had to check for. And I saw an article in a French parenting magazine that the French equivalent of the AAP has JUST RECENTLY issued a statement that boys should not be forcibly retracted for cleaning or whatnot. SO, just goes to show that even in "intact countries" there is a lot of misinformation about care of the foreskin.
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3.5 and I can see no difference from the day he was born.

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My DS is 20 months and no where near retractible as far as I know. He yanked it back kind of hard one day and I think I saw the very tip of his glans, and afterward the opening looked much looser than before, but then it got red and irritated and now it looks like it did before, which is as tight as it was the day he was born.
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not yet. babe is only 9 mo.
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My youngest son is 2 and is not retractable yet.

Unfortunately, my oldest son was circ'd.
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When you know better,... . Children are wonderfully forgiving.
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I voted by age 3 and not yet. Ds2 started retracting on his own shortly after he turned 2. Ds3 is not (as far as I know) retractile yet. He is 12 mos old. Ds1 was forcibly retracted by a stupid doc, but the last of his adhesions have been going just this past year, so I would guess that he'd only be recently retractile if he hadn't been forcibly retracted. He is 7, btw.
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DS1 by age 4.
DS2 not yetat 2yrs 9 mos.

DH not sure. Guessing around 6-8
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ds is 23mo no sign of being retractable. Meaning I havnt seen him do so. dh is circed.
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